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K.Michelle Celebrates Album Release In $995 Giuseppe Zanotti Mirrored Peep-Toe Cage Booties, ‘Rebellious Soul’ Drops August 13th


Over in Atlanta at Frank Ski’s restaurant, R&B songstress K. Michelle celebrated her album release party. The “V.S.O.P.” singer looked cute in a neon jumpsuit paired with $995 Giuseppe Zanotti Mirrored Peep-Toe Cage Booties for the occasion. Rapper Lil Scrappy and reality star Mama Dee of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta was also present. These cage booties feature thin straps, back zipper and decorative buckle on the topline, peep-toe, metallic leather insole and leather lining. You can purchase these shoes at Bergdorf GoodmanK. Michelle will release her debut, Rebellious Soul via Atlantic Records on August 13th. The 11-tracks R&B/soulful LP features the Pop & Oak-produced lead single “V.S.O.P. and I Don’t Like Me” which is in heavy rotation on urban radio. I like how K. Michelle used Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta as a platform to rebuild her music career and brand. She is very talented and can sing. I am rooting for her! Pre-order the LP on iTunes.






Photos Credit: Prince Williams| ATLPics.net | Pearson/JPearsonPhotography.com

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‘Love & Hip-Hop’s’ Rasheeda On Faking Storyline For TV, Kirk Cheating, Her Poiz Cosmetics Line & More


Love & Hip-Hop’s Rasheeda recently did an interview with Vibe Vixen. The independent rapper-turned-reality star used Mona Scott Young’s executive produced show as a platform to showcase her entrepreneurship skills by launching her own line of cosmetics called Poiz. In season one, everything seemed to be good between Rasheeda and her husband Kirk. She was recording music, and living the family life with her husband and their children. Things changed in season two when Rasheeda told Kirk that she was with child. He immediately requested her to abort their baby and she refused too. One thing led to another and Kirk decided to cheat on his wife while she’s pregnant with his child. In her interview with Vibe Vixen, Rasheeda talked about if their storyline was fake for TV, Kirk cheating on her, forgiving him, working things out, her cosmetics line and much more. Below are some excerpts:


It was rumored that you and Kirk’s storyline would be replaced for lack of drama. Following those rumors, your marital issues were heavily showcased during the second season, which caused viewers to believe the drama was just for TV. How do you feel about that?
Everybody has that mindset like these shows are off the chart…that they are all fake. Coming into the show initially it was something that Kirk didn’t even want to do. So he was in a place like, “I’m just here because of you.” We had a lot of issues in our marriage, but we didn’t put them on the table at the beginning because we were new to all this. We were green to the whole reality TV situation. And then we were both thinking about my artistry and the things I’m trying to do. We just tried to keep everything on the up-and-up for the most part.

So what changed in season two?
The crazy thing about it is relationships have problems all the time. And we were going through some things then that we didn’t even put all of the situation out there on television. But coming into the second season we were both like, “You know what? Let’s just let our realities be what they are…and make it do what it do.” What people have to understand is nobody’s relationship is perfect. But I’ve talked to people that have problems way worse than me and Kirk have been through [laughs]. I’m going to keep it real. Half these hoes have been through the same things we were going through, but they want to act like they are perfect. But with us it just played out on TV.

What was your reaction when you found out that Kirk was cheating on you? 
I was angry and disappointed because I felt as though my teammate let me down, you know? Although he confessed that nothing really happened, it’s just the fact that you felt you needed to go that far to get my attention. Especially at the time I was pregnant and going through a lot of things as your wife and as your friend. One thing I have realized about being on reality TV is people are going to talk about your ass no matter what. I could be out here being the best woman feeding the hungry and putting the homeless in houses…it wouldn’t make no difference. But the moment you have some ratchetness going on people are really going to talk about you. But I expected that.

The two of you were out in Vegas recently. Is it safe to say you are working on your marriage? Are you and Kirk in a better space now?
When you’ve been married for 13 years and have businesses and kids together you find a way to work it out. I haven’t had a problem with a husband that has been involved in constant infidelity. This is the first time we have gone through something on this level. It would be different if you saw this dude out here running around here on a regular [laughs]. People would be looking at me like, “This bitch is stupid.” But even when you go through things like that being friends as long as we have been we should be able to talk through certain situations. I don’t give a damn about anyone else’s opinion. It’s about what’s in my heart and what the Lord has instilled in me. We have a baby on the way…I have stepchildren. I’m not rushing into a divorce. Love don’t turn off like a light switch.

