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Fashion Killa Of The Day: Leston Eustache From Brooklyn, NY


Name: Leston Eustache

Age: 18

Reppin: Brooklyn, NY

What are your favorite fashion brands:  Gucci, Zara, Givenchy and Versace; even though I think style is more important. It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.

What are some of your favorite shopping stores or boutique: Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th Avenue, H&M, and Zara

Your fashion influences are: I have my own sense of style but I am influence by Kanye West and Fabolous.

Describe your style: I’m an urban city kid so I like the sporty look with the casual look. I also like being over the top. I like to turn heads and make people ask questions about what I’m wearing. I like to be complemented!

Favorite brand of sneakers and how many pair do you own: I own over 25 pair of sneakers, I have a lot of Gucci sneakers. I like a pair of causal sneakers that I can just throw on.

Occupation: College student, studying business marketing and real estate.

Career goal: To become a licensed real estate agent selling luxury homes and being an entrepreneur.




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Photos Credits: Leston Eustache

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