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Draya Instagram’d $1,295 Christian Louboutin Carlota Pumps; Plus A Look Inside Of Her Shoe Closet


Model-turned-reality star Draya Michele of BBWLA decided to give her over 1.4 million Instagram followers a sneak peek inside her shoe closet and lordy lord, her shoe game is mean. One particular pair of shoes that stood out to me was the above $1,295 Christian Louboutin Carlota Mixed-Media Platform Pumps. These strappy pumps feature a leather and patent leather upper with glittered backstay, woven straps adorn vamp, and adjustable ankle strap. They’re completed with a dazzling vertiginous heel. You can get them at Neiman Marcus.



Below is an inside look of Draya’s shoe closet. Look your eyes out! Lol.


Photos Credit: Draya’s Instagram  | Neiman Marcus

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Draya Pairs $1,095 Christian Louboutin Dufoura Metallic-Leather Sandals With A Delicia Cordon Dress


Model-turned-reality star Draya Michele was photo’d at fashion week this past weekend. The BBWLA cast member paired a $200 now $165 “B Kruger” dress by Delicia Cordon with $1,095 Christian Louboutin Dufoura Metallic-Leather, PVC & Suede Sandals. She sure did showed her goodies in this dress and her sandals are cute. What are your thoughts on this look? Draya is the only person that will be returning to BBWLA. The show received an entire makeover. I am so looking forward to seeing the new cast. Are you?

You can get Draya’s sandals at Net-A-Porter.





Photos Credit: Draya’s Instagram | dress via Delicia Cordon | sandals via Net-A-Porter

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BBWLA Gloria Govans Talked About Married Life, Her So-Called Acting Career And Issues With Bambi, Malaysia & Jackie


Now that Basketball Wives: Los Angeles and the reunion shows officially came to an end, some cast members are still doing press in order to stay relevant until the next season. This past season and the reunion shows were filled with a lot of drama and jealousy. Gloria wasn’t around throughout the entire taping because she was working on her so-called YouTube acting career and she finally tied the knot with NBA player Matt Barnes. VH1 chatted with Gloria and she opened up about her relationship with Matt, talked about her so-called acting career, and issues with Bambi, Malaysia & Jackie. Below are some excerpts:

Let’s talk about married life! Congratulations!

Yeah! Woo hoo! It’s been awesome, really, really great. Being married as been a big exhale. I feel like everything just fell into place. Matt’s and my relationship is so up and down that getting married the way we did fit us perfectly. It’s been amazing. Our boys are happy, there’s such a difference in them too having a solid foundation.

What’s going on with the acting? Your webisodes have aired and there was talk of a film being attached to them as well.

The webisodes are on Shaq Comedy Network and they were the prelude to the feature, which is being shopped around to Lion’s Gate, Universal, and Paramount. Fingers crossed, we’ll see!

At a certain point in the season it seemed like you and Bambi were fine, and then there was a moment where you called her a rookie and she told you she wanted to f— you up and it all changed.

The funny thing is Bambi is not a cast member. She is Malaysia’s friend. So it’s like your plus-one having an opinion, you’re just a guest, it was frustrating, because for someone who came on the show as a fan and to support her friend to have an opinion was frustrating. Especially about stuff that she really didn’t have a clue about that went on with Laura and Jackie last year. That relationship is so complex, for an outsider to have an opinion about it was just funny to me. It’s fine if she has an opinion, but to try and amend something you don’t know anything about, it was just too much. So I called her a rookie and her trying to find a place on the show, she escalated it. My beef with Bambi, I broke it down in the last episode, I was like, I don’t care where you’re from, Compton or wherever, that has noting to do with the price of rice, and I think her pride was a little offended. But she says it in the first episode, she’s someone who talks behind people’s backs and smiles in your face, so I can’t really take her seriously. The beef between us was and is completely ridiculous.

Did the tension between you two mess with your relationship with Malaysia?

Malaysia’s and my relationship has never really been that strong, so even if it did, I didn’t really notice. At the end of the day, I would never expect Malaysia to hop on my side of things, so I really wasn’t losing a friend. If me and Bambi’s situation was messing with me and Brooke’s relationship, or me and my sister’s, then maybe I should mend things. But Malaysia and I were never strong in the first place.

How do you feel about Jackie at this point?

Ohhhh, Jackie. I feel like no matter what I say to her, she’s going to walk out of the building being like “Yes! We’re sisters.” And I’m gonna be like, “No, Jackie.” And She’ll be like “You’re right! We’re best friends.” And I’ll be like “No, Jackie.” And she’ll be like “All right, we’re just friends.” Jackie is someone who wears you down till you’re just like “FINE!” It’s like when your kid has a tantrum and you’re like “Fine, take the damn candy bar already!” That’s how Jackie is. I don’t go out of my way to see her, but when I do see her, there’s no shade being thrown, it’s just pleasantries. “Hi, how are you? Gotta go.”

Read the interview in its entirety over at VH1.

