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Nene Leakes Talks LEAVING RHOA & Her Rising Acting Career With The New York Post

RHOA mega superstar, actress and business mogul Nene Leakes turned her 15 minutes of fame into a multi-million-dollar empire that includes real estate, a restaurant and a shoe line. She does a great job at branding herself. Love her or hate her, she is “very rich”! RHOA is only the beginning for Leakes. She is now a rising actress that had starring/leading roles in The New NormalThe Apprentice and Glee. A few months ago, Leakes signed with Global Brand Licensing Agency Beanstalk with plans to launch a line of clothes, beauty, hardware and jewelry in department stores nationwide. In an interview with the NY Post, Leakes talks about her TV obsession, acting career, leaving RHOA in the near future and doing a Housewives all-star edition. Below are some excerpts:

What’s your TV obsession right now?

I am obsessed with trash TV. I watch all reality shows. I watch all the “Housewives.” I am a huge fan of “New Jersey.” I like that Teresa [Giudice] and her sister fight. I hope they continue to fight. I hope they never like each other.

As your acting career gains traction, do you slowly want to get away from reality?

At some point I do. I love the acting world. So at some point. . . I can’t continue to be a Housewife. At some point, I have to back out.

How much does “The New Normal” challenge your acting range. Do you get to mostly be funny?

There is a lot of drama with me. Like you didn’t know that!

Have there been opportunities you have missed because of your reputation from “Real Housewives”?

Probably. I don’t know that for sure. Just the thought of me being a “Housewife,” they would probably say “Hmmm. We may not want to use her.” Just the whole persona of being a Housewife. The cattiness and the bitchiness and the fighting. People see you as that is who you are.

If they did an all-star “Housewives” edition, who would you like to see on it?

I would probably do me, Bethenny, I like Jill Zarin even though she’s not there. I think she is everything of New York City. Her accent and everything is just great. I would probably grab Gretchen [Rossi] from “Orange County,” Teresa from “New Jersey,” and we could work it out.

Source: NY Post

Photographer: Will Sterling

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BLIND ITEAM: Which Hip-Hop Superstar Is…

According to the NY Post/Page Six, a Hip Hop star have been spending a lot of time at nightclubs just to see how the youth are responding to his music. Below is how the NY Post is reporting the story:

“Which hip-hop star is spending his time sitting at a corner table at nightclubs to see how the youth are responding to his music because he’s scared he is getting old and out of touch?”

DISCLAIMER: I do not know who the NY Post are referring to in this story and I am NOT giving any names/hints on who I think it is.

Source: NYPost.com

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Diddy & His Entourage Popped For Trying To Bring Too Much Ciroc Inside Of St. Tropez

As I previous reported, music mogul Diddy was vacaying in St. Tropez, over this past weekend. The Harlem native was spotted walking on the sand and standing along the beach. Diddy also made his way to Le Club 55. According to NY Post/Page Six, Diddy and his entourage was stopped by French customs for trying to bring too much Ciroc vodka into the country to lubricate his lavish St. Tropez parties. Below is how NY Post is reporting the story:

Diddy’s staffers were caught by officers at Nice’s Cote d’Azur airport trying to bring a too-large stash of his Ciroc vodka in after they jetted in from the US late last week.

Combs’ rep confirmed last night that the staffers — who were ordered to make sure the booze was on hand for his appearances at several St. Tropez nightclubs last weekend — were forced to leave bottles behind with airport security. Diddy was not with them at the time.

A source told us, “His entourage was stopped at customs for having too much of the product. So Diddy’s people left a few cases with airport agents.” Another source insisted they left half a dozen bottles behind.

While Ciroc is produced in France, it seems to be a scarce commodity and is not widely available on the Riviera. According to several sources, St. Tropez hot spots including VIP club and Gotha club had to fly in cases for Diddy’s appearances.

Source: NY Post

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