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Big Sean Talks ‘Cruel Summer’, “Mercy”, The Meaning Of “Swerve” & His New Album With Complex

Big Sean is living out his dreams! The Detroit native rose from the streets of D-Town to the top of the music industry, where he currently sits with his mentor Kanye West. As I previous reported, Sean is in the studio working on his sophomore album which arrives soon. In an interview with Complex, Sean talks about G.O.O.D. Music collaborative album Cruel Summer, the single “Mercy”, the meaning of his ad-lib “Swerve” and much more. Below are some excerpts:

Let’s talk about the spirit of competition. Where will Cruel Summer rank amongst the great hip-hop compilation albums?

Big Sean: I just feel like we’re the best. I’ve heard a lot of the collaborations. I’ve heard what people have been doing. Of course you’re going to listen to it and try to make your music the best, so that’s what we’ve been doing—making our music the best it can be. The best quality, the best raps, the best concepts, and it’s going to be unique.

As a crew, G.O.O.D. Music is taking it to levels that really haven’t been done collectively. Kanye is someone who knows how to make classic albums, a true thinker. He got me in the mindset of being a true thinker and always planning out every move you got going.

Is it true that your “Mercy” verse started out as a random freestyle for Kanye?

Yeah, I was really freestyling with Kanye backstage at the Watch the Throne tour and he was like, “Man, you got to say this on the record.” I was like, “Man, I ain’t about to say that. I just put out ‘A$$.’ I don’t need to be talking about no ‘ass-quake, ass-tate.’” But I just laid it to see how it sounded and then for a while, there were no other verses on “Mercy.”

It was just my verse and we were vibing to it, so it naturally fit on there. I don’t really write any of my raps down. The same, Kanye don’t write any of his raps down. Common. It’s easy that way. For me, personally, I figure I will lose some of the inspiration in the time of me writing it down or I’ll say it a certain way because I wrote it a certain way. When I go in there and do it, it’s easier for me.

Source: Complex

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