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New Music: S.P.A.D.E. Ft. Rundown Ray “She Wants Cash (Remix)”

Up and coming New York rapper S.P.A.D.E. drops the remix to “She Wants Cash” Ft. Rundown Ray. The Kajmir Beats-produced track is featured on S.P.A.D.E.’s upcoming mixtape, entitled, I Hate Spade Vol. 1 which arrives soon. On the track, S.P.A.D.E. drops some dope bars catering to the females. He informs his homies that his girlfriend is not a gold-digger. She is the complete opposite and she actually holds her man down. Rundown Ray raps about lacing his girlfriend with the glamorous life and flying her overseas to vacation. Listen to the track below:

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Artist Spotlight: S.P.A.D.E. “She Wants Cash”; Plus ‘I Hate Spade Vol. 1’ Coming Soon

This track “She Wants Cash” was produced by Kajmir Beats and will appear on S.P.A.D.E.’s upcoming mixtape, entitled, I Hate Spade Vol. 1. which arrives soon.

Music Name: S.P.A.D.E. (Street Poetry All Day Everyday)
Age: 25
Reppin: Posse Gang & NYC
Who influenced you to rap: The Notorious B.I.G., my life experiences and the Posses Gang Boys. I will also like to thank iGRIND management for their support and giving me that extra push.
Standout records or moments have been: All of my records and when I perform live at my shows.
If you can sign to any label, what label it will be and why: I’m going to keep it real with you; it would be my own Posse Gang/iGrind label because we’re our own brand and empire.
What projects are you working on: My upcoming mixtape, entitled I Hate Spade Vol. 1 and a lot of new music. Yes, we make music. Shout out to iGrind GhostGX, Posse Gang and Don Bleek (he’s the first blogger to actually cover me).
Five years from now I will be: Relevant and global!

“S.P.A.D.E., welcome to the music industry, give it all you have and take your talents pass the stars,” said Don Bleek.

For more on S.P.A.D.E. visit:

Twitter: @PosseGangSpade & @TeamIGrind

Youtube: ItsSpadeTv & The1IGrind

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