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President Obama Re-elected!

Many of us are extremely happy that the election is over and we can finally return to a sense of normalcy this morning.  With the re-election of President Obama there seems to be a consensus from the right-wing folks who think that the President’s re-election is due to Americans voting for him because we depend on social programs that are “hand-outs.” To that I say workers have paid $5 trillion into the Social Security system above what has been spent in the last 75 years. The money goes into the Treasury, and the Treasury gives the SSA (Social Security Administration) treasury bonds. So, in essence, $5 trillion of the national debt is owed to the SSA, which means that it is owed to us, the American workers who have paid and are continually paying into the system for all our working lives. Getting your own money back is not a handout.

The same goes for SNAP (food stamps), disaster relief, unemployment, and so forth. That’s not to say that there are some people out there who don’t abuse the system, but that’s like saying one crooked cop makes all cops crooked. Most of us pay our taxes into the Treasury in the belief that if things go bad for us, and we need help, that help will be there for us, and if we don’t need that help our fellow citizens will. Getting the money back that we paid in is no more a “hand-out” than having your insurance company pay to repair your car is a “hand-out.”

What are your thoughts?

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Joseline Parts Ways With Stevie J!

Our favorite LHHATL “couple” has apparently bit the dust! Joseline allegedly has once again “dumped” Steebie J!!!!  On Tuesday, she let all of her twitter followers know that she is a single woman and ready to celebrate her freedom!

We’ll just wait and see how long it’ll be before her and Steebie are in love and “making love” again!

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Ask YDBR: A married man is sending inappropriate pics!

Dear Ask YDBR,

I have a problem! A married man who is the father of a student in my child’s class has recently begun contacting me and making advances!!!!! The MAIN issue is that he is sending me naked pictures of himself and asking when can we go out. Now I know of his wife, but do not her personally, so should I contact her to let her know her man is a cheat or just ignore him?


Not his Mrs.

Dear Not his Mrs,

The great news is that in today’s modern tech world, you can simply just block him from sending messages to your phone! But before you do that, I would let him know that if he attempts it again, you will forward the messages to his wife! Some men (not very many though) are smart enough to heed to a threat like that! Now if you have to be in presence more often than you would like, it may a little uncomfortable at first but just stand your ground and remember your threat! If you never have to see him that makes it even better… You block him and you move on!!!! Hope this helps.

What do you guys think? How would you handle the unwanted advances?

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