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Monami Entertainment: Do You Really Know Mona Scott-Young?

Entertainment mogul and Love & Hip-Hop‘s executive producer Mona Scott Young started her career almost 20 years ago. She linked up with Chris Lighty over at Violator Management when she was doing artist development.  Lighty asked Young to help him transition from Rush Management to Violator/Def Jam Records. She saw an opportunity with the artists that were formally signed to Rush needing management and formed Violator Management. The rest is music history. Young left Violator four years ago to focus more on entertainment and launch Monami Entertainment. Below are some excerpts from Young’s interview with The Source:

What made you initially want to enter the music industry?

It’s not really something I pursued but once the opportunity presented itself I jumped in head first with no parachute. I love this business. I don’t think any other profession offers the same freedom and limitless potential for entrepreneurship. It’s been a great ride and I can’t even imagine myself doing anything else. It was all about answering the call when Destiny came knocking.

Did you feel you would have to work twice as hard being a black female in a male dominated business?  Were any male counterparts threatened by your business savvy and smarts?

I think there is definitely a double standard for women in every industry. It’s just the way it is but I can’t truly say that I’ve ever subscribed to that thinking or allowed it to hinder my potential for success or what I’ve set out to accomplish. The men in this business have a tendency to stick together and look out for each other. Unfortunately you don’t find many situations where they provide those same avenues and opportunities for their female counterparts. Whether it’s because they are threatened or intimidated, I’m not sure, but hopefully I’ve managed to illicit the respect that my dedication and hard work deserves. I don’t look for handouts, I’m happy to work for mine but I expect that work to be acknowledged and properly compensated.

Source: The Source

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