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She’s Showing A Different Side Of Herself: Amber Rose Fashion Spread For Black Book Magazine

Socialite Amber Rose has a 10 page spread in the June issue of Black Book Magazine. In the fashion spread which was shot by photographer David Field, Rose is showing both masculine and feminine characteristics. She is also sitting on a bike, sofa, posing with different men and wearing a few upscale designer pieces. Peep the pictures below:

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Nicki Minaj Full Spread In Black Book Magazine

I recently posted  the cover of Nicki Minaj gracing the March issue of BlackBook magazine. Nicki’s full spread in Black Book magazine has been released. The pictures came out very nice and Nicki looks great. Peep the pictures above and below:

In a recent interview, Nicki said that she’s on a paper chase and hopes to leave a legacy behind:

Right now you got to paper chase. Paper chasing makes you step your game up. So I think in essence it [ends] up creating an insane legacy…a better legacy. But if you feel like you’re not concerned with money, ‘I don’t need money’ then I think you don’t go as hard. I have to constantly remind myself I want to be at a certain place financially in life one day. I can’t stop, I can’t get comfortable, I can’t take a break, a vacation..none of that.”

Credit: Monster Friday

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