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Drama, Fights & Exposed Secrets: 10 Confirmed Things To Expect From Love & Hip Hop Reunion


Love & Hip Hop has a few more episodes remaining before this season wraps. Earlier in the week, the reunion taping took place at NEP Penn Studio in NYC, executive producer Mona Scott Young hosted the show. Just like a lot of other reality reunion shows the taping was filled with drama, fights, exposed secrets and more. My industry friends from Juicy Magazine  were on set for the reunion taping and below are 1o things to expect from the show.

joe budden lhhny reunion


1. Two of the cast members are engaged!

2. One cast member is bisexual!

3. We find out which two cast members dated the same rapper at the same damn time!

4. There is a major breakup between two cast members!

5. We find out two high profile celebrity names that slept with two members of the cast!

6. One cast member has such a complete new look that they were barely recognizable!

7. There was more than one fight between CONSEQUENCE and JOE BUDDEN during the taping!

8. All the cast members take lie detector tests, and big secrets are revealed!

9. Two cast members breakdown in tears on stage!

10. You’ll never guess which cast member is 4 months pregnant!

Photos Credit: Juicy Magazine | Instagram

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Reality Star Style: Tahiry Jose Of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Wears $299 Zigi NY Studded Boots


Urban model and reality star Tahiry Jose of Love & Hip Hop was spotted out at the NYC screening for BET’s Real Husbands Of Hollywood. For the occasion, she wore a green top and camo leggings paired with $299  Zigi NY Studded Boots. These 6 inch heel and 2.5 inch platform boots are similar to the Manolo Blahniks laced-up heel boots which were out in the early 2000’s. Tahiry completed her outfit with a navy leather jacket and black bag. Any thoughts?

z-jo studs_tanlt_1


Pics via Tahiry’s Instagram | ZigIny

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Lore’l From ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Wears $640 Isabel Marant Red 80mm Bayley Suede Canvas Wedge Sneakers


Dirty Jerz femcee and Love & Hip Hop reality star Lore’l recently stopped by Sneaker Watch for an exclusive interview. During the interview, Lore’l wore a pair of $640 Isabel Marant Red 80mm Bayley Suede Canvas Wedge Sneakers which features an internal wedge heel, Velcro front strap closure, padded tongue, leather innersole and lining. These kicks are currently sold out; however they are going for $895 on eBay. Lore’l is currently in the studio working on her new mixtape, Billboard Bytch. The project will be out soon!





Lore’l pics via Sneaker Watch

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Another Superhead? Winter Ramos’ Of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Is Releasing A Tell-All Book, Exposing Celebrities


Last night Monday (January 14), the reality world and blogosphere was introduced to Love & Hip Hop’s new cast member Winter Ramos who is the former assistant to rapper Fabolous. She also claimed that she have worked with Biggie Smalls, Queen Latifah, Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, Jay-Z, DMX, and Ruff Ryders.

Ramos has written a tell-all-book, entitled Game Over: My Love For Hip Hop which is about her career in the industry and she exposes Hip Hop artists. Because of the content of the book, such as exposing celebrities, Ramos has already been compared to former video vixen turned author Karrine Steffans aka Superhead who also wrote a tell-all-book, called Confessions Of A Video Vixen, exposing celebrities. Rapper Jadakiss is also a “big part” of the book. “I wrote a book. It’s a tell-all of my experiences in the music industry. Guys that I’ve dated. It’s real sh**. Jadakiss, he’s a big part of the book,” Ramos shared with VH1.


On last night’s episode, Ramos gave a brief summary of herself and how well she knows the Hip-Hop industry. “I’ve dated these guys, I’ve slept with them, worked for them, I know the girlfriend, I know the baby mother, I know the wife, I even know the side chick,” Ramos said proudly.

According to LifeChangingBooks, below is a synopsis of the book:


Game Over: My Love For Hip Hop is now available for pre-order for $9.99 at LifeChangingBooks.

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Yandy Smith Speaks On Showing Her Personal Life More On This Season & Her Boyfriend Mandeecees


As I previous reported, last week, I attended VH1/Monami Entertainment’s ‘Love & Hip Hop Premiere Screening Party’ for season 3 at Kiss & Fly in NYC. During the premiere party, there was a Q&A and also, TheYBF.Com caught up with Yandy for an exclusive interview. Since the last season, Yandy has been doing pretty well. She launched her Everything Girls Love accessorize line as well as a lifestyle blog of the same name. She is also a new mother! Back in July, Yandy and her boyfriend Mandeecees  welcomed a baby boy to the world. During her interview, Yandy talked about how she is showing her personal life more on this season, why she decided to bring her boyfriend on the show and why she decided to come back. Below are some highlights:

This season it appears that we’ll see more of your personal life than just you as a businesswoman, was that something you wanted last season?

