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Meagan Good Spotted In Manhattan Wearing $1,075 Christian Louboutin Leopard Daffodile Pumps


Actress Meagan Good is currently making her promo rounds to promote her new show Deception which airs on NBC. She recently stopped at the 2013 Winter TCA event in Pasadena, CA and yesterday Monday (January 7), Meagan was photo’d in NYC making her way to The Today Show. The newly wed, wore a pair of $1,075 Christian Louboutin Leopard Daffodile Pumps paired with black pants and a black & tan jacket. Would you wear these pumps? On The Today Show, Meagan revealed that she and her husband went to Mexico during the holidays, to celebrate their official honeymoon.




Shoes via Christian Louboutin

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Looking Flawless: Megan Good Gets Sexy For The August 2012 Issue Of Upscale Hype

The talented and sexy married Megan Good looks flawless on the August 2012 issue of Upscale magazine. On the cover, she wore a black and white dress accessorized with a diamond necklace and bracelet. Below are some excerpts:

On being typecast: 

“There were a couple times where the director said ‘We really like you, but you’re a little bit too sexy.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, what do I need to do? Wear a turtleneck? You know, loose-fitting clothes?’ And they’re like “Nah, it’s just something that you give off.” I don’t know that I necessarily believe that. I believe that people, when they have a pre-conceived notion of who you are, and things you’ve done in the past, sometimes they forget that as an actor you’re able to shut off whatever you need to shut off, and you’re able to turn on whatever you need to turn on.”

On her love for her husband:
“To me there’s nothing sexier than a man that loves the Lord. I can’t imagine anything more attractive. And then, we just get each other, we don’t judge each other. He understands me. His love has brought a lot of healing to a lot of areas that have been really painful for me. ”

“Being with someone who is a preacher as well, people tend to try to sensationalize everything you do. So that’s definitely been a different experience for me…”

On what true power is: 
My definition of power is being able to move, and live, and do the things that you aspire to do and that you believe are part of your purpose to do, without letting other people’s opinions or judgements manipulate your direction, without getting discouraged when a door closes, and just kinda having a good sense of self, and knowing who you are, and being strong in your walk with God. All of that, to me, is what power is.

Spotted: TheYBF

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Spotted In Hollywood: Meagan Good Wearing Jeffrey Campbell Damsel Spiked Heels, Leopard Leggings & A Denim Vest

The newly wed Meagan Good was recently spotted arriving to BOA Steakhouse in Hollywood. She made sure paparazzi caught her flaunting her wedding ring. For the occasion, Megan looked cute in a pair of $244 Jeffrey Campbell Damsel Spike Gold Heels. She paired her heels with leopard leggings, a grey shirt and denim vest. In my opinion, Meagan’s outfit was pretty cool, casual and the perfect fit for dinner. Do you agree or disagree?

Via Necole Bitchie 

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Styling On Them Hoes: Meagan Good In A Python Print Jumpsuit

Over this past weekend, the newly married Meagan Good attended the 2012 Teen Choice Awards. For the occasion, Good wore a python print cut out jumpsuit paired with tan sandals. She was also spotted backstage at the Gifting Suite. Megan is just too beautiful! What’s your opinion on her outfit?

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Sporting A Short Hair-Do & Showing Her Bright Smile: Meagan Good Covers The July/August 2012 Issue Of Hype Hair

The newly married Meagan Good is looking beautiful as she sports a new short hair-do and shows her bright smile on the July/August issue of Hype Hair magazine. For this issue, the publication revisits Meagan to give you an update on her latest looks and ventures. Below is a press release:

Meagan Good is definitely one of the most successful and celebrated actresses of our time. Appearing in numerous films since her teenage years, this beautiful girl with the sweet smile has won over our hearts. Meagan is set to take on another amazing leading role on NBC’s drama series “Infamous”—scheduled for the fall. Also, the ambitious businesswoman has been tapped by Pink Brand to be the face of their Smooth Touch line. There isn’t anything that this lovely lady can’t do! Hype Hair showcases Ms. Good in a glamorous four-page photo spread showcasing her signature asymmetrical cut that fits her personality perfectly.

