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Keri Hilson Gets Stylish For Her 31st Birthday Party In Atlanta


Over this past weekend, Decatur, Georgia-bred singer, songwriter and model Keri Hilson celebrated her 31st birthday at Atlanta’s Prive Nightclub. Struggling singer T-Pain and retired NBA player Allen Iverson were in attendance. Hilson’s boyfriend, NBA player Serge Ibaka of the OKC Thunder was not present because he had a game.

For her birthday celebration, Hilson wore a stylish ensemble. She was covered in a fur coat which she layered over a burgundy sleeveless mid-drift top, black leather shorts and burgundy thigh high boots. See the photos below:

Sorry Keri Hilson for saying some negative things about your music career in the past blogs I posted about you.


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Struggling R&B Singer Keri Hislon Talks Working With Kanye West, Timbaland & New Album


Struggling R&B singer Keri Hilson didn’t release a full studio album since 2010’s, No Boys Allowed. The Beyoncé hater is being blacklisted in the industry after her blatant disses towards Beyoncé. Hilson did a recent interview with XXL magazine and she’s hoping to make a leap back into music once again. In the interview, Hilson talks about putting her music career on hold, releasing her new single, working with Kanye West again, her current relationship with Timbaland, and more. Below are some highlights:

Have you put your music career on hold?
Musically, I did take a break. It seemed long to everyone, but it was a pretty brief hiatus. But I’m back in the studio, putting together my album. We are pretty close to choosing the single. We’ve thought we have chosen the single. We are almost there.

You feel this single will be big for you?
I think so. It’s my comeback. It has to be. I feel confident about it. I like it. That’s all I can control. How it feels to me. It feels like I am gearing up to be back. I’m really excited for my fans. They’ve held me down. I almost feel like I didn’t take a break because they held me down. They still cared about me. They stuck by me and supported me through it when they had no clue what I was doing or why I wasn’t releasing music. But I really do appreciate that.

Are you going to be working with Kanye again?
I already have throughout my break. I’ve actually worked with him. I can’t say much about it, but it was awesome. He’s a genius. I really, really enjoyed working with him.

Is your relationship with Timbaland intact?
Yeah, our relationship is still intact. At the moment, he’s really tied up with other projects, but he’s still my executive producer. We talk very often. He’s still very much a part of this project just as much as the others.

When do you think you’ll drop your single?
Definitely this year, but I can’t say. When you say something, people hold you to it. I never know what’s going to happen. I could go to the studio tonight—and I will—I could top it. I might feel more confident about a record than I do after it. Even if we think we chose a single, anything could happen. I just want to make sure. People have been waiting my re-arrival. I just want to make sure I give them my best. I don’t want to rush. I don’t want to release something that I don’t feel wholeheartedly about. I feel that I am there. I just want to be sure. I want to take my time and make sure this comeback is just that.

Do you feel like you have to re-introduce yourself when you make your return?
I feel like people are just going to know. The music is going to speak for itself. I don’t think I need to re-introduce myself to the world. I’ve been blessed to have fans all over the world. I know that they will hold me down and spread the word. My entrance into the industry was so organic. I love that. It was kind of word of mouth driven. Social networking driven to tell people. It’s driven all by the music. It’s not from my fashion. It’s not from anything but my lyrics. Just the songs. The music and the feeling people get from it. I’m most proud about that. I think this time around it will be the same way with a bigger impact.

Read the interview in its entirety at XXL.

Photo Credit: Keri Hilson’s Instagram |

Spotted: XXL

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Keri Hilson Takes Vegas In $995 Narciso Rodriquez Bi-Color Multi-Strap Wedge Sandals


Over this past weekend, R&B singer Keri Hilson took her talents to Vegas and performed at Pure nightclub inside Caesars Palace Resort and Casino. This struggling singer who is jealous of Beyoncé wore a silk white blouse and black pants which she paired with $995 Narciso Rodriquez Bi-Color Multi-Strap Wedge Sandals. Even though I am not a fan of black and white, Keri looked cute in her ensembles. She is as cute as a button! I wish she focus more on herself and stop throwing shade at King Bey. Back in November, The “Pretty Girl Rock” singer signed a deal with the artist management division at Wilhelmina Modeling Agency





Photos Credit: WENN | Barneys

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She Is Still Jealous! Keri Hilson Finally Speaks On Beyonce’s Beef


Just like I posted in the past, we all know by now that singer Keri Hilson is jealous of Beyoncé’s success and she also have been throwing shots at Bey since she came in the game. In Keri’s song, “Turnin Me On (Remix)”, she dissed Bey, during an interview with Juicy magazine on the red carpet at the 2011 Soul Train Awards, Keri refused to hold up the publication’s magazine because it had Beyoncé and Jay-Z on the cover (see the video here) and in numerous interviews, Keri threw shade on Bey. Where does all this jealousy stem from? That, I don’t know!

So after years of being jealous of Bey, Keri finally decided to address it by denying those allegations during an interview with HipHollywood. To me, after watching the video (see the video here), Keri proved that those allegations were or are true because she was asked about a beef with a female artist or Beyoncé, and she had the opportunity to say, “I don’t have a beef with Beyoncé,” instead she refused to say Beyoncé’s name and simply replied by saying “No, I don’t have a beef with any female artist. I think it’s just interesting that we live in such a gullible world. Anything that’s written, anything that is posted, any picture that is interpreted one way, is truth. It’s like the bible now. You can Photoshop something, put it out and everyone believes it.  I’m human and it’s hurtful. It’s malicious! It’s not okay to just make up false things about someone and their personal lives, especially. Professionally, fine. Scrutinize me all you want, I know I can’t please everyone. But, personally let’s just leave it alone, it’s going too far.”

