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Dope Music: Joe Budden “Ordinary Love Shit Pt.3 (Closure)”

Are you in the mood yet? Dirty Jerz emcee Joe Budden recently released his new track “Ordinary Love Shit Pt.3 (Closure).” The track is off his upcoming mixtape Mood Muzik 4, which is scheduled to hit stores and online this summer. On the track, the Shady Records recording artist airs out his former girlfriend/video vixen Esther Baxtor. Over the Frank Ocean “Novacane” sampled track, Budden detailed the ups and downs in their relationship, after she cheated on him with NFL player Derrick Ward. Also, there was an abortion involved in their relationship. In my opinion, Budden is the most lyrical emcee in the game. Listen to the track below:

Listen Now:  “Ordinary Love Shit Pt.3 (Closure)” 

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New Video: Joe Budden “Follow My Lead”

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New Jersey emcee Joe Budden just released the official video to “Follow My Lead,” which is the lead single off of his latest mixtape Mood Muzik 4. MM4 is now in stores and online via  E1 (formerly Koch Records). This track is some real stuff, and I can definitely relate to it. I don’t need the money, I don’t need the fame or pain. I just want to be successful and wealthy.

I’m so glad to be from New Jersey because the homie Joe Budden murdered this track. “Lyrically, beside Fab, Banks and Cassidy, it’s not another rapper touching Joe Budden.” I don’t want to be bias, so I will ask you guys, who verse do you like the best?

Shout out to the entire state of New Jersey; Brick City, Trenton, Patterson, East Orange, but I come from Camden. I am the best thing out of Jersey since Naughty by Nature and Queen Latifah.

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