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A Grown Woman With A Game Plan: Keke Plamer For Rolling Out


Keke Palmer graces another publication and as always she slayed the cover! The actress and singer cover this week’s issue of Rolling Out. The vivacious mogul in the making has been killing these magazines lately. In the beginning of this month, Keke covered Fuzion magazine as well as Bello magazine. Shot by famed photographer DeWayne Rogers, Keke styled in various dresses, skirts, buister, tops and heels for Rolling Out.


Inside, she talked about growing up in the industry, making the transition from a child star to adult actress, balancing her personal and professional life and following her dreams. Below are some highlights via Necole Bitchie.


KeKe on growing up
“When people think of me initially, they remember me as ‘Akeelah [and the Bee].’ Sometimes it can be frustrating to be remembered at an age that you’ve outgrown. But at the same time, it’s never frustrated me to the point that I’ve wanted to lash out. I just take it one step at a time. I’ve been patient in letting people adapt to me and my growth.

On proving that she’s an adult
If anything, it makes you look even more like a kid! As an adult, you don’t have to go around saying, ‘Hey, I’m an adult!’ That would be like saying, ‘Guess what — I’m black!’ You know it already. I just [try to] constantly be a professional by asking for what I need in the right way. I feel like you have to tell people who you are, but you don’t have to be disrespectful about it. But you also don’t have to be a shrinking violet. For a long time, when I was younger, I would always act like a little kid and I would just [bow] down because I would never want to feel like I’m being disrespectful to someone. But at the same time, I was like, ‘I’m 18-years-old and I’m not a kid anymore.’ I don’t have to wait for people to do things for me. I started saying, ‘No, that’s not OK. This is what I want. This is what I need from you. Please and thank you.’ At the end of the day, you’re going to have to speak up for yourself — and I learned that after always being, for lack of a better word, crapped on.

[But] I don’t think that’s a lesson that comes from the industry, I think that’s a lesson that comes from life. I think no matter what you do as a young kid — you can [even] take it from your family. You may go off to college, you’re becoming independent and you go back home and your parents treat you like a kid again. To a certain extent, everybody has their place in their family, but you have to say, ‘Mom and Dad, I actually have things to do.’ And I think that’s a lesson that happens to everyone and everyone has to learn that place in their life.”

On balancing her personal and professional life
Sometimes my personal life takes a backseat. My job never takes a backseat. Sometimes I feel like my life is in shambles and I’ll still be doing my job. It’s unintentional.

On following her dreams
“I didn’t come from a lot. I had a lot of love and support from my family, but as far as money and that type of thing, I didn’t really have any of that.  All I did was follow my dreams. If my fans take anything from me, I hope it would be that. It’s not just me being so special — they are too. They just haven’t realized it yet.”

Photos Credit:  Rolling Out | DeWayne Rogers

Highlights via Necole Bitchie

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Big Sean For Rolling Out; Talks His Growth And Empowering & Inspiring The Kids In Detroit


G.O.O.D Music’s Big Sean covers the latest issue of Rolling Out. Kid Cudi and Hit Boy left the label earlier this year, Pusha T still has yet to release his debut solo offering, My Name Is My Name and the other veteran rappers including Common and Q-Tip are not currently active as far as releasing new music, therefore Big Sean is carrying the torch and serves as the face of Kanye West’s label. Last week, the Detroit-native dropped his sophomore album, Hall Of Fame, according to HDD, the project is projected to move 70-75k in its first week.

Big Sean talked to writer Stereo Williams about his growth as an artist, being a spiritual person, remaining the same, not letting fame change who he is, buying his mother a house, empowering and inspiring the kids in his hometown of Detroit and much more. Below are some highlights:


On his status and growth: 

“I just think people have seen me grow, at least from a [lyrical ]standpoint, from the first album to now,” Sean explains.

On being a spiritual person, remaining the same and not changing because of the fame:

One of my homies [said] ‘You’re a spiritual dude, you be [sic]into meditating and manifesting what you want,’” he shares. “You go through different situations from the perspective of trying to get on and be known and just trying to make money. Then you start [to realize goals] and things change. It’s something to get used to and sometimes you’ve got to learn the hard way. I feel like through it all, I remained the same person. I haven’t changed — I’m still a good-hearted person. I feel like I’ve definitely become a man. I’ve had some fallouts with good friends and rekindled those relationships by just understanding more [and] being more of a selfless person; as opposed to always [having] tunnel vision and being one way. I’m not perfect, I’m still learning. Adjusting to it is a part of life. Adjusting is life in general — figuring it out.”

