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Emily B Wears A $295 Balenciaga Join A Weird Trip Sphinx Tee & $210 Ziginy ‘Piarry’ Boots


Last night Friday (September 27), reality star and fashion stylist turned shoe designer Emily Bustamante attended socialite Teyana Taylor’s lifestyle and fashion consulting company launch. For the event, Emily styled a $295 Balenciaga Join a Weird Trip Sphinx Tee with a black leather skirt and $210 Ziginy ‘Piarry’ BootsEmily’s tee features a sphinx graphic on the front with the quote ‘Join a Weird Trip‘. It’s available for purchase at Barneys.

Emily is currently filming Chrissy & Mr. Jones Season 2 with Chrissy and that airs this fall. She’s also focusing on her shoe line with ZigiNY which will be available this November.




Photos Credit: Emily’s Instagram | Teyana Taylor’s Instagram | shirt via Barneys | boots via Bdonnas

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She’s On Her Own: Emily Speaks On Leaving Fabolous, Chrissy Punching Kimbella In The Face & Her Upcoming Clothing Line

She has a name and she’s building her brand, Emily B is one of the few cast members who are actually capitalizing off of VH1‘s popular reality show Love & Hip-Hop. On this season, the episodes shows Emily moving on and leaving her boyfriend Fabolous. The fashion stylist sat down with Brittany C from Freddy O.com and talked about leaving Fabolous and being on her own, Chrissy punching Kimbella in the face, her current relationship status with Kimbella and what people should expect from her new clothing line. Read some excerpt below:

On leaving Fabolous and being on her own.
Well of course you see me moving out on my own. I have two children and I moved on my own in New York. You know I moved here to be with Fab so for me to be here and live on my own is just an experience for me. So you get to see that and you know I just focused on me. I realized that I had to put me first and everything else would fall in place. So on this season, I had to  go out on my own, I had to be independent. I had to do me. The first step in doing me was moving out on my own which was very, very difficult. A lot of people are wondering if I still live on my own. Yes, absolutely, I still have my own place and I still live on my own. Absolutely.

On if the rumors are true about her and Fabolous getting back together.
Well, we have been shooting for a very long time, and we are still shooting so I don’t want to give any of that info away (laughs).

On if she thinks it was right for Chrissy to punch Kimbella in the fight

No. I think she acted off of emotion and she knows that she could have handled it better. I don’t condone violence. I didn’t want her to get punched in her face, I don’t think anyone deserves that.

Source: Freddy O.com 

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Love & Hip-Hop: Emily Bustatmente Speaks On How Fabolous Feels About The Show & If She Wants To Marry Him

VH-1‘s ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ reality star Emily Bustatmente is independent. She found happy and is living the life. Juicy magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Paula T. Renfroe caught up with Emily for an interview. Emily talked about how Fabolous feels about the show, dating John, not Fabolous the rapper, if she wants to marry Fab and much more. Below are a few excerpts:

On how Fabolous feels about the show.

“Fab and I shot a pilot show together about him being a father and trying to be an entertainer as well. They ended up not picking up his pilot. But um, he was a little salty [about me being in Love & Hip Hop]. He never told me not to do it. He was just like, “You know, I don’t know if it’s a good idea, but I’m not gonna tell you not to do it.”

On dating John, not the rapper Fabolous.

“He’ll go on the radio and they’ll ask, ‘Are you single?’ And he’ll say ‘As a dollar bill.’ But it’s funny because he’ll text me, and be like, ‘Don’t listen to the radio.’ I honestly feel and believe that [Fab the rapper] is a personality.”

On the pros of being in a relationship with Fabolous.

“He’s so intelligent. He teaches me so much. When we’re at home he’s not a rapper. He’s John. He’s not this guy everybody else see.s I’d rather him just be John at home with the kids sitting at the dinner table eating with them. I couldn’t tell you what the pros, because to me, a pro would be just to have him at home.”

On whether she wants to marry Fabolous.

