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Damn, Can She Live? Beyonce Response To The Critics; Plus Releases Pictures From The Superdome In N.O.


Can I live? Exactly! Queen Beyoncé is tired of all the people talking negative about her, so she subliminally responded with a grey $102 B-Sides “Can I Live?” Sweatshirt. Damn, others blogs, sites and publications constantly talk negative about Bey. Are they doing it for more views or to sell their magazine? Beyoncé is currently down in New Orleans rehearsing for her Super Bowl 2013 performance at the Superdome. It is rumored that Bey will be reuniting with her girls Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for a Destiny Child’s reunion. I am going to say this and then I’m going to end mines, Beyoncé is the greatest performer since Michael Jackson!




Pics via Beyonce’s Instagram & Tumblr

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