If you want any of your products/material posted on YDBR, see the submission policies below and contact us via email at for additional information.

Below is what we offer:

*Fashion promo

*Beauty products promo

*Music promo

*Boutiques/Stores promo

*Events promo


Other available ads include: 

  1. 300 x 250 (medium rectangle, right of content and below content).
  2. 788 x 90 (leaderboard, below header and menu).
  3. Site Redskins/Takeover
  4. Side Banner Sponsored Ad


For advertising, business development opportunities, booking, interviews, celebrity tips, or general questions, please forward all inquiries to


YDBR welcome new and independent designers, and would be happy to do an exclusive interview, write about you and feature your brand on the site. You must have a website or online store, lookbook, Twitter and Instagram. Include photos and link to your site when you email us at

***Product Reviews/Gifts/Giveaways***

YDBR accepts products for reviews as well as giveaways. Please note that if we accept a product, it does not make us obligated to feature it on the site.

***Sponsorship, Donations and Marketing Opportunities*** 

YDBR also accepts sponsorship, donations and other marketing opportunities. For questions, please forward all inquiries to


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