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Big Sean’s $188 Supreme Plaid Bomber Jacket At Power 105’s Powerhouse Concert


Last night Saturday (November 2), New York’s Power 105’s celebrated their 2013 Powerhouse Concert at the Barclays Center in Downtown, BrooklynCompton’s Kendrick Lamar headlined the sold-out show. R&B singer Sevyn Streeter kicked off the main event; followed by G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean who was introduced by the ‘Breakfast Club‘.

Big Sean walked the red carpet and performed in a $188 Supreme Plaid Bomber Jacket layered over an Old Dirty Bastard tee-shirt with black jeans and white sneakers. This cotton/ploy jacket features Jacquard rose lining, snap front closure, ribbed collar, and cuffs. It also features hand pockets on the lower front with an interior check pocket.

During his set, Big Sean performed selections from his latest sophomore offering, Hall Of Fame.




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She Slayed This Shoot! Angela Yee For Dopeness Magazine


New York’s Power 105’s ‘Breakfast Club‘ host Angela Yee covers the August/September 2013 issue of Dopeness Magazine. Yee has style, class and talents. She is also considered to be a role model for young girls/women. Before joining the ‘Breakfast Club‘, the Brooklyn-born New Jersey-bred disc jockey hosted ‘Lip Service‘ and ‘Shade 45 morning show starring Angela Yee‘ on Sirius satellite; under Shade 45 Eminem’s radio station. Yee uses her exclusive stories and sweet voice to captivate the listeners’ ears. The not so shy, outspoken 38-year Flatbush girl originally declined the ‘Breakfast Club‘ job offer after finding out that DJ Envy and Charlamagne were paid more. Yee demands respect and top dollars in a male dominated industry. She is the brand ambassador for Belvedere Vodka and also has spent time as the face of Miss. Jessie’s hair products. Oh yeah, just in case you been living under a rock, Yee was also the star of VH1’s Gossip Game‘ reality show and it is being reported that she’s working with executive producer Mona Scott-Young on an upcoming project. See the pics from Yee’s spread below:





Photos Credits: Dopeness Magazine |

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Wale Wears A $1,170 Givenchy Fighter Jet Hoodie; ‘The Gifted’ Will Debut At # 1 With 140-160k Units


MMG’s Wale is still in NYC making his promo rounds, promoting his new album, The Gifted. This past Monday, he performed at NYC’s Best Buy Theater. Read my recap here! Wale recently stopped by Power 105 and chopped it up with DJ Suss One. Wale was photo’d in a $1,170 Givenchy Fighter Jet Hoodie. This hoodie is from the fashion house’s Resort 2013 collection and features the brand’s signature vintage airplane motif throughout, ribbed cuffs and hem, and seam pockets on the sides. You can buy this hoodie at Barneys. Wale paired his hoodie with waxed denim jeans and Air Jordan 1 ‘Bred’ sneakers. The Gifted in store and on iTunes now.

According to early reports, The Gifted will debut at number one on Billboard with approximately 140-160k units sold in the first week.





Photos Credit: Power 105Barneys

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You Better WERK! Angela Yee Slayed This Photoshoot & She Spoke On Her Career, Dating & Reality TV


New York’s Power 105’s morning show co-host Angela Yee is classy, stylish, smart and beautiful. She also has a great personality! The Brooklyn-native graduated from Wesleyan University where she studied English and Marketing. Yee got her first start in the music industry by working at Wu-Tang Management. She then gravitated toward the radio industry and soon landed her own radio show on Eminem’s Shade 45 before joining Power 105’sBreakfast Club‘. Because of the success of the ‘Breakfast Club‘ others doors opened for Yee including reality TV. She was one of the cast members on VH1’s Gossip Game. In a recent interview with Vibe Vixen, Yee talked about her career, dating life and reality TV. Below are some highlights:


Was reality TV cracked up to what you thought it would be?
I knew reality TV would be difficult after watching what some of my friends went through. People get to see your personality edited down at the network’s mercy, so it’s usually not an accurate description of who you are. And the reality is, with location releases and close friends, colleagues and family who don’t want to be on a show, it’s hard to depict your real life. On the positive side, it definitely makes you more visible which can award you better opportunities, if you behave yourself.

When it comes to your love life, do you see yourself ending up with someone who’s in your industry or completely outside of it?
It’s hard to tell. I’ve dated mostly guys who have corporate jobs and there’s always the issue of them thinking my job is easy. If you’re professional then your job should seem easy but the truth is that going out to events, hosting parties and getting up for work at 4 a.m. takes a toll. I don’t always have the energy to keep my schedule going, and it’s irritating when you date someone who makes snide comments like, ‘You get off work at 10 and sleep all day.’ I get off around noon usually and have some days that are packed with meetings and nighttime events. When I fall asleep, I crash. Dating someone in the industry is sometimes easier if they also have a flexible schedule, but you just have to keep your relationship your business because people will definitely want to weigh in.

How do you manage such an intense schedule and keep the energy flowing?
I feel best when I get to go running or hit the gym, but sometimes I just have no time. Every morning I drink green tea and try to eat fruits or other things that will keep my energy up. I stay away from caffeine. I’ve never even tried coffee. I’m scared that it will have me buzzing then I’ll come down from it. And whenever I have any down time I sleep sleep sleep. It’s orgasmic to me.