Do you think Keri is or was jealous of Beyoncé?

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Singer Keri Hilson Signs With Wilhelmina Modeling Agency

Keri Hilson hasn’t released a hit record in a couple of years. As far as music, the last time I heard about Keri, she was being boycotting by a lot of people in the industry because of her jealousy and hatred toward Beyoncé.

Back in June, I posted pictures of Keri leaving Wilhelmina Modeling Agency in NYC. The “Pretty Girl Rock” Atlanta singer has officially inked a deal with artist management division at Wilhelmina Modeling Agency. Wilhelmina Models is one of the world’s most prominent model and celebrity agencies in the fashion and beauty industry. As part of Keri’s new deal, the company will explore and develop fashion and beauty endorsement, editorial, and licensing opportunities. Fergie, Iggy Azalea, Natasha Bedingfield, NERVO and The Veronicas are also clients at Wilhelmina.

In the past, Wilhelmina has secured beauty and fashion endorsement deals with leading brands and companies such as, Cover Girl, Levis, MAC, Procter and Gamble, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Avon, among others.

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STRUGGLING CAREER! Has The Music Industry Blacklisted Keri Hilson For HATING On Beyonce?

No need to get into details! We all know that this chick Keri Hilson has been taking shots at Beyoncé since she first came into the music industry. Keri NEVER had a real reason to diss Beyoncé.  Is she jealous of her? Bey NEVER said anything negative about Keri. In fact, they don’t even run in the same circle, shop in the same stores or eat at the same restaurants. Keri is NOT on Bey’s level. It is my opinion to say that Bey is the greatest performer since the late great Michael Jackson. Keri’s hating ways is finally catching up to her.

According to Sandra Rose, “So apparently singer Keri Hilson is struggling. I’m hearing she is “blacklisted” in the industry after her blatant disses towards Beyonce. Interscope has had their wits with her diva-ish attitude and her partner in crime who came up with the idea of Keri to come for Beyonce’s crown has been ghost in her defense to save her failing career. She is at rock bottom, and is too prideful to realize it. The top producers and writers are too scared to collaborate or work with her on her new projects for fear of catching some of the backlash. Wouldn’t be surprised if she nudged fellow struggling singer Ciara to do a duet and get some buzz for her declining singing career.”

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Pretty Girl Rock: Keri Hilson Looking All Sexy Leaving Wilhelmina Modeling Management

Her name is Keri and yes pretty girls’ rock! Yesterday Monday (June 18), singer and songwriter Keri Hilson was spotted leaving Wihelmina Model Management on Park Ave in New York City. Wihelmina is one of the largest modeling agencies in the world. The company recently signed rapper Iggy Azalea. It is rumored that Keri may sign a deal with Wihelmina which would assist with clothing and fragrance campaigns among other brand expansions. For her meeting, Keri wore a white tank-top, distressed jeans and leather Lara Bohinc booties. She accessorized her outfit with a red bag and scarf tied around her neck. I love her outfit, do you?

Via Necole Bitchie

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Wearing Spring Colors In Manhattan: Keri Hilson In Cole Haan Lunargrands & Dolce & Gabbana

Singer and songwriter Keri Hilson is making it back in the limelight. Last week, the Atlanta native made a few appearances in NYC. Ms. Keri Baby was spotted leaving MTV Studios in Times Square where she had a speaking engagement as an ambassador for MTV’s “Staying Alive” foundation and she was later spotted heading over to Fuse TV to host ‘Fuse Top 100 Killer Collabos’. She was styling on them hoes in a casual look. Keri wore a pair of floral pants, Cole Haan Lunargrand wing tip shoes and a Dolce & Gabbana straw bag from the Spring 2012 Collection. Are you feeling her look? Peep the pictures below:

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LORD HAVE MERCY, THANK YOU JESUS: Keri Hilson Wearing A Shirt That Reveals Her Cute Nipples

Last night, Thursday (April 5), singer and songwriter Keri Hilson was spotted hanging out in NYC with Julissa Bermudez and Adrienne Bailon for the launch of Hennessy’s ‘Wild Rabbit’ Campaign. Miss Keri Baby sure did had a lot of heads turning when she stepped out wearing a colorful shirt, showing her cute nipples. She paired her shirt with black dress pants, shoes, bag and white sunglasses. Julissa & Adrienne are currently filming a new reality show based on their busy schedules and lives in the city which will debut some time this year on the Style Network. Are you feeling Keri’s outfit?

Via Necole Bitchie

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Ladies On The Scene: Ciara, Ashanti & Keri Hilson Making Their Rounds

International superstar Ciara had the paparazzi flicking their cameras as the Atlanta native made her way to the Barbara Bui show during Paris Fashion Week.

Ashanti was spotted walking the streets of NYC, all glammed-up, as she made her way to the “Today” show on Thursday (September 29).

Earlier in the week, singer Keri Hilson made an appearance at Raspoutine Nightclub in Paris.

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