This year you released your own line of cosmetics called Poiz. How has that whole experience been for you? 
It’s been great. I just took my time with it. I didn’t want to be the face of someone else’s brand. I didn’t want to just get with a manufacturer that already had products and just throw my name on it and not have anything to do with developing colors. So I got with a company where I could develop my own colors and I have 40 different glosses and lipsticks. I have eye shadows and blushes and things that I have created. And it’s my own company. I have the neutral and working mom type of things that women like, but I also have the fun and funky stuff for the girls that like the bright colors and to be extremely popping and over-the-top with their makeup. It’s doing so well online that I have to thank God.

Read the full interview at Vibe Vixen.

Photos Credit: jusvenus |imagesbykennedy.com

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Don Bleek Attends LHHATL ‘Press Reception’ In A $30 Zara Tee-Shirt, $35 Plain Trousers & $595 Balenciaga Violet Monochromes High Sneakers


Last week, I attended the New York ‘Press Reception’ for Season 2 of VH1/Monami Entertainment’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, which was presented by Myx Fusion, a fruit-infused moscato. The event was spearheaded by 135th Street Agency and over 200 bloggers, journalists, tastemakers and socialites gathered inside of Stage 48, located in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood for a sneak peek of the premiere episode, followed by a Q&A which was moderated by executive production Mona Scott Young. Cast members including K. Michelle, Mimi Faust, Erica Dixon, Stevin J & Joseline Hernandez were in attendance. Yandy Smith and Lore’l of LHHNY and the cast of VH1′s The Gossip Game also showed up to last night’s event. For the occasion, I went with a casual look! I wore a $30 Zara Tee-Shirt with Faux Leather Stripe and $35 Zara Plain Trousers paired with Balenciaga Violet Monochromes High Sneakers which are from the upscale fashion house Spring/Summer 2013 Collection. What is your verdict on my outfit? Read my full recap here!






Photos Credits: Yakini | ZaraBalenciaga

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Mimi Faust Wears A Karen Millen Mesh Dress Accessorized With Jimmy Choo Sandals To NYC ‘Press Reception’


This past Wednesday (April 18), the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta ‘Season 2’ premiere screening and press reception was held at New York City’s Stage 48, located in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood. The event was hosted by Monami Entertainment, NFGTV and Myx Fusions. All of the ladies looked nice, and it is my opinion to say that Mimi Faust looked the best. I love her ensemble! According to Yakini of RealityTVFashion, “Mimi poised in a  $380 Karen Millen Mesh Dress accessorized with $725 Jimmy Choo Lance Strappy Sandals and a $148 BCBGMAXAZRIA Thea Clutch in pink and yellow.” This dress features Karen Millen branded buckle on it. Mimi’s choice of shoes and color-blocked clutch added a lot of personality to her outfit. She looked fierce! Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta premieres this Monday April 22nd at 8pm on VH1.






Photos Credit: James Pray | Karen Millen | Jimmy Choo |CUSP

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Cast Invades NYC’s Stage 48 For Press Reception


K.Michelle, Stevie-J, Mona Scott-Young, Erica Dixon & Mimi-Faust

Last night, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast members K. MichelleMimi FaustErica DixonStevin J & Joseline Hernandez invaded New York City for Season 2 premiere screening and press reception hosted by Monami Entertainment, NFGTV and Myx Fusions. The reality stars were joined by the show’s creator and executive producer Mona Scott Young. The event was spearheaded by 135th Street Agency and over 200 bloggers, journalists, tastemakers and socialites gathered inside of Stage 48, located in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood for a sneak peek of the premiere episode, followed by a Q&A which was moderated by Mona Scott YoungYandy Smith and Lore’l of LHHNY and the cast of VH1’s The Gossip Game also showed up to last night’s event. While on stage, K. Michelle and Mimi reconciled and hugged each other. The biggest highlight of the evening was when a writer from Bossip.Com introduced himself and tried to ask K. Michelle a question. Before he asked his question in its entirety, K. Michelle shut him down once she realized that he was from Bossip because in the past, that blog wrote some negative stories about her. “It’s not up to you to kick me when I’m down because you have a motherf**king keyboard!” K. Michelle screamed at the Bossip writer. She then added, “I got two big ass cheeks and you can kiss them! I got it out, I feel great!” Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta premieres this Monday April 22nd at 8pm on VH1.




Stevie J




K. Michelle


Yandy Smith


The cast of VH1’s ‘The Gossip Game’

Photos Credit: James Pray

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Joseline Parts Ways With Stevie J!

Our favorite LHHATL “couple” has apparently bit the dust! Joseline allegedly has once again “dumped” Steebie J!!!!  On Tuesday, she let all of her twitter followers know that she is a single woman and ready to celebrate her freedom!

We’ll just wait and see how long it’ll be before her and Steebie are in love and “making love” again!

