Fabolous Sports A $425 Balenciaga ‘Egyptofunk’ Sweater


Rapper Fabolous was photo’d with Def Jam’s Executive Vice President Sean Pecas and Hot 97’s Ebro. Fab rocked a $425 Balenciaga ‘Egyptofunk‘ Sweater from the fashion house’s ‘Egyptofunk‘ collection. The sweater features an ‘Egyptofunk‘ print with the caption ‘Join A Weird‘ printed on the front. This sweater is also an attention catcher; pair it with dark-wash jeans and royal blue or red Balenciaga sneakers and you are bound to have heads turning. You can purchase this sweater at Mr Porter.



Photos Credit: Fab’s Instagram | sweaters via Mr Porter

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3 responses to “Fabolous Sports A $425 Balenciaga ‘Egyptofunk’ Sweater

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  3. Link DeVille

    I really don’t mean to come off like a hater, but come on man! Where in the hell is Fab getting money to continue to ball out? Dude career is soaking wet. How the hell did he catch fire? I don’t get it. He’s garbage. But, once again…I’m a hater.