On going from living in his mom’s house to buying his mom a house:

I went from being in my mom’s house in the ’hood off of 6 Mile in Detroit, to buying my mom a new house and buying myself a house and making my goals unfold in front of me. I wanted to make sure that I let people know that the information that my mom gave me [I could] pass on to my fans or people that like my music; hopefully that can help them in their worlds and whatever they got going on and help them succeed.”

On his desire to empower and inspire kids in his hometown of Detroit: 

I’m the only young black male, really, from Detroit that has a platform to be heard,” Sean says. “It’s not the highest platform, but it’s definitely a platform. I made sure that I included facts that people may not know about Detroit [on my album]; how we’re 15 billion in debt. In [the song] ‘First Chain’ with me and Nas, I was talking about how [they] lessened the hours of police around the city, which is crazy. It’s just mayhem. Me being from there, I felt like I had a responsibility to be a vessel — talking about vacant blocks — not just houses, vacant blocks. I’d never seen vacant blocks. Drug addicts living in houses, raping little girls [that are] going to school. I hear about it, it happens to my friends’ little sisters. There are devastating things I included.”

Read the interview in its entire at Rolling Out

Photos Credit: Rolling Out | Phoenix White of Emkron |

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Christina Milian For Rolling Out Magazine; Speaks On ‘The Voice,’ Forthcoming LP & Motherhood


Singer, actress and media personality Christina Milian has a lot on her plate. She is in the studio working on her YMCMB debut, serving as the social media correspondent for The Voice, recently shot a commercial for Viva Diva Wines (she has an equity stake of ownership in the company), and of course she is a mother. However, the 31-year Jersey City-bred cleared her busy scheduled for a fashion shoot with Rolling Out. She also sat down with journalist Terry Shropshire for an interview. For this issue, Jas Prince’s girlfriend was styled by celebrity stylist Olori Swank and shot by famed photographer DeWayne Rogers. In the photos, Milian posed in a grey dress and silver floor length gown. Below are some highlights:


On being the social media correspondent for The Voice:

“I have a lot of fun doing what I do. At the end of the day, l love to talk, I love music, I love watching artists really striving and really reaching their dreams. And being a part of that is really special to me. For me, I get to do all the behind-the-scene interviews and give the fans all the exclusive content you can’t find anywhere. It’s a lot of fun. I love the coaches. We have an awesome set and I feel very fortunate that my Twitter account and my Instagram and anything online just continues to grow constantly because of the show,” she says.

On her forthcoming LP:

“I have a good team around me. With this album, I have Young Money and this is great because they are the first team of people that understood that I needed a family, that I don’t feel like I’m out here on my own. There’s a difference with being with a label and being out on your own, like, ‘hey, I run this and no one else is with me.’ Let’s be real; there’s nothing better than having a family to back you up. And that’s how Young Money is. And we have the best of the best. We have Drake, we have Nicki, we have Tigga. We have so many people on that label so that when the music comes, it can only make it better,” says Milian.

On how she reacted when she found out that she was with child:

“I wasn’t scared. I was excited when I found out I was pregnant. Of course, when you find out that first time, you’re like ‘Oh my God! My life is changing. From here on out my life has changed.’ And then you realize that miracle that is inside of you and what’s happening. Even the ups and downs outside my pregnancy, I enjoyed each and every moment of my pregnancy. And the second that I had her, I knew that it was meant to be. Like I never questioned God and I knew that everything was happening for a reason. Now if you had asked me before I was pregnant and before I was married to The-Dream, I thought that I would never have a baby at this time in my life. But everything fell into place,” she says.


Photos Credit: Rolling Out & DeWayne Rogers | Stylist: Olori Swank |Hair: Randy Stodghill |Makeup: Rokael

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Joseline Hernandez Covers Rolling Out; Believes She’s A Pop Star & Is She Disrespecting Tamar Braxton?