As a woman who is well-respected, regardless of any rumors that may come about, what advice would you give women just starting out in the industry now?
Be careful who you consider your friends and don’t take rumors too seriously. It happens to everyone, and if you’re going to harp on what people think or say about you, you may not be cut out for this. But fundamentally, make smart decisions. We all mess up, but only deal with guys who respect you and who you consider to be your friend.

What’s next for you after The Gossip Game?
I’m working on developing my own show, which will be fun and I’ll be in control of. My foundation is radio though. The Breakfast Club is now syndicated on the weekend in 46 markets and counting. I can sense that there are bigger things that will happen in radio as well.



SpottedVibe Vixen
Photographer: Andrew Fennell
Stylist: Kiran Goraya
MUA: K Pari
Hair: Will Skillz

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Don Bleek’s Exclusive: K. Foxx Calls Angela Yee An Insecure ‘Dry Statue’!!!


Angela Yee (left) and K. Foxx (right)

The on-screen tension between Hot 97′s own K. FOXX and Power 105.1′s ANGELA YEE on VH1′s newest reality series, The Gossip Game is undeniable. The two radio personalities have been battling since the series premiered, and there doesn’t appear to be an end to their brewing differences in sight. Recently, I interviewed K. FOXX for Juicy magazine to get her stance on a number of things including rise from humble beginnings, how she managed to work her way through the male dominated radio industry and issues with her on-screen nemesis, ANGELA YEE.

Juicy: After doing radio in Miami for years, what brought you back to NYC?

KF: It’s not like I had to go seeking for it. It kind of came to me. Ebro called me up and said, ‘we have an opportunity for you to be on air for a week and then we will make a decision.’  I was like, ‘okay.’  It came to me at a time when I was really seeking something more in my career, and then I got the phone call.

Juicy:  Angela Yee has said numerous times that the difference between you and her, what may be the reason for tension, is that she is an equal with the male co-hosts on her morning show, and claims you are not. How did you feel about those comments?

KF: I think she’s just trying to throw jabs at me. Me, Ciph and Rosenberg all add something to the show. I am the female on the show, I come out with different ideas. [Ciph and Rosenberg]  come up with comedy skits and other things.  [Angela’s] show [Power 105’s ‘Breakfast Club’] is drier – it’s watered down. We’re more creative. We come up with skits, and we’re intellectual as well. As far as what she says,  I think that’s all her insecurities showing.

Juicy: So then what is the biggest difference between you and Angela Yee?

KF: I am colorful, she’s black and white. I live my life in color. I dream in color, that’s actually the name of my organization for kids. There are so many colors in my life that make me who I am. You can tell by the way that I talk, dress, and how I carry myself. When you look at her, it’s like a statue, a very dry statue.

 Juicy: Do you think Angela’s jealous of you and all your ‘color’?

KF: I have no idea.

Juicy: Are these the type of situations that make it harder being a female in the radio industry?

KF: I think that it is hard being in the radio industry period! But when you are a female, you have to work extra hard not only because it’s a boys club, but people are always going to test you. It’s more challenging, but I think I do a pretty good job at maneuvering past those things.

Juicy: What else can viewers expect from you this season on ”The Gossip Game”?

KF: I don’t want to come across as “the angry Black woman” that’s always defending myself. You’re going to learn more about K. Foxx separate from the radio. You’re going to know what my challenges are besides what I do on the radio. You’re going to see my everyday life, my everyday activities. I think it’s good for people to see different sides of me.

Be sure to catch K. FOXX on VH1′s The Gossip Game Monday’s at 9pm.

This interview is also posted on Juicy’s site here!

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Power 105’s Radio Personality Angela Yee Styling In $1,436 Christian Louboutin Aeronotoc Calf Hair & Lace Red Sole Bootie


Last night Wednesday (February 13), New York’s Power 105’s radio personality Angela Yee hosted the ‘Beauty & Bubbles Pre Valentine’s Day Soiree’ at Benefit Soho Boutique on West Broadway in NYC. Yee served her hosting duties in $1,436 Christian Louboutin Aeronotoc Calf Hair & Lace Red Sole Bootie. She paired her booties with black silk cropped trousers and a tan tank-top. Yee accesorized her outfit with a gold body chain from Laure Luxe Metal Couture & Jewelry. It is rumored that Angela Yee is starring in Mona Scott-Young’s executive produced reality show, Gossip Girls. The show is still in production! Ladies, are you feeling these shoes? Fellas, would you buy these shoes for your girlfriend




Pics via Angela Yee’s Instagram| Neiman Marcus

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Gucci Mane Had New York’s Power 105 ‘Breakfast Club’ Scared During His Interview

Earlier this morning Wednesday (October 10), Atlanta’s rapper Gucci Mane stopped by New York’s Power 105 ‘Breakfast Club’. During his interview, Gooch discussed his new mixtape Trap God 1017 which arrives a week from today (October 17). He also talked about the disloyalty in the music industry, reality shows, and his past beef with Young Jeezy. Truth is, Gooch does not respect Jeezy and they will never record a track together or be friends. Oh yeah, the Breakfast Club was on their best behavior and Gooch had them all scared. C Tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy were scared to ask questions. I guess C Tha God isn’t as tough as he say he is. Watch below and please be sure to drop a comment:

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