“Absolutely. But I wouldn’t want to be married to anybody that didn’t want to be married because I don’t want to be divorced either. He’s not the youngest guy, and I’m not even 30. I know it’s been a long time, but I’m not gonna force anything. If it happens it happens and it doesn’t maybe I’ll move on. I don’t know what the future holds.”

Source: C&D

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Emily B Talks “Love & Hip-Hop,” Fabolous & Chrissy Proposing To Jim Jones

“Love & Hip-Hop” cast member Emily B did a recent interview with celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie. During the interview, Emily talked about her current relationship with Fabolous, John the person vs. Fabolous the rapper, the way the show affects her business, being exploited on the show and Chrissy proposing to Jim Jones. Emily and Fab have been dating for 9 years and she has a son with Fab. Also, find out if there will be a season two. Read some excerpts below:

How does your role on Love & Hip-Hop affect your business?

In the beginning, the reason I took on the show is because I wanted to be recognized for my work. [But] I feel like didn’t get credit because people were like, “You’re just a stylist because you’re Fab’s girlfriend,” or “You’re his baby mother,” as some people want to say. The truth is he could have any stylist he wants, but the reason I had the job is because I was good at it and I just wanted to prove myself. I taped more footage of me working, but of course, a reality show is about drama so that doesn’t make the edits. All you see on the show isyou see one of my clients Darrelle Revis but you really don’t get to see Emily B in work mode and that’s kind of upsetting to me because that’s the only reason why I took on the show, so, they got me [laughs]. I see Olivia, she’s in hip-hop, and we got Somaya, she’s trying to work in hip-hop, and of course my connection was through Fab, [but] they also told me they wanted to show my career because I work in the hip-hop industry, so that was a plus for me. As we started taping, they saw that I had a little bit of drama in my personal life and of course they’re gonna expose that, so it is what it is.

You did seem kind of exploited, like you just put all your drama out there.

Yeah, I definitely felt there were so many other things that were taped and they only focused on the negative. So, I feel a little saddened by that, but what you saw was all real. It was the truth and I tried to keep it as real as possible, and it was my reality so I can’t really be mad.

Interview Credit: Necole Bitchie

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Spotted: Emily B And Mashonda Partying In NYC

Rapper Fabolous’ girlfriend/mother of his son Emily B and singer Mashonda were spotted partying at Covet Nightclub in New York City this past weekend. Both of the ladies are starring in the show “Love & Hip-Hop,” which airs on VH1. In the photo below, Emily B and Mashonda are pictured with Jets player Darelle Revis.

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Celebs Spotted: VH1 “Love & Hip-Hop” Premiere Party

Jim Jones girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin, Fabolous girlfriend/mother of his son Emily B, R&B singer Mashonda, former G-Unit singer Olivia and aspiring rapper/video vixen Somaya Reece are all starring in a new reality show together titled “Love & Hip-Hop.” The show is scheduled to premiere on VH1 this spring. Last night was the premiere party at District 36 in NYC. Peep the pics below:

From (left- right) Somaya Reece, Olivia Longott, Chrissy Lampkin, Emily B. and Mashonda.

Jim Jones, Vado, Angela Yee, Jennifer Williams, Toccara and Dollicia Bryan were at the premiere party as well. Oh yeah, don’t think Jim Jones came empty-handed, he brought all of the ladies some roses.

Credit: Don Bleek/Hip-HopWeekly.Com

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“Love & Hip-Hop:” Jim Jones And Fabolous Girlfriends Has A Reality Show Coming Out This Spring

Jim Jones’ longtime girlfriend Chrissy, Emily (the mother of Fabolous Son), former G-Unit Singer Olivia and Model Somaya are all starring in a VH1 reality show titled Love & Hip-Hop. The show will premiere this spring and is produced by Queen Latifah

The concept of the show will focus on women who date rappers and women who are trying to make in the music business, while maintaining a personal relationship.

The series follows four women, two of whom are waiting for their boyfriends to commit. Chrissy Lampkin and Emily Bustamante are waiting for their boyfriends to settle down, while Olivia and Somaya are attempting to pursue their careers and the show will showcase the sacrifices they have made to pursue their careers.  

Love & Hip Hop premieres Monday, March 21st.

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