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Big Sean’s $188 Supreme Plaid Bomber Jacket At Power 105’s Powerhouse Concert


Last night Saturday (November 2), New York’s Power 105’s celebrated their 2013 Powerhouse Concert at the Barclays Center in Downtown, BrooklynCompton’s Kendrick Lamar headlined the sold-out show. R&B singer Sevyn Streeter kicked off the main event; followed by G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean who was introduced by the ‘Breakfast Club‘.

Big Sean walked the red carpet and performed in a $188 Supreme Plaid Bomber Jacket layered over an Old Dirty Bastard tee-shirt with black jeans and white sneakers. This cotton/ploy jacket features Jacquard rose lining, snap front closure, ribbed collar, and cuffs. It also features hand pockets on the lower front with an interior check pocket.

During his set, Big Sean performed selections from his latest sophomore offering, Hall Of Fame.




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Big Sean Models ‘Fall’s Freshest Style Moves’ For GQ Magazine


Bow tie, $110 by Alexander Olch. Jacket, $390 by Wings + Horns. Khakis, $198 by Unis. Hat by Jack Spade. Shirt by Todd Snyder. Belt by Ralph Lauren. Watch by Longines. Shoes by Barker Black.

Have you cleaned out your closet yet? It’s now fall and time to change your wardrobe. My closet is currently filled with denim jeans, light jackets, hoodies, sweaters, trousers, pants and shirts. I also have a dope collection of sneakers and boots in my closet. G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean is modeling some fall fashion in the latest issue of GQ magazine’s ‘Fall’s Freshest Style Moves‘ spread . The Hall Of Fame rapper is modeling different looks and designers in his spread. See the pics below:


Sweatpants, $98 by Saturdays NYC. Suit jacket by ASOS. Shirt by Sandro. Pocket square by The Tie Bar. Cap by Supreme. Watch by Rolex. Sneakers by Vans.

big-sean-falls-freshest-style-moves-gq-magazine-october-2013-style-06Sweater, $198 by Paul Stuart. Shirt by Gant Rugger. Tie by The Tie Bar. Jeans by Balmain. Hat Stetson.


Coat, $298 by Banana Republic. Cardigan, $148 by J.Crew. Shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren. Tie by Michael Bastian. Gloves by Gant Rugger. Jeans by AG Adriano Goldschmied. Shoes by Gucci.


Turtleneck, $230 by John Smedley. Jacket by J Brand. Pants and belt by Brunello Cucinelli. Watch by Hermès.


Pants, $70 by Banana Republic. Shirt by J.Crew. Belt by Closed. Sports jacket (in hand) by Ermenegildo Zegna. 

Photos Credit: GQ via  MEI TAO

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Big Sean & His Girlfriend Naya Rivera Shows A Lot Of Skin In Terry Richardson Photo Shoot


Rapper Big Sean and his actress girlfriend Naya Rivera showed a lot of skin in their recent Terry Richardson-shot photo shoot. When the NYC-based photographer released the images, the Internets were ablaze and some people already started labeling Rivera, “one of the baddest chicks in the game“. Do you agree? The original shoot was for Rivera’sSorry” single cover, however, the “Beware” rapper took off his shirt and joined his boo for some fun. Big Sean rocked a tank-top, black jeans, shorts and Timberland boots while Rivera opted for a cropped top, denim shorts and sneakers for the photo shoot. Enjoy the pics below:






Photos Credits: Terry Richardson 

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Big Sean Talks Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse, Spirituality & Working With NO I.D. Again


Big Sean released his sophomore album, Hall Of Fame last week and the project debuted at #3 on the Billboard Top 200, selling 72,000 copies in its first week. He is enjoying a lot of crossover success. Sean went from a regular teenager in Detroit rapping on the streets to rapping on songs with Jay-Z. I truly admire Sean’s humbleness because he didn’t let fame get the best of him. He is also very spiritual. Dazed Digital caught up with the G.O.O.D Music rapper last week. In an interview, Sean talked about Kendrick Lamar’sControl” verse, his mindset going from Finally Famous to Hall Of Fame, spirituality and working with NO I.D. again. Below are some highlights:

Did you have any idea that “Control” would spiral out of control the way it did?

I kind of had an idea because I did the song, then I hit up Jay Elec, and then I hit up Kendrick and Kendrick was like, “Let me hear what you got to it.” So I sent him my verse and then he loved it, and then he sent me his verse and when I heard it, my reaction to it was like, I thought it was kind of funny but then I was kind of like, “Man, is this dude serious?” But then when I listened to it again, I was like, “Oh this is tight,” because it reminded me of like, wrestling or sports, you know what I’m saying? Because clearly me and Kendrick are friends, clearly a lot of us are friends, but at the end of the day, just like he thinks he’s the best and Jay Z thinks he’s the best and I think I’m the best and Drake thinks he’s the best and Kanye thinks he’s the best, that’s what we do it for! To be the best! We’ll go out on the court and score 30 points on each other, but afterwards, we’ll go get some drinks and I think that’s what makes it awesome. I think people shouldn’t take it too, too serious. The last time we took shit like that too serious, we lost two of the best rappers. That’s weak.

