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His Side Of The Story: Fabolous Speaks On Emily & Thoughts On ‘Love & Hip Hop’

Brooklyn’s rapper Fabolous stopped by New York’s radio personality Angie Martinez show earlier in the week. As we all know, his ex-girlfriend and son’s mother Emily B is a cast on VH1‘s Love & Hip-Hop. During his interview with Angie, Fab talked about why he’s not 100% supportive of Emily’s decision to do the show, said he would be open to doing a family oriented based show with Emily, Kimbella, his music career and much more. Below are some excerpts:

On how he feels about Love & Hip Hop

It’s just not my cup of tea. It’s just one-side of what’s going on. I don’t bash it but I’m not really in support of it either. I don’t think it depicts me the way I am; it just depicts a one-sided version of what’s really going on.

Why not participate then?
Because it’s a few different things I don’t agree with the show. Ownership is one of them. There’s no ownership on her side and she’s kind of like a piece of somebody else’s show and I’m not with that. I put too many years of me working in this industry for me to be a piece of somebody else’s thing.

On if he’d be open to doing a family structured show
I would be involved in a show that was something like Run’s House. I can’t reference T.I’s show because I’ve never seen it. A family show. Even the Kardashian’s to me is more family branded and structured. I wouldn’t do a “For The Love of Fabolous” show, no. I would lean more to that type of show then I would do any of those other types of shows.

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