No.  Last season I was completely closed and I didn’t want any of my personal life (no mom, no dad, no man, nothing) on the show. Honestly, the reason why I did the show is because I wanted to give a message to people out there, women, men, whoever…there are some of us who are independent of a man who have built a career in this industry or done well for themselves independently of someone else’s career. And I felt that first season that wasn’t really shown. Because if you see Somaya struggling, she left struggling. Olivia starting struggling in her music career, she left struggling. I wanted to show that I’m fighting and I’m not really struggling. I wanted season two to be focused on my business.

The world didn’t see your boyfriend during the last season, what made you want to include him now?

When we started taping I was 8 months pregnant, so there was no way not to include him. I didn’t want people…well, People assumed last season, and I realized, that because I didn’t have a boyfriend on the show and it is Love & Hip Hop, people assumed that I was in love with Jim or wanted to be with him. It was so confusing and mind-boggling because we were so professional in real life and on the show and I couldn’t understand why people thought that. I guess if they don’t see you with anybody, they assume you’re with nobody. Because I was coming home every night to Mandeecees so it’s like, what are they talking about. Do they know what I got at home? I felt it was important to let people know, “Let me check all yall that thought something differently, here it is”.

Considering all the drama that happened last season and with reality shows in general, why did you choose to return for another season?

Let me think…there was a lot of drama, but overall it was excellent for my brand. I’m just going to keep it real with you. When I thought about the drama and how much I’m not drama filled, I was asking myself if this is something I really wanted to do. But when I thought about what it’s done for my EGL brand, I was like “why wouldn’t I”. When I thought about how it’s a commercial to promote whatever you have (your nails, hair, clothing or jewelry line), this show airs 3 to 4 times a day every day a week, you would be a fool not to take advantage of all those marketing tools and dollars that could be spent. And I felt there was nothing more to think about when I thought of it from that spectrum.

What’s the BIGGEST change you’ve seen in your boyfriend after you had your baby boy?

He’s already been a dad and what I love about him is that he’s a great dad. But now to see him love up on something that’s a part of me, makes me love him. Baby Omere has just gotten us so much closer because I see how much he loves him and how much he wants to protect him.  And that just makes me love him more.

Read the full interview over at TheYBF

Pic via Yakini/RealityTVFashion.Com

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Exclusive Pictures From Love & Hip Hop 3 NYC Premiere Party; Show Kicks Off This Monday January 7th

Don & Mona Scott Young

Don Bleek and Mona Scott Young

This past Thursday (January 3), I attended VH1/Monami Entertainment’s ‘Love & Hip Hop Premiere Screening Party’ for season 3 at Kiss & Fly in NYC. The Ciroc, Monami, Hot 97, Bartenura, Club Create, Jabra and NFGTV sponsored event was spearheaded by 135th Street Agency. Executive Producer Mona Scott Young, and cast members Yandy Smith, Lore’l, Winter Ramos, Rashidah Ali, Joe Budden, Tahiry Jose, Raqi Thunda, Rich Dollaz, Erica Mena, Jen The Pen and Consequence were all in attendance. Olivia missed the premiere because she is currently overseas with her basketball player boyfriend. Everything wasn’t all good at the premiere either. Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz got pissy drunk! They couldn’t even answer questions properly. Erica also got into a small confrontation with Lore’l (who was the bigger person and behaved like the beautiful woman she is). Tahiry and Raqi were about to fight and I was about two steps away from them when all this was going down.

Don Bleek Love & Hip Hop

Don Bleek, Raqi, Yandy & Lore’l

Without giving too much of the show away, on the premiere episode, Joe Budden’s ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose and his female best friend Raqi (who Tahiry believes he was cheating on her with) gets into a big fight at Joe’s pool party. It got so ugly that Joe and his friend had to escort Raqi out, after Tahiry threw a cup of water in her face. What a love triangle! Rich Dollaz confirmed to Olivia that he and Erica Mena had something going on. He also told Olivia that he was still going to talk to other women while he was messing with Erica Mena. Rich got mad at Olivia when Erica walked out of dinner on them after Olivia told her that Rich was still seeing other women (Rich was the one who told Olivia to tell Erica). Yandy and her boyfriend Mandeecees are having issues because he is having a hard time becoming a father. He even left their baby shower to go to the club with Juelz Santana. Okay, that’s enough; watch the show for more! Love & Hip Hop 3 premieres this Monday January 7th, 8p on VH1.