This issue is on newsstand now!

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BIG Congratulations & Blessings: Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin JUMPED THE BROOM!!!!!!

A BIG congratulation goes out to actress Meagan Good and movie executive/preacher DeVon Franklin. Back in April, the happy couple got engaged and last night Saturday (June 16), the twosome jumped the broom at an antique, purple and gold ceremony in Malibu, CA. Franklin is a good brother with a great background. He is the Vice President of production for Columbia Pictures (a division of Sony) and a 7th Day Adventist preacher.

According to Necole Bitchie, “Meagan walked down the aisle to ‘These Arms’ performed by the Craig Lewis Band while dressed in a custom R-Mine gown with a purple dipped train. Singer Shanice was on hand at the reception to sing, ‘Loving You’ while the couple enjoyed their first dance.”

According to People Magazine, “The couple’s first travel destination will be Big Sur for a mini-moon. They plan to honeymoon around the holidays when Good wraps filming on her NBC show Infamous.”

And a few of the couple’s friends tweeted congrats to the couple.

Don Bleek tweeted,

BIG Congratulations and blessings to @MeaganGood & @DeVon_Franklin who just JUMPED THE BROOM!!!!!!!

Will Packer tweeted,
Congratulations to @meagangood & @DeVon_Franklin two amazing ppl inside & out. Those were the most beautiful vows I’ve ever heard!

Lyrica Anderson ‏said,
This wedding @MeaganGood and Devon is One of the most Beautiful things I’ve experienced !! Congrats to a beautiful and blessed Marriage! 

Tracey Edmonds ‏said,
Happy Saturday Family! Beautiful day/evening sharing & celebrating love at @MeaganGood & @DeVon_Franklin wedding. Hope u r enjoying urs
!!!Congratulations, love and blessings to @DeVon_Franklin & @MeaganGood who just JUMPED THE BROOM!!!!!!

Comedian/Actor (Meagan’s Jumping The Broom co-star) DeRay Davis tweeted:

Happy For my fam @MeaganGood & @DeVon_Franklin gettin married 2day! My lil grown homies doing the grown thang!

Producer Debra Martin Chase gushed:

@DeVon_Franklin @MeaganGood your wedding was so beautiful and so filled with love. Wishing u a lifetime of happiness! Xxoo

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Keeping That Thing Tight! Meagan Good & Her Boo Did Not Have Sex Yet, “I’ve Never Slept With My Fiancé”

As I previous reported, successful Hollywood actress Meagan Good is engaged to her preacher fiance DeVon Franklin. He is the vice president of production for Columbia Pictures (a division of Sony) and a 7th Day Adventist preacher. The twosome have remained celibate for a year because they’re waiting for their wedding day to have sexual intercourse. Below are some excerpts from Meagan’s interview with Life & Style:

“Our wedding night will be the first time we’re actually together,” Meagan Good, who also stars in Showtime’s risqué series Californication, confides to Life & Style.

How did she know DeVon was the one? “Because he was willing to be celibate with me for a year,” she says. “He loves God, more than I love God, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong [with him].”

And their wedding planning is already set in motion.

“We found the venue, which I’m really excited about, and it’s going to be in Malibu,” Meagan, who met her fiancé while making Jumping the Broom in 2011, tells Life & Style. “I know I want to go for a bayou-themed kind of Spanish mosque, a very enchanted-y Twilight feel.”

