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Interview: Carmelo Anthony Speaks On His Watch Collection, Style, Fashion Advice & More


Carmelo Anthony is a beast on the court and off the court, this New York Knicks forward is a fashion icon. It is my opinion to say that Melo along with LeBron James are the best dressed players in the NBA. The 6″8 baller has a style that is unique and stands out. While in London for his game at the 02 Arena against the Detroit PistonsBritish Esquire got the chance to talk to Melo about his new wristwear-inspired M9 sneakers, fashion, style advice and much more. Below are some excerpts:


I have a bunch of timepieces. I love collecting watches – ever since I could start affording them. I could never afford watches, but now I take time to educate myself and learn about them.

With the M9 I was just trying to do something different around this time. My love for watches and the movement of watches, I really wanted to see if I could incorporate that into a shoe design. It came out well. It exceeded my expectations.

My advice for taller guys? It’s tough! Stay away from the rack. You’ll be trying too hard [to find clothes] if you’re shopping at the rack. Try and find things that are comfortable for you.

Growing up, my style was completely different. Even my first couple of years in the NBA, it was always jeans and Timberlands, T-shirts.

I like to get out and see what’s out there. Go to boutique shops, try to mess around and play around with different brands and different styles of clothes. It’s not so much about shopping at the big brand name stores, it’s about finding things that you can connect with.

Anything can be fashionable to any one person. I don’t think you should look at somebody else and say “I want to wear this because somebody else was wearing it.”

Read the interview in its entirety over at British Esquire.

Source: British Esquire

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