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s breakout reality star and aspiring pop artist Joseline Hernandez covers the latest issue of Rolling Out. Inside, she talks about being a pop star (oh really?), working on her upcoming album, and fitness DVD, what makes her so infatuated with Stevie J, if they’re really married, and slams Tamar Braxton, “She’s been trying to come out with music for how many years? [It’s been] f—–g 20 years since her sister [Toni] was a star“. Below are some highlights:


Besides “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” what are you working on?
My album is coming out; we’ve been working on my album. I have international records on the table; we’re just working.

The last song we heard from you was “Bailar,’ is the rest of the album going to have that feel?
[It’s] reggaeton, hip-hop, pop — I do everything. I sing and I rap in Spanish. I love it, I’m excited that I can go from being a stripper to a pop icon.

What can fans expect from your upcoming fitness tape?
[It’s called] “Body by Joseline.” Honey, they not gonna do it. [Laughs] I’m just kidding when I say that. It’s one-on-one, when you guys see “Body by Joseline” the DVD it’s actually like I’m speaking to you. I’m gonna really tell a woman how to lose their weight. A lot of women don’t know you’re not gonna lose weight unless you know your body and understand what you can and can’t eat. I was like 30 pounds heavier, I lost weight [by] myself.

What is it about Stevie J that makes you so infatuated with him?
I think Stevie and I are infatuated with each other. Because things go right but I curse him out and I slap him; everybody knows that. I think he’s like my boyfriend. I guess it’s like a relationship. I guess we go together.

You guess you go together?
I mean we do go together — it just works. I never met a guy that everything just works out. I’ve had a lot boyfriends but that one — we just work out.

Are you going to take it a step further and get married?
You have to wait till the [end of] ”Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” season two. You’ll find out, you’ll see. I love him; he’s a great guy. [The couple has reportedly married.]

There are people like Tamar Braxton who have publicly dissed you. What would you like to say to them?
Well, I’m the baddest b—- out there in the streets. [They say] ”how dare this little immigrant girl come from Puerto Rico [and] just become a star.” You know I hate that s—! They’re jealous. Shout-out to Tamar Braxton, she wants to be a bad b—- like myself but she can’t be. She’s been trying to come out with music for how many years? [It’s been] f—–g 20 years since her sister [Toni] was a star. They don’t understand how a girl like me can come out and be this, but I have talent. It’s not my fault. When you got talent, you got talent. Shout-out to the haters; I love the haters. I do it for your amusement.


Photos Credit: DeWayne Rogers |Wardrobe: SirGarde Kudzi

Credit: Rolling Out

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[UPDATE] Angela Simmons Is 106 & Park’s New Host For The Remaining Of The Summer & She Covers Rolling Out Magazine


Last month, I reported that BET was in the process of announcing that Angela Simmons is the new co-host of 106 & Park. The executives at the network have been testing her for the last month or two. Apparently, everybody is happy with Angela’s media skills because today, the show’s host and consultant, Bow Wow officially welcomed the hard-working fly chic to the 106 & Park family.

To coincide with her new career move, Rolling Out magazine releases their latest issue and Angela Simmons graces the front cover. Styled by celebrity stylist Olori Swank, Angela poses in various ensembles including a floor length gown, skirt, dresses and a sweater. Now 25, Angela is embarking on her own journey of self-discovery, evolving as a business woman and building her brand. The young successful entrepreneuress, designer and philanthropist touches on various topics in her cover story from connecting more with her fans to  fashion and much more. Below are some highlights:


Angela will serve as 106 & Park‘s co-host ONLY for the remaining of the summer. This afternoon, BET released an official statement about Angela and the other three former co-hosts ( Paigon, Mykie and Shorty) who will not be returning. Read below:

106 & Park is undergoing exciting changes.  Angela Simmons will continue to guest host until the end of the summer.  Bow Wow aka “Mr. 106 & Park” will continue as the lead host; Miss. Mykie, Paigion and Shorty Da Prince will no longer remain on the show.  BET Networks is happy to have worked with these bright, young stars and will continue to support them and their upcoming endeavors.”

Stay tuned to YDBR for the latest developments…


We checked out your website, AngelaIam.com and you seem to be really passionate about it. Tell us about it. 

It’s basically a place for my fans and anyone that wants to keep up with me. It’s also a place that’s really about inspiring and helping young females. I have a beauty section, a fitness section, and an “Ask Angela” section; it goes on and on. It’s pretty much everything in my life all in one place. I’m really excited about it. When I launched it, it crashed [laughs]  … which is a good thing, because everyone ran there at the same time. I’m excited, because it’s my baby, and I’m really owning it.