Don & Tahiry

Don Bleek & Tahiry

Don & JB

Don Bleek, Joe Budden and his girlfriend

Don & Raqi 2

Don Bleek & Raqi

Winter Ramos & Don

Don Bleek & Winter Ramos 

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VH1 Releases ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Season 3 Official Promo Pictures


Yandy Smith

Earlier in the week, I posted Love & Hip Hop’s season 3 super trailer. The players changed but the game always stays the same. VH1 recently released the official promo shots. Yandy Smith, Oliva, Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena will return for the third season. There are some new faces as well including, Joe BuddenRaqi Thunda, Mandeecees, Rashidah Ali, Tahiry JonesThe show premieres on January 7th at 8pm. See the promo pics below:


Rashidah Ali


Tahiry Jones


Winter Ramos

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Yandy, Olivia, Rich Dollaz & Erica Mena Will Be Returning To Love & Hip Hop; Plus Joe Budden & Tahiry Added To The Show


Season three of Love & Hip Hop premieres Monday, January 7th at 8 p.m. on VH1 and this season is filled with a lot of new faces which will most likely cause a lot of drama. The official confirmation of the new cast has been revealed and it is plenty of ghetto people and odd couples. Music/talent manager and business woman Yandy Smith will be returning for another season. She now has a son and the show will focus on how her and Mandeecees (Yandy’s boyfriend/son’s father) keeping their romance going while balancing their career and family.


Poor Olivia is also returning and she is still struggling to make a hit record and album. This time around, she’s opening up about her personal life and overseas basketball player boyfriend Tarence Kinsey.


Also returning is music manager Rich Dollaz who is now dating cast member Erica Mena. The twosome has been confirmed as a couple according to VH1.


Some of the new faces are rapper Consequence who is Q-Tip’s cousin and at one point was affiliated with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music and his baby mother Jen The Pen who is an industry insider. They will show their trials and tribulations as a couple as they co-parent their son.


Dirty Jerz rapper Joe Budden, his former girlfriend, video vixen Tahiry (pic above), his new girlfriend Kaylin Garcia and Raqi Thunda who is a female DJ that has a good friendship with Joe Budden and is rumored to be sleeping with him will also be appearing on the show. Finally, rapper Fabolous’ ex-assistant Winter (who we saw having convos with Emily on the show in the past) is also featured on the show. She also has a tell-all book in the works.

Are you tuning in?

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DON’T Compare Emily B To That Other Chick Mimi From Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

By now, I’m pretty sure most of you know who Emily B is! In case you have been hiding under a rock, she is the girlfriend and mother of rapper Fabolous son. Emily was first introduced to the world on VH1‘s ‘Love & Hip-Hop’. She starred in the show for two seasons before calling it quits a few months ago. Love & Hip Hop premiered a spin-off show, Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta back in June. I DON’T watch that show but I do read about it in blogs. For whatever reasons, people compared Mimi (Stevie J’s girlfriend and daughter’s mother) to Emily. After doing my research, I came to a conclusion that both women had story lines that dealt with bad relationship and drama caused by their men. However, I do not think that their stories are the same and neither does Emily. In fact, DON’T compare Emily to that other chick because she do not like it. In a recent interview with Hello Beautiful, Emily spoke on people comparing her and Mimi. Below are some excerpts:

There’s a lot of people who say that this new season of Love & Hip Hop has the same formula as your season of “Love & Hip Hop.” How do you feel about that and do you feel there’s a mirror image?

You know I get a little upset when they compare characters because I’m nothing like any of those women. My story is not like any of those stories. I don’t see Fab in any of those men in that show at all. No offense to them, but nobody knows [how it is]. Y’all get to see the Stevie J’s and the Lil’ Scrappy’s and nobody really knows who Fab is or what he does or what he’s about. People just make assumptions and it really bothers me because he was never on camera for you to make that assumption so people really don’t know.

Everyone is like Emily B–she’s that Mimi character, she’s staying with Fab…What do you feel about that? Does it make you angry?

I mean I spoke to Mimi and watching her I felt for her. I understand how it feels to love someone and feel that pain, but I’ve never been through anything that she’s been through. Fab only has one child with me so I don’t know what that feels like to have a man with many. I’ve never dealt with anything on that level in my life. Her story is a strong powerful story that I can’t even imagine going through.

So what’s Emily B up to–life after “Love & Hip Hop?”

Well right now I’m filming a spin-off to “Love & Hip Hop.” Me and Chrissy are filming a project. I won’t go into too much detail, but we have a project coming out in the Fall which is going to be a totally different. I mean, same producers but different feel–more of a family-fun loving show.

Read the full story over at Hello Beautiful.

Source: Hello Beautiful

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Eve Speaks On Her Past Relationship With Stevie J Of ‘Love & Hip-Hop’, “Yes, Stevie J was my first love.”

I don’t watch that show, but through the blogs I heard about a guy name Stevie J who dated Philly’s rapper and actress Eve back in the early 2000’s. Eve was so in love with him, however she outgrew the love that she once had for Stevie J when he became jealous after her career started to take off. Stevie J was very insecure and jealous because Eve was a bigger celebrity than he was.

UNIQUELY YOU SUMMIT, INC.’s Becoming Who You Are! Series Recently hosted an event with Grammy Award-Winning Actress and Rapper, Eve. Eve shared an “An Intimate Hour” with Philadelphia high school girls as she revealed her journey to self-discovery at the African-American Museum in Philadelphia. Of course, her former relationship with Stevie J came up and check out what E.V.E had to say! Eve also gave some very good advice to the girls in attendance.” Watch below:

Thanks to Kendra G

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