How did your mindset change from going in to Finally Famous to now going into Hall of Fame?

One of the things I wanted to get across on this album that I feel like I didn’t get across on the last one was that I’m a real spiritual dude. I’m somebody who believes in manifesting what you want. I live like a hippy and I just want to share with people how I made it happen, and maybe they can take from my story and apply it to their own.

In working with No I.D. again, his production on this album sounds so different from his production on Finally Famous. How did you tap into that side of No I.D.?

No I.D. has never made a song like “You Don’t Know,” and even his more familiar-sounding production like “First Chain,” it’s still, I feel like, some of his best work. Some of his best, most soulful beats are on this album. “Sierra Leone” I feel like is a great hip-hop beat that him and James Poyser from The Roots, him and James collab’d on that beat. It’s an honor to work with these great musicians, man. No I.D. even did the “Control” beat, which I thought was really fresh. What a fucking tragedy that it couldn’t be on my album because I love that song and we’d been trying to clear that sample. The thing I hate most about fucking albums, man, is that you have to try and clear every sample or you have to clear every artist or you have to clear all this stuff and it’s just like… At least for rap, because rap has to do with so much sampling, you know.

Read the full interview over at Dazed Digital.

Photos Credits: Yusuke Miyagawa

Spotted: Dazed Digital

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Big Sean For Rolling Out; Talks His Growth And Empowering & Inspiring The Kids In Detroit


G.O.O.D Music’s Big Sean covers the latest issue of Rolling Out. Kid Cudi and Hit Boy left the label earlier this year, Pusha T still has yet to release his debut solo offering, My Name Is My Name and the other veteran rappers including Common and Q-Tip are not currently active as far as releasing new music, therefore Big Sean is carrying the torch and serves as the face of Kanye West’s label. Last week, the Detroit-native dropped his sophomore album, Hall Of Fame, according to HDD, the project is projected to move 70-75k in its first week.

Big Sean talked to writer Stereo Williams about his growth as an artist, being a spiritual person, remaining the same, not letting fame change who he is, buying his mother a house, empowering and inspiring the kids in his hometown of Detroit and much more. Below are some highlights:


On his status and growth: 

“I just think people have seen me grow, at least from a [lyrical ]standpoint, from the first album to now,” Sean explains.

On being a spiritual person, remaining the same and not changing because of the fame:

One of my homies [said] ‘You’re a spiritual dude, you be [sic]into meditating and manifesting what you want,’” he shares. “You go through different situations from the perspective of trying to get on and be known and just trying to make money. Then you start [to realize goals] and things change. It’s something to get used to and sometimes you’ve got to learn the hard way. I feel like through it all, I remained the same person. I haven’t changed — I’m still a good-hearted person. I feel like I’ve definitely become a man. I’ve had some fallouts with good friends and rekindled those relationships by just understanding more [and] being more of a selfless person; as opposed to always [having] tunnel vision and being one way. I’m not perfect, I’m still learning. Adjusting to it is a part of life. Adjusting is life in general — figuring it out.”

On going from living in his mom’s house to buying his mom a house:

I went from being in my mom’s house in the ’hood off of 6 Mile in Detroit, to buying my mom a new house and buying myself a house and making my goals unfold in front of me. I wanted to make sure that I let people know that the information that my mom gave me [I could] pass on to my fans or people that like my music; hopefully that can help them in their worlds and whatever they got going on and help them succeed.”

On his desire to empower and inspire kids in his hometown of Detroit: 

I’m the only young black male, really, from Detroit that has a platform to be heard,” Sean says. “It’s not the highest platform, but it’s definitely a platform. I made sure that I included facts that people may not know about Detroit [on my album]; how we’re 15 billion in debt. In [the song] ‘First Chain’ with me and Nas, I was talking about how [they] lessened the hours of police around the city, which is crazy. It’s just mayhem. Me being from there, I felt like I had a responsibility to be a vessel — talking about vacant blocks — not just houses, vacant blocks. I’d never seen vacant blocks. Drug addicts living in houses, raping little girls [that are] going to school. I hear about it, it happens to my friends’ little sisters. There are devastating things I included.”