You appear to be a very transparent person. 

I’m pretty transparent. I think that we’re all transparent to a certain degree. I let them see as much as possible — especially young females who have so many questions for me. I’ve been through the same things that they’ve been through, and I’m just 25 now, so at least I can shorten their distance if they’ve got a problem going on.

You also launched a fashion line. Can you give us some details on that?

It’s really feminine, but still dressed down, because that’s how I am. I think that an outfit should be able to carry you from day to night. It should be something that you can wear with sneakers, or something that you can wear with heels. That’s the kind of girl that I am. I’m a New York City edgy girl on the go, so the clothing line is fun and young … it’s also something that you can keep forever. I try to make pieces that people will be able to carry on for a long time. I want my pieces to be affordable, so it’s a very moderate-end line that you can actually buy and be fashionable for the price.

Photos Credit: Rolling Out |DeWayne Rogers

Spotted: Rolling Out 

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RHOA Reality Star Cynthia Bailey Covers Rolling Out & Sets the Record Straight

Real House Wives Of Atlanta reality star Cynthia Bailey is covering the latest edition of Rolling Out Magazine. Inside, Cynthia speaks on being vulnerable, looking good at 45 and feeling good about the future. Below is an excerpt and some highlights.

There was a moment — a clearly unforgettable one — when it all began to make sense. For two-plus seasons I casually observed Cynthia Bailey as a cast member of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and there was just something about her that I couldn’t quite come to terms with. It wasn’t a dislike of any kind … it was more like one of those grammar school equations of the “which one doesn’t fit” variety. For whatever reason, whenever I saw her on screen, or heard her name brought up in casual conversation, that same feeling would return…

On being vulnerable:

In photo shoots, I can give you vulnerable all day But I can’t afford to be vulnerable in my every day life. That’s just not who I am. I’ve had to be independent ever since I moved from Alabama to New York right out of high school. Being on your own at age 18 will teach you very quickly that you have to keep your emotions in check and always stay in control. That’s probably why I can be such a control freak at times  —  because I’ve had to do everything on my own for such a long time.

On looking good at 45:

I’m proud to be 45. I think that I look good to be this age, and I hope that I can encourage other women to own their age as well. You can look good in your forties … I just want more women to believe that.”

On feeling good about the future:

I’m so excited about the future. I feel like there’s so much more for me to accomplish. I’m so thankful to be where I am today — especially after experiencing so many highs and lows along the way. But I’m in a good place now, and I can honestly say that I have never been happier. Sometimes, I just want to freeze time and live in this moment … but I know that there are so many other things left to accomplish. And trust me, they will get done.”

Source: Rolling Out |  Words and Images by: DeWayne Rogers | Hair: Nataki Minix | Makeup: Parra Thomas |Wardrobe Styling: Satchel Jester and Mychael Knight

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Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris Covers Rolling Out Magazine In A Gold Floor Length Gown

Singer, music mogul and business woman Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris is covering the latest issue of Rolling Out. On the front cover, Tiny gets glammed-up in a gold floor length gown. Inside, she talks about being a mother, wife, business woman, evolving herself, how to keep things hot and fresh in a relationship and much more. Below are some excerpts:

In the moments leading up to ’s cover shoot with Tameka “Tiny” Harris, the talented singer, wife and businesswoman huddled in a corner with me to discuss our strategy for her photo shoot. We covered the best way for us to portray everything that she had going on in her life — from artist management to motherhood to a successful VH1 reality show.

It’s common knowledge that you have gone from being just an artist to a woman who is intimately involved in so many aspects of the entertainment industry. How do you continue to evolve and add these impressive notches to your belt?
I think a large part of it is that I actually love what I’m doing. I enjoy being behind the scenes when it comes to the music, and I think that one of my greatest achievements is creating the OMG Girlz. I say that because I built them from scratch, so seeing them evolve and grow means so much to me … it shows me that my hard work and ideas are paying off.

Being a businesswoman seems to come easy to you, but how have you balanced that with being married? After being in a longtime relationship (with rap star T.I.), has marriage changed anything?
A lot of people say that things change — and maybe my husband might say something different — but I don’t really see much of a change. I just feel like I’ve been doing some of the same things as a married woman, that I was doing years before … so it’s kind of like continuing on with the papers now. Honestly, I’m just enjoying it. I’m enjoying being called a wife, because it’s different than just being in a relationship … it feels a little better now.