Source: Life & Style

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Meagan Good Covers Rolling Out: Talks Her Future Plans, Preacher Fiancé & Being Completely Celibate

Personally, I like and respect Meagan Good because she is a positive role model for young girls and has a lot of respect for herself. We don’t read negative stories about her in magazines or on blogs. She is not out in the public acting all crazy. She is also a devoted Christian. The 30-year-old talented actress is covering the latest issue of Rolling Out Magazine. On the front page, Meagan is wearing a nice colorful top with a pair of spiked heels. Inside, she reveals her future plans, talks about her preacher fiance, people’s perspective of  her and much more. Megan also reveals that she is now completely celibate and trying to quit smoking. Below are some excerpts:

Over the next few years, what are some of the personal and professional aspects of your life that you want to improve upon?
Well I definitely want to start making more films, and I also want to start writing and producing more. I want to create projects with my fiancé, and just help people in any way that I can. I just want to get my hands on different areas of the business, and soak in everything that God has given me a passion for. In my personal life, I just want to work on being a better person every day. Really working on quitting this smoking, and zoning in on letting go of the people who shouldn’t be in my life. I want to start focusing on spending more time with my mom, because life is short and precious. I want to be there for my younger sister, who turns 17 next month … I just really want to begin valuing more the things that are valuable to me. My focus is on giving them more attention than I have over the last couple of years. When you’re in your 20s, you’re ripping and running, and you can forget about the things that are so much more important than what you’re doing. Now that I’m 30, my mind-set has been altered in a great way, so I’m going to be focusing more on that.

Source: Rolling Out

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Bright & Beautiful: Meagan Good Covers Fearless Magazine

Actress Meagan Good is killing the game right now. A few weeks ago, I reported that Good got engaged to her preacher boyfriend, she is a part of the movie Think Like A Man which grossed $33 million and is number one in the box office, and now she’s covering the upcoming issue of Fearless Magazine. On the cover, Good is wearing a  colorblocking dress and showing her bright smile. The cover was photographed by Steven Kay and Styled by Davida Colona. I also heard that Good’s cover is actually one of four and that Malika Haqq, Lauren London and Angela Simmons will be featured on the others. Below is an excerpts from Good’s cover story:

“I’ve been taking care of my whole family financially since I was 14. My oldest brother has a learning disability and brain damage since he was a kid. My youngest sister is adopted. My older sister and mom are retired. I’ve had that on my shoulder my whole life pretty much.  What’s kept me grounded through all of the things I’ve been through and constantly been through is prayer.  Every morning before I get up and start my day I pray. For God to give me strength, to give me vision, to tell me what to do. How to live, sometimes what to wear and I try to read some of my bible.  It always uplifts me to the point where I feel that I have the energy and the strength to get through whatever the day brings and gives to me.  I promise to God that when I don’t read my bible [and pray], my day is totally different. Every time that I do that, no matter what happens, I am more equipped to handle the things that I may not have thought I could handle if I didn’t start my day like that. God can change circumstances and it starts inside of us and works it’s way out.”

Spotted: Necole Bitchie via Brown Sista

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GOD IS GOOD! Actress Meagan Good Is Engaged To A Preacher

God is good, and if you wait patiently, he will send you the love of your life and that’s exactly what he did for Meagan Good. The successful Hollywood actress is now engaged to DeVon Franklin, the vice president of production for Columbia Pictures (a division of Sony). This successful brother is also a 7th Day Adventist preacher.

According to TMZ, “Meagan’s rep tells the gossip entertainment site, 30-year-old Good recently got engaged to DeVon Franklin. The preacher proposed to Good last month in L.A, but the couple has known each other for years. They began dating just after production wrapped on Jumping the Broom” … which Meagan starred in, and DeVon produced.”

In a previous interview with Black Woman Magazine, Good has made it very clear that she wants a family, is a Christian and her number one criteria for a man is someone who is a man of God. Read the excerpt below:

Do you see marriage in your future? What are your must-haves in a man? 
I definitely want a family. My criteria for a man: Number one, you just have to be a man of God. That’s at the top of my list, or it’s a no-go. He has to believe in Jesus Christ and really love the Lord. Not someone who just says,“Oh yeah, I’m a Christian,” but someone who is actively trying to live his life that way. Someone who can encourage me and influence me to be a better woman. Nothing means more to me than that.”

I believe women are the backbone of relationships and marriages and households.You can’t really have a good man without a good woman. I’m the kind of girl who would sign a prenup in a heartbeat, because I don’t want your money,” added Good.

Source: TMZ

Picture: Necole Bitchie

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