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‘Love & Hip-Hop’s’ Rasheeda On Faking Storyline For TV, Kirk Cheating, Her Poiz Cosmetics Line & More


Love & Hip-Hop’s Rasheeda recently did an interview with Vibe Vixen. The independent rapper-turned-reality star used Mona Scott Young’s executive produced show as a platform to showcase her entrepreneurship skills by launching her own line of cosmetics called Poiz. In season one, everything seemed to be good between Rasheeda and her husband Kirk. She was recording music, and living the family life with her husband and their children. Things changed in season two when Rasheeda told Kirk that she was with child. He immediately requested her to abort their baby and she refused too. One thing led to another and Kirk decided to cheat on his wife while she’s pregnant with his child. In her interview with Vibe Vixen, Rasheeda talked about if their storyline was fake for TV, Kirk cheating on her, forgiving him, working things out, her cosmetics line and much more. Below are some excerpts:


It was rumored that you and Kirk’s storyline would be replaced for lack of drama. Following those rumors, your marital issues were heavily showcased during the second season, which caused viewers to believe the drama was just for TV. How do you feel about that?
Everybody has that mindset like these shows are off the chart…that they are all fake. Coming into the show initially it was something that Kirk didn’t even want to do. So he was in a place like, “I’m just here because of you.” We had a lot of issues in our marriage, but we didn’t put them on the table at the beginning because we were new to all this. We were green to the whole reality TV situation. And then we were both thinking about my artistry and the things I’m trying to do. We just tried to keep everything on the up-and-up for the most part.

So what changed in season two?
The crazy thing about it is relationships have problems all the time. And we were going through some things then that we didn’t even put all of the situation out there on television. But coming into the second season we were both like, “You know what? Let’s just let our realities be what they are…and make it do what it do.” What people have to understand is nobody’s relationship is perfect. But I’ve talked to people that have problems way worse than me and Kirk have been through [laughs]. I’m going to keep it real. Half these hoes have been through the same things we were going through, but they want to act like they are perfect. But with us it just played out on TV.

What was your reaction when you found out that Kirk was cheating on you? 
I was angry and disappointed because I felt as though my teammate let me down, you know? Although he confessed that nothing really happened, it’s just the fact that you felt you needed to go that far to get my attention. Especially at the time I was pregnant and going through a lot of things as your wife and as your friend. One thing I have realized about being on reality TV is people are going to talk about your ass no matter what. I could be out here being the best woman feeding the hungry and putting the homeless in houses…it wouldn’t make no difference. But the moment you have some ratchetness going on people are really going to talk about you. But I expected that.

The two of you were out in Vegas recently. Is it safe to say you are working on your marriage? Are you and Kirk in a better space now?
When you’ve been married for 13 years and have businesses and kids together you find a way to work it out. I haven’t had a problem with a husband that has been involved in constant infidelity. This is the first time we have gone through something on this level. It would be different if you saw this dude out here running around here on a regular [laughs]. People would be looking at me like, “This bitch is stupid.” But even when you go through things like that being friends as long as we have been we should be able to talk through certain situations. I don’t give a damn about anyone else’s opinion. It’s about what’s in my heart and what the Lord has instilled in me. We have a baby on the way…I have stepchildren. I’m not rushing into a divorce. Love don’t turn off like a light switch.

This year you released your own line of cosmetics called Poiz. How has that whole experience been for you? 
It’s been great. I just took my time with it. I didn’t want to be the face of someone else’s brand. I didn’t want to just get with a manufacturer that already had products and just throw my name on it and not have anything to do with developing colors. So I got with a company where I could develop my own colors and I have 40 different glosses and lipsticks. I have eye shadows and blushes and things that I have created. And it’s my own company. I have the neutral and working mom type of things that women like, but I also have the fun and funky stuff for the girls that like the bright colors and to be extremely popping and over-the-top with their makeup. It’s doing so well online that I have to thank God.

Read the full interview at Vibe Vixen.

Photos Credit: jusvenus |imagesbykennedy.com

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Reality TV Meltdown: Rasheeda Is Still Struggling With Kirk & K. Foxx Fired From NYC’s Hot 97


Female rapper-turned-reality star Rasheeda from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is currently going through it with her husband/kids father’s Kirk Frost. To make matters worse, she’s 7 1/2 months pregnant with Kirk’s child. If you have been keeping up with this season of LHHATL, then you already know that the married couple is having problems. A few episodes ago, Rasheeda confirmed to Kirk that she’s with child and he immediately asked her to terminate the pregnancy and when she refused too, he requested her to take a DNA test because he “believes the baby might not be his.” According to Kirk, “rappers are known to sleep around.”

On last night’s episode, Kirk had Twitter and Facebook buzzing after he decided to leave his pregnant wife (Rasheeda) at home and go on a vacation with Benzino and Bobby V. Inside of a cabin in the woods; the fellas played strip poker and got their freak on with some basic chicks in a hot tub. It ended with Kirk going into one of the bedrooms with two of the chicks.