Tell us about the first time you heard him call you his wife, and you were officially married. How did that make you feel?
I was kind of like ”damn, that’s me.” I felt like a lucky lady and I love it every time I hear it. It just does something to me … it sends a signal to my body and tells me to jump all over him whenever possible [laughs].

Well, it’s important to keep things hot and fresh in your relationship. Can you share some tips for other women who may struggle with how to keep things spicy in their own relationships?
You have to try new things and be open and talk about things that you’re interested in. You also have to talk about things that he’s interested in and see if you guys can come to a happy medium, and just get wild … that brings a little something extra to the bedroom.

Do you consider yourself a role model, or is that something that you don’t want any part of?
I don’t really consider myself a role model, but there are people that tell me I’m their role model. And you know what, I will accept that, and I will take it with pride. I’m grateful if anyone wants to consider me a role model. But I always want people to be better than me … if I’m doing something that you want to do in life and you feel like I’m doing good at it, that’s great … just do it better.

Source Rolling Out

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Rags To Riches Story: Jay-Z Covers Rolling Out

Dressed in a Brooklyn Nets cap, Givenchy tee-shirt and black jeans, rapper and music mogul Jay-Z is covering the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine. In the cover story, the publication breaks down how Jay-Z’s two-day ‘Made In America’ Festival unfolded. Below is an excerpt:

Like Rocky Balboa, Jay-Z rose from poverty to become a champion in his own right. The boy who grew up in a public housing project in Brooklyn, N.Y., and began rapping as a teenager would eventually become the master of  the music genre. Jay-Z started his own label and broke Elvis Presley’s record by releasing the most No. 1 albums (11). He aligned himself with the right business partners and opened a chain of nightclubs (The 40/40 Club). He invested in Carol’s Daughter, a popular black hair care line, and created Roc Nation. And he is part owner of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets.

Jay-Z’s life was a million-to-one shot, but he made the best of a bad situation and rose from poverty to prosperity. He is the personification of what it means to be ‘made in America.’”

Read the cover story in its entirety over at Rolling Out.

Source: Rolling Out

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K. Michelle, Rasheeda & Karly Of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” Covers Rolling Out

R&B singer K. Michelle, rapper Rasheeda and 42-year-old aspiring singer Karly Red are covering this week’s issue of Rolling Out magazine. Just like the show, this cover looks low-budget and a HAWK mess! Did they even give the girls a stylist for this shoot or did they bring their own clothes? It is my opinion to say that K. Michelle is very talented. If she gets with the right people, she can have a bright future ahead of her. Rasheeda will never reach super-stardom. She should focus more on her family. Karly should just give it up. If you are not signed to a label at 42-year-old, chances are you’re not going to get sign. Visit Rolling Out to read some excerpts and comments.

Source: Rolling Out

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Tika Sumpter Looks Stunning In Her Rolling Out Photo Spread; Plus She Talks About ‘Sparkle’ & Dating

Rising actress Tika Sumpter who is featured in the upcoming movie Sparkle (hit theaters tomorrow Friday August 17), did a photo spread and interview with Rolling Out magazine. Styled by Micah McDonald, Tika dressed in denim daisy dukes, tank tops, a tied-up shirt, and sweater in the DeWayne Rogers shoot. Tika has a lot of class, beauty, smile and talents. She represents the new generation of fresh Black talent in Hollywood. In her cover story, Tika talks about the different role she played, her character Delores in the movie Sparkle, the entertainment industry and dating. Below are some excerpts:

One of our first encounters with you was on “Gossip Girls.” How different was the experience of Sparkle with its all-black cast?

First off, I just want to say that I am very thankful for the opportunity that I received with “Gossip Girls.” To me though, acting is just acting. I honestly don’t like saying a black film, because on the flip side, we don’t call then white films. At the end of the day, when they say action, we all have to do the same job.

How did you channel your character Delores in the movie Sparkle?

I’m grateful to [screenwriter] Mara Brock Akil, because she expanded the role of Delores. I definitely think there is some of me in the character … she is a protector and a strong person, which mirrors my own personality a lot. The great thing about the role, is that I was able to really take chances and expand upon who Delores was in the original.

Source: Rolling Out

Pictures: DeWayne Rogers

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