Source: VH1 

Pic Gloria Govan | VH1

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Gloria Govan Speaks On BBWLA Reunion Drama And Replies To Shaunie & Evelyn’s Tweets


Just to make a long story short, this past Monday was part one of the Basketball Wives: Los Angeles reunion show. Throughout the reunion, reality star and NBA player Matt Barnes wife Gloria Govan repeatedly said, “If weren’t for me, Basketball Wives LA wouldn’t exist,” which pissed off people on Twitter and the blogosphere. After the episode aired, Basketball Wives reality star Evelyn Lozada and executive producer Shaunie O’Neal took to their Twitter accounts and responded that Gloria’s statement wasn’t true. Necole Bitchie interviewed Gloria and she discussed everything that happened during the reunion, Evelyn and Shaunie’s responses and much more. Below are some highlights:

Did you watch the reunion?

No, but I feel like I didn’t have to because I was scanning through twitter. What really irritated me is that people misconstrued how I… well honestly, that whole reunion was crazy. They didn’t air my response in terms of what I said back to Bambi, they took my comment about the spinoff way out of context. It was just really frustrating…

What’s your response to Evelyn and Shaunie’s tweets?
To Shaunie, she didn’t have anything directly to say, she kind of jumped on the bandwagon because she knows what’s up. In terms of Evelyn she needs to stay in her lane, I understand she’s on Shaunie’s side no matter what because that’s her home girl. Evelyn out of all people should understand how spinoff’s work.

I knew if I had to respond to really anybody I was going to have to go into full length conversations, so I just left it all alone (on twitter). That’s how I felt about Evelyn, like girl you of all people need to stop talking, I don’t know if that headbutt got you all delusional or what but she knows what’s up.

Why do you think everyone got offended by your statement that Basketball Wives LA was created because of you?

It is obviously the power of editing. I wasn’t saying I was the creator of Basketball Wives, the franchise, period. I’m just saying that If I had not moved to LA there would not have been the spinoff. If this was Shaunie’s show, if she created it, like I said before she spends half her time in LA, she could’ve had her own show, and if she was this big and bad ass producer why would she even give my sister an opportunity to be on the show? I think that’s why she is not directly responding because, those who know the truth, know the truth, about how she didn’t create Basketball Wives at all and how we both had an opportunity to do a basketball wives spinoff, and my group stuck and that’s why she is just doing basketball wives Miami. You don’t see Shaunie on Basketball Wives LA at all. You don’t even see her in the background at a restaurant. She’s not anywhere to be seen because she has no involvement in it whatsoever.

So your saying there was going to be a spinoff between you and Shaunie, and your group got chosen?
When I moved to LA , Shaunie lived out here too and VH1 approached both of us. They told me to go out and get a group of girls, and told Shaunie to go out and get a group of girls, and whoever’s group sticks will get the spinoff. That’s how the spinoff happened. Even Draya had said it at the reunion. She said, “You’re the reason why we are all here making money, and how the opportunity came to me’ and that was all I had to say. And I said that in response to Malaysia who was like, “I’m the title of the show [A Basketball Wife]‘ and Bambi was like, ‘I’m on here because of my best friend and its all her show’ and I was like what are you talking about.

Would you do another season, if they want you back?
No, I don’t think so. I think at this point I want to kind of branch out in terms of what I want to be doing next season and I don’t agree with the direction the show is going. There is more and more women on there, and I have the upmost respect for Bambi, my sister and Jackie. I just feel like the direction of the show is becoming more of a Bad Girls Club, then it is a Basketball Wives show.

Via Necole Bitchie

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BBWLA Reality Star Brooke Bailey Airs Out Draya For Sleeping With CHRIS BROWN To Get To Where She Is At

Nas Host Jimmie Maggett's Birthday Bash and #1 Celebration at the Roxbury Nightclub in Hollywood July 26, 2012

A lot of us are currently tuned in to BBWLA Reunion. I am watching it as I post this story and it is a lot of drama going on. Brooke Bailey recently phoned Street Disciplez Radio and she aired out the other cast members. She talked about how Draya slept with Chris Brown to get to where she is at, and not being a real model. She also called Malaysia fake and revealed that she beat Jackie’s a$$. Below are some highlights.


“We’re cool, but we’re not dating anymore, no.”


“She’s delusional. I never had a situation with her, she had one with me, and she never really confronted me about it.”


“I really beat her ass. It got so real to where I blacked out; I remember her kicking me. After that, I don’t remember anything until security was trying to get me up off of her. But you know what, I have to give Jackie props because out of all the girls that I pressed and confronted about little sneaky sh*t or the shade they was trying to throw, she was the only b*tch that stood up and said ‘this is what I’m saying.’ She never backed down from what she was saying, so I kind of respect her for that.”


“I always felt that Draya was a fun girl. She’s never been a model, she’s never my competition in the industry. Whatever she does, that’s her business, and I respect however she gets her money, that’s cool. But what I can’t respect is if you want to pop your collar, that’s cool, but b*tch, don’t try to un-pop mine.”


“She’s done modeling, but the basis of her career started from her f*cking Chris Brown. When you’re dating a rapper, of course you’re going to be in other people’s videos or their videos because that’s what you’re around. It doesn’t mean that you’re a model, it doesn’t mean that. She’s never had to audition, she’s never had to do the things that I’ve done to build my career. She didn’t have to learn protocol. That’s why when it came to business, she f*cked up.”