Poor Rasheeda is trying her hardest to work things out with Kirk and save their marriage but after last night’s episode, I don’t know what the future has in store for these two. She recently called WGCI’s Tony Scuilfield and the Morning Riot radio to discuss the status of their relationship (listen to the audio here). Below are some highlights via Necole Bitchie:

On If She’s Forgiven Him

“You try to forgive but you can’t forget. I’m at a place where I’m like, ‘Wow, you really went there with me,’ but I’m with child. I’m not gon’ overstress myself or overwhelm myself. Am I standing there like, ‘Oh baby yes, I’m cool. I forgive everything.’ Hell nah.[…]Right now he’s working hard trying to get back into my good graces. Just keeping it 100.

On If He’s Going to Be in the Child’s Life
That’s something him and the Lord have to deal with if he decides he don’t want to be in the child’s life. You’re in a marriage. You’re in a commitment, and just because eleven months ago, twelve months ago, you’re with it, and then decide a little bit later you don’t want it doesn’t mean nothing to me. At the end of the day, the man ain’t carrying the baby. The man ain’t doing none of those type of things, so I believe in a marriage, you compromise. That’s what a relationship is about.

On Their Business Relationship
It’s just trying to make it work. At the end of the day, as long as we’ve been together and all the business stuff we do have together, we have a couple of companies that [we’ve partnered in.] You can’t just cut those ties off. We do have bills and things need to be taken care of.

On Him Taking Her Name  Off the Business Account
I’m not worried about that because when you’re a boss b—h, you got your own bread. Like, oh wow, I’m gon’ really be sad. Okay, whatever.

On What Advice She Has For Other Couples
I advise people who have gone through whatever — because there are people who have gone through way worse situations than what Kirk and I are going through and have made it through — I advise people not to give up immediately. Give it a try and when you give it all that you can really give it, then you look to do other things.


Rasheeda isn’t the only reality chick that’s going through it. In a recent interview with Ebony magazine, K. Foxx revealed that she was fired from her morning show post on NYC’s Hot 97; after almost three-year. The news is shocking to us all! Not only did Foxx get fired from her morning show, but it is also being reported that the Gossip Game got cancelled. The show won’t be renewed for a second season. Foxx is speaking out to Ebony and below are some highlights:

So word broke that you’ve left HOT-97. You’re not going to be on the air over there anymore?

No, I’m not…Do you find that odd?

How do your co-hosts, Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds feel about you not being at the station anymore? 

They’re shocked. And confused…I’m a good person. I always came in to work I wasn’t a bitch to anyone. I always smiled. Did lots of events. I was a team player. [DJ Funkmaster] Flex called me and he said: “You didn’t deserve this. You rode for HOT-97.” I wore that logo on my back.

Do you think VH1’s Gossip Game reality TV show contributed to problems at work?

I really don’t know. I really don’t know. I didn’t know I had any problems at work. If I did, that’s news to me.

Photos Credit: Rasheeda via Necole Bitchie | K. Foxx’s Instagram

K. Foxx story spotted at Ebony Magazine

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K. Michelle, Rasheeda & Karly Of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Covers Rolling Out

R&B singer K. Michelle, rapper Rasheeda and 42-year-old aspiring singer Karly Red are covering this week’s issue of Rolling Out magazine. Just like the show, this cover looks low-budget and a HAWK mess! Did they even give the girls a stylist for this shoot or did they bring their own clothes? It is my opinion to say that K. Michelle is very talented. If she gets with the right people, she can have a bright future ahead of her. Rasheeda will never reach super-stardom. She should focus more on her family. Karly should just give it up. If you are not signed to a label at 42-year-old, chances are you’re not going to get sign. Visit Rolling Out to read some excerpts and comments.

Source: Rolling Out

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Lala Anthony, Kaurreche, Rasheeda, LeToya Luckett, Trina & Keshia Knight Pulliam Spotted Styling On Them Hoes

Lala Anthony is still across the pond in London supporting her husband Carmelo Anthony. He is playing for Team USA in the 2012 Olympics. For last night’s (August 8) game, Lala wore brown Balenciaga leather pants with a black stripe on the side and a black top paired with Christian Louboutin’s Unbout Pumps. While in London, Lala is also filming the third season of Lala’s Full Court Life.

Chris Brown’s girlfriend Kaurreche Tran was spotted modeling in a shirt from his Mechanical Dummy clothing line.

Rapper Rasheeda of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was recently spotted at the Bronner Brothers hair show in Atlanta. For the event, she opted for a colorful sparkle top and denim daisy dukes shorts paired with Christian Louboutin’s Leopard print Daffodi pumps.

Also in London was LeToya Luckett, Trina and Keshia Knight Pulliam.

Rasheeda picture via TalkingWithTami/Robin Lori 

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