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Lil Scrappy & Erica’s TOPLESS Rolling Out Cover; Talks Engagement And Being Happy

Scrappy sure did put a ring on it! During Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta ‘Reunion’ Scrappy got on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend/daughter’s mother Erica and she said yes. The newly engaged southern couple is covering this week’s issue of Rolling Out. Inside, Erica chatted about being happy and Scrappy talked about why he popped the question to Erica. Below are some excerpts:

Erica on being in a good space and being happy:

I’m in a very good place in my life right now,” she shared, while watching Scrappy take some solo photos. “I learned so much about myself through this process with the show, and now I’m just looking forward to this next chapter in my life.”

Scrappy on why he popped the question to Erica:

It was time for me to do something really grown,” he shared. “So I popped the question and the beautiful lady said yes … that’s why she has the ring on her finger. But now we’re just waiting for the next big step. I wasn’t trying to play around with it for a hundred years. I wanted to do something really big.”

Source: Rolling Out/DeWayne Rogers, Hair & Makeup by: Jeremy Dell Wardrobe Stylist: Kudzi & K.D.

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Memphitz Sues K. Michelle, Mona Scott-Young & VH1 After Being EXPOSED As A WOMAN BEATER

No need to get into much detail, if you watched the first season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, you are most likely to be aware of the situation about singer K. Michelle. She mentioned that she was repeatedly abused by her ex-boyfriend who was her label CEO and an A&R at Jive (RCA). Throughout the show, K. Michelle stuck by her story and to be honest with you, I believe her. But like some females, K. Michelle did not file charges because she wanted to protect her image and was so in love with the man who was abusing her. K. Michelle NEVER identified the man or gave any clues to who he was on the show. When the blogs reported that it was Memphitz who his currently married to Lil Wayne’s ex-wife and daughter’s mother Toya, things went from bad to worse. I guess, Memphitz felt guilty and couldn’t take the pressure anymore. Not only did Memphitz allegedly abuse K. Michelle, he also spent up all of her money, left her broke and almost ruined her music career. With a lot of threatening texts and emails from Memphitz, K. Michelle was able to get out of her contract without owning Jive anything. K. Michelle did say Memphitz name in interviews and answered questions about him when she was asked. They also got into a heated argument via social networking Twitter.

Now that the season is over and the reunion has wrapped, Memphitz struggling image has been tainted. He has filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Viacom International, NFGTC Inc, K. Michelle and Mona Scott Young’s Monami Entertainment. He is claiming that K. Michelle’s accusations of domestic violence are fabricated and the show gave her a “worldwide platform” for her to “assassinate his character”. This guy must have fallen and bumped his head! He is asking for $1 per viewer (3-4 million viewers) per episode that his character has been defamed, which totals 12 episodes and the two reunions shows.

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Newly Engaged Erica Dixon Of ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Gets Glam-Up For HOC Magazine

One of the biggest highlights from LHHATL Reunion Part 2 was when Scrappy got on one knee and popped the question to his daughter’s mother/girlfriend Erica Dixon with a nice engagement ring. Of course, she said yes! In a recent fashion spread, Erica gets glam-up in designs from Reco Chapple for his HOC Magazine. HOC Magazine’s inaugural issue will launch January 2013. We’re love Erica’s new look, are you?

Credits: HOC, Photography Derek White, Hair by Mario McDowell, Make Up Kelvin Myers & Stylist Reco Chapple

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LHHATL Recap: The Drama & Buffoonery From Last Night’s Episode

Well, the cast of LHHATL strikes again! This time everyone was trying to show their “Loyalty Card” as the title of last night’s episode insinuated.  I’ll just get straight to the point and talk about Scrappy’s foolish ass mama, who wouldn’t win a spelling bee if you gave her the letters “IN THAT ORDER”.  Once again, Scrappy goes to his mom for support and all she can do is call Erica a bitch, which thankfully Scrappy shut that down and told her that was inappropriate.  But Mama Dee in her confessional states that she doesn’t care what Scrappy says, any woman that leaves her son for dead is a “B-I-C-T-H, in that order!”  Ummmmmm, No mam, NOT IN THAT ORDER! I don’t think I laughed that hard in a very long time, and as much as we wished that the “writers and producers” would have edited that segment, we know that this is the thing that reality TV is made of!

Now let’s move along to Stebbie and nem! Mimi and Joseline both know that Steebie and his creepy ass will never change and both vowed to make the choice to leave him even though he is having sex with them both, in which Joseline confirmed to Benzino, that they “make love, sex, dirty sex, we do everything!” mind you, she admitted that they do all of this UNPROTECTED! That seems to be a whole nother topic for a whole other day! If that wasn’t enough to stomach, Benzino actually called Mimi…..wait for it… wait for it…. JOSELINE! Mimi actually handled it way better than I thought she would, because it proved her point that Joseline is around so much that even his friends are mistaking the two.  And Creepy Steebie continues to state that he loves both women and wants everyone to get along . I think Steebie  needs to take his talents over to Sister Wives, because he is on the wrong show.

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