“She’s fake as f*ck, and that’s how I feel to this day.”

Full interview here.

Pic via Exposay

Spotted: The YBF

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BBWLA Star Laura Govan Speaks On Her Issues With Jackie Christie, Getting Her Daughter Involved & Calls Draya A “Slut Bucket”

As the drama continues to unfold on this season of Basketball Wives: L.A., cast member Laura Govan speaks to Juicy Magazine about why she treats Jackie Christie the way she does, getting Jackie’s daughter Chantel involved and the way minority women are being portrayed on television. Laura also calls Draya a “slut bucket”. Below are some highlights:

This season of BBW you have an agenda to get revenge with JACKIE CHRISTIE, why is this so important?

I wanted to mirror exactly how she treated me last year. For her to go back and forth with that shit was exhausting. I didn’t even tell my sister what I was doing until the end, and she was prying it out of me. I didn’t wanna hear any opinions, and I didn’t give a fuck. I knew how I was going to deal with it. Immature or not, I didn’t give a shit how the world seen it. I got my rocks off so I was good. It was a lot y’all didn’t get to see.

Do you think you crossed the line by bringing Jackie’s daughter, Chantel, into your it?

My initial plan for that was I just wanted [Jackie] to see us together. Chantel didn’t even have to open her mouth, I knew if Jackie just seen us together she was going to flip. When her daughter came to me, I was thinking, ‘Wait a minute I have my own plan, whats your plan?’ I was so confused. However when she started telling her story, I believed the daughter because she lived it, she told it. I’m listening to this little girl and although she’s an adult I’m like this is not cool. Everything changed. I was thinking here I am, a mother, a daughter. This ain’t right and then the shit changed for me.

There is an awkward vibe between you and Draya, what are your feelings about Draya and where does you’re issue with her stem from?

My focus wasn’t on nobody but Jackie. I could see everybody else for who they were. I didn’t like Draya [season 1] for scenes off camera, you guys couldn’t see. With Draya, I’m like, you’re still a slut bucket, but Draya is Draya. She does her thing. She’s like a blunt, you smoke it, you hit it, you pass it and then you toss it and then its a roach and you keep it moving. This year, she’s still the same person but she’s growing, taking ant steps, but she’s getting there. I don’t dislike Draya at all.

What do you say to critics that say reality television depicts minority women negatively?

If you look at TV and you think that I’m portraying who you are as a Black woman you have issues. Look at TV for what it is – entertainment. If you want to be entertained watch my show. If you want to watch a woman portraying Black women, watch Oprah, don’t watch me. If you wanna get some jokes and you wanna laugh and you wanna be like ‘What no she didn’t’, then that’s this is the place to be. I don’t like when people look at it for anything else.

Source: Juicy

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BBWLA Laura Govan Photo Spread With Kontrol Magazine; She Speaks On Not Being Perfect & Calls Jackie “Kooky”

BBWLA reality star Laura Govan recently did a photo spread and interview with Kontrol Magazine. In the Dimitri Crowder shoot, Laura styled in a few nice looking dresses and polka dot sandals. Inside, she talked about not being perfect, shared her true feeling on Jackie and much more. Below are some highlights:

On going back and correcting her mistakes:

“If I make a mistake or I feel like I have bad judgment then I try to go back and correct it.”

On her feeling toward BBWLA cast-member Jackie:

I don’t think she’s a backstabber. I just think that she’s kooky in all the ways of just being crazy. That’s just who she is. I think when people see her they say ‘hi’ and ‘bye.’ From what I assume, that’s it. I really made a friend in Imani and Malaysia this past season. I would say that’s about it.”

Source Kontrol |Photography by DIMITRI CROWDER |Makeup by KENEA YANCEY |Hair by DARRIEN WARD |Styling by JULIAN LARK |Assistant Styling by JAE’ DUMAS & NICOSISNEROS.

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Gloria & Laura Govan, Malaysia Pargo And Brooke Bailey Are Getting Cut From BBWLA?

This has been a very rough season for BBWLA. A couple of weeks ago it was reported that the ratings for this season dropped almost one-million. Now it is rumored that Gloria and Laura Govan, Malaysia Pargo and Brooke Bailey are getting cut. Below is how TMZ is reporting the story.

Basketball Wives: L.A. axed four of its six cast members — and TMZ has learned the catalyst was when Gloria Govan shut producers out of her nuptials to L.A. Lakers star Matt Barnes.  Sources connected to the show tell TMZ the producers are getting rid of Gloria, Laura GovanMalaysia Pargo and Brooke Bailey because the wives, especially Gloria, weren’t allowing “all of their reality to be filmed.” We’re told the breaking point came when Gloria (who is known for her feisty ways) jetted off to Vegas to marry Barnes — and didn’t even let the show know about it. Our sources say the producers felt extremely disrespected by her actions and made the decision to clean house. Our sources tell us the producers haven’t told the wives they’re getting fired yet, but are already looking for new women to fill their spots. Draya Michele and Jackie Christie will be the only returning members.”

Source: TMZ

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