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Picture Me Dope: Harlem’s Rap Group ‘Children Of The Corn’

Harlem’s legendary rap crew Children of the Corn was formed in the early 90’s by neighborhood friends Mase, Cam’ron and Big L. Cam’ron’s cousin Bloodshed and friend McGruff were also a part of the group. Children of the corn is a shorter name for Children of the Corner. The group disbanded in the late 90’s after the death of Bloodshed and Big L. Bloodshed was killed in a car crashed on the George Washington Bridge back in 1997 and Big L was murdered. After the group disbanded, they all went to pursue their solo careers. Mase signed with Bad Boy, Cam’ron signed with Epic and McGruff signed with Uptown. These guys were true Harlem hustla’s. They used to make money by rapping for local DJ’s and selling their tape out the trunk of their cars. Big L and Bloodshed are truly missed! Cam’ron, Mase & McGruff are nowhere to be found.

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