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‘Single Ladies’ Actress Denise Vasi Covers BLEU’s ‘Bombshell’ Magazine


Single Ladies actress Denise Vasi covers the premiere issue of BLEU‘s Bombshell magazine (the publication’s newest magazine). Bombshell focuses on women’s beauty and lifestyle.

Adorned in throwback 1970’s inspired Vogue attire, Denise embodies the essence of bombshell; sultry, sublime, and sophisticated. Bombshell caught up with the BK born beauty to discuss her role on Single Ladies, prep for the altar, and her take on plastic surgery.” Below are some highlights:


Denise on her character Raquel:

“I think we are equally fabulous. I’m from Brooklyn and have a trucker’s mouth, don’t get me mad. Raquel is uptight in some arenas. This season you will see a lot of sass and her showing up to the table as a business woman.”

Vasi speaks on her fitness regime:

“I’m not a gym lover (but) I want to look my best for my wedding.  I make time with my trainer. We spend an hour training each day.”

Obtaining her golden glow:

“My fiancé thinks it’s crazy. I use Ghee.  Ghee is an organic butter used for cooking. I put that on my hands and feet when I have dry skin. You wake up silky soft.”

If she would ever try plastic surgery:

“If I have kids and my boobs start to sag, I might need a boob lift- why not?  If it makes me feel better, why say no? ”


Photos Credit: Elton Anderson | Styling: Alisha Crutchfield

Spotted: BLEU 

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Ladies On The Scene: Gabrielle Union, Denise Vasi, Eve, LisaRaye McCoy, Evelyn Lozada & More Making Their Rounds

This past Friday (January 13), actress Gabrielle Union was looking very fashionable at the BET Honors dinner in D.C., at Corcoran Art Gallery. Gabby will also be hosting the awards. She was wearing a blue one-shoulder cocktail dress with a pair of matching pumps.

Down South in Atlanta, Single Ladies cast members Denise Vasi, Eve and LisaRaye McCoy begin filming the second season of the popular VH1 scripted show, which is set to return this summer.

Over in NYC, Basketball Wives reality star Evelyn Lozada was spotted partying with basketball player Stephon Marbury’s wife, Tasha Marbury, at the Polar Lounge inside the Marcel Hotel at The Gramercy in NYC.

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