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Emily B Talks “Love & Hip-Hop,” Fabolous & Chrissy Proposing To Jim Jones

“Love & Hip-Hop” cast member Emily B did a recent interview with celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie. During the interview, Emily talked about her current relationship with Fabolous, John the person vs. Fabolous the rapper, the way the show affects her business, being exploited on the show and Chrissy proposing to Jim Jones. Emily and Fab have been dating for 9 years and she has a son with Fab. Also, find out if there will be a season two. Read some excerpts below:

How does your role on Love & Hip-Hop affect your business?

In the beginning, the reason I took on the show is because I wanted to be recognized for my work. [But] I feel like didn’t get credit because people were like, “You’re just a stylist because you’re Fab’s girlfriend,” or “You’re his baby mother,” as some people want to say. The truth is he could have any stylist he wants, but the reason I had the job is because I was good at it and I just wanted to prove myself. I taped more footage of me working, but of course, a reality show is about drama so that doesn’t make the edits. All you see on the show isyou see one of my clients Darrelle Revis but you really don’t get to see Emily B in work mode and that’s kind of upsetting to me because that’s the only reason why I took on the show, so, they got me [laughs]. I see Olivia, she’s in hip-hop, and we got Somaya, she’s trying to work in hip-hop, and of course my connection was through Fab, [but] they also told me they wanted to show my career because I work in the hip-hop industry, so that was a plus for me. As we started taping, they saw that I had a little bit of drama in my personal life and of course they’re gonna expose that, so it is what it is.

You did seem kind of exploited, like you just put all your drama out there.

Yeah, I definitely felt there were so many other things that were taped and they only focused on the negative. So, I feel a little saddened by that, but what you saw was all real. It was the truth and I tried to keep it as real as possible, and it was my reality so I can’t really be mad.

Interview Credit: Necole Bitchie

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