Read the interview in its entire at Rolling Out

Photos Credit: Rolling Out | Phoenix White of Emkron |

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Big Sean On The Cover Of The Source’s ‘Power 30’ Issue


One day before Big Sean’s sophomore LP, Hall Of Fame arrives, The Source magazine releases their ‘Power 30‘ August/September 2013 issue and the G.O.O.D. Music rapper graces the first of two covers. This issue hits newsstand in New York City on Thursday, August 29th, and nationwide on Tuesday, September 3rd. Hall Of Fame drops at midnight! Below are some highlights:


On not caring how the public looks at him, what people say about him and trying to prove a point to himself more than anything:

“I don’t know, man. I don’t know how the public looks at me…But then I really don’t care anymore, too much, what people say because it’s kind of like I’m trying to prove a point to myself more than anything.”

On what it’s like to be among Hip-Hop heavyweights:

“Even though I got signed to Def Jam, they were like, ‘you got to give us a reason to put your album out.’ I had to give them incentive to put my album out over a Rick Ross album, or a Rihanna album. I had to show them that I could do something for ‘em.”

On his come-up from freestyling on the streets to be on a song with Jay-Z:

“I’m still young but, you know, it’s crazy going from the level I went from to the level I was at. Say you found somebody freestyling on the street right now. And they’re a kid. Then, in a matter of a few years, he’s on songs with Jay-Z. That’s a long way. It takes a lot of improving and getting better at making things happen.”


Photos Credit & Spotted: The Source

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Lookbook: Aura Gold Presents Big Sean’s Finally Famous The Black Collection Fall 2013


Big Sean’s Hall Of Fame arrives next Tuesday (August 27th) and a week before the album’s release, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper releases his Aura Gold clothing lookbook.

Aura Gold presents Finally Famous The Black Collection Fall 2013. THE BLACK COLLECTION is directly inspired by the life and stylistic influences of music artist Big Sean. This season’s theme focuses on the absence of the color-monochromatic blacks, heater grays, and charcoals brought together by a subtle play of cotton, leather and nylon fabrics. Sleek patterns and sharp tailored details are masterfully embellished with accents of gold and rich direction applications. Peep the images below:




Photos Credit: Aura Gold

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Dope Or Nope? Big Sean Sporting A Bape Large Ape Head Camo Polo


Necole Bitchie and Big Sean

Earlier in the week, G.O.O.D Music rapper Big Sean held his NYC album release party for his sophomore album, Hall Of Fame. The project arrives in stores and on iTunes August 27th via Def Jam. Celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie recently interviewed the rapper. During the interview, the Detroit-native sported a sold out Bape Large Ape Head Camo Polo. As you probably can see, this red camo polo features an APE head on the left side chest area. A few days ago, I posted the official cover art and tracklisting for Hall Of Fame. Big Sean grabs Nicki MinajNas, Young Jeezy, Kid Cudi, Jhene Aiko, Ellie Goulding, Jame Fauntleroy, Juicy J, MiguelLil Wayne and Payroll of Doughboyz Cashout for the 15-track standard edition. NO I.D., Key Wane and Da Internz handled production.


Necole Bitchie and Big Sean



Big Sean and photographer/videographer Patrick Neree

Photos Credit: Necole Bitchie’s Instagram | Patrick Neree’s Instagram |shirt via BAPE

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Big Sean Unveils ‘Hall Of Fame’ Cover Art, Album Arrives August 27


G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean unveils the official cover art to his sophomore LP, Hall Of Fame. On the front cover, the “Beware” rapper takes a squat, bows his head, folds his hands and gives thanks to the almighty. The album arrives August 27 via G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam. This project serves as the follow-up to Sean’s gold-selling debut, Finally Famous: The Album. On Hall Of Fame, the Detroit-native gets assists from Nas, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Jhene Aiko, Common, Miguel and Lil Wayne. Expect some new music next week. Standard edition above, peep the deluxe edition below:


Photos Credit: Big Sean’s Instagram

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Big Sean Does Some Sexual Poses With A Nude Blonde Model For Fault Magazine


G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean is scheduled to drop his sophomore offering, Hall Of Fame on August 27th. In the meantime, he releases some sexual poses with a blonde model for Fault magazine. The Detroit player gets up close and personal with a female nude model and he even covers her private area with his hand. In another pic, he has his head between her legs as if he was getting ready to go down on her. Enjoy the photos and highlights below:

What a year for you: all that touring, recording and a clothing line coming out, too. Plus, there’s huge hype surrounding the release of Hall of Fame. How you feel about that? Any extra pressure to meet or surpass fans’ and critics’ expectations?

There’s always a bit of pressure with releases, but pressure is good. It’s the best music I’ve ever made. I got a chance to play the tracks to some really good tastemakers who have all had a very positive response. Plus, I know the fans are anxious to hear the tracks. I can’t wait to get it out there—it’ll be worth the wait!

How did growing up in Detroit affect your sound? What’s the music scene like there?

Well, really, Detroit is a special place to me. It just has this certain quality you can’t really explain. Detroit makes a certain type of quality people, and I’m really proud to represent.






Photos CreditBig Sean’s Instagram| Fault magazine

Spotted: Fault magazine

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