Kanye West Appears On New York’s Hot 97 With Angie Martinez; Explains His Partnership With adidas


Music artist, fashion designer and creative director Kanye West has finally found corporate backing that he’s been looking for. A few minutes ago, the “Bound 2” rapper appeared on New York’s Hot 97 with Angie Martinez and confirmed that he has, indeed, signed a deal with adidas.

Kanye left Nike for adidas because the sportswear giant actually offered him more creative control. Nike refused to pay Kanye royalties because he’s not a professional athlete.

So then I start turning up in the BBC interview, so [Nike] said, ok cool, we’re gonna give you a bigger sandbox to play in. We’re gonna give you this amount right here to design, and two collections a year, and 30 skews — that’s the amount of items that you have. Would that make you happy, Kanye? And I said, well I need royalties. It’s not even like I have a joint venture. At least give me some royalties. Michael Jordan has 5%, that business is $2 billion. He makes a $100 million dollars a year off of 5% royalties. Nike told me we can’t give you royalties because you’re not a professional athlete. I told them, I go to the Garden and play one-on-NO-ONE. I’m a performance athlete. Did I really ANYTHING? YES! Did I really EVERYTHING. 100,000 percent. I’m 100,000 percent at all times. It’s people that work in offices trying to tell me how to think, when I got a better perspective. I live in Paris“.

So the old me, without a daughter, would have taken the Nike deal because I just love Nikes so much. But the new me, with a daughter, takes the adidas deal because I have royalties and I have to provide for my family“.

Angie: “So that’s official, did you officially announce the adidas deal?

Kanye: “Whatever’s official, non-official, official, what y’all gonna see is… I am going to be the Tupac of product… I’ma be the first hip-hop designer, and because of that… I’ma be bigger than Walmart“.

Do you think this was a good move on Kanye’s behave? Do you think he can recreate the hype with adidas that he created with Nike?

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