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Paris Fashion Week: Shyne, Diddy, Kanye West & Alicia Keys Attend Givenchy Show

It was a Bad Boy reunion for Diddy and Shyne. The two reunited at Paris Fashion Week. They set front row at Givenchy Show alongside Alicia Keys, Cassie and Kanye West. West is good friends with Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo Tisci. In the past, the two worked together on various projects. West wore a studded white Givenchy sweater with stars. Alicia Keys wore a blouse and blazer with a cross hanging from her neck. Cassie was all glammed-up as she posed for photos at the after party. During ‘Paris Fashion Week’ West will take a second shot at designing his new womenswear collection. Peep the pictures below:

Spotted: Rap-Up

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Dope Or Nope? Shyne Ft. Gucci Mane “Trunk Full”

Former Bad Boy recording artist Shyne just released a new track titled “Trunk Full” Ft. Gucci Mane. The beat is dope! It’s one of those fast-paced beats, that you drive slow too. However, Shyne verses sucks! Somebody please take the mic from him. Gucci verse was good. Listen to the track below:

Listen Now: Shyne Ft. Gucci Mane “Trunk Full”

Dope or Nope, are you guys feeling this track?

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Rapper Shyne Disses Rick Ross, “I Don’t Get An Ex-Prison Guard Being The #1 Gangsta Rapper”

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In a recent interview with HipHopDX former Bad Boy rapper Shyne took shots at Rick Ross. When Shyne was asked, why did he take a shot at Rick Ross in his song “Belize,” Shyne replied,  “Why wouldn’t I? I mean, you know, I don’t get that. I don’t get an ex-prison guard being the #1 gangsta rapper. I don’t get that at all my man. I’m not saying you gotta feel the way I feel, but please, please have some compassion [for someone like me who is back home] from just doing ten years and going to war with the cops…you bangin’ on police because they trying to talk to your girl, or they trying to touch ya mama in the wrong place. So I deal with crooked cops my whole life. Ain’t nothing worse to me than a crooked cop. That’s the worst thing you can do is use your badge to get ahead. I’d rather a cop just be a cop. And I respect where you stand, and you respect where I stand. But how a cop gonna profit from the life that I live? Uh-uh, I ain’t jackin’ that. So yeah, I just want people to be clear, “No, not the C.O.” Nah, that ain’t me.”

To be honest, Ross should not reply to Shyne, he’s not relevant. He’s washed up.

In related Shyne news, he wants off of Def Jam Records and is trying to sign with Cash Money Records.

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50 Cent And Shyne Arguing On-Air Through U Stream [With Video]

Rapper/CEO 50 Cent called Def Jam so he can speak with Shyne while they were hosting a live stream and 50 got a little angry, watch the video below.

Video Credit: Thisis50

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New Music: Shyne “Belize” Dissin 50 Cent & Rick Ross

Honestly, I was riding with Shyne when he first came home, but now I can’t defend him anymore because his music sucks. This song sucks, its official to say R.I.P. to Shyne’s music career. “Shyne needs to give up rapping.” This is a new era. It’s not the late 90’s anymore. I like the old Shyne, the new Shyne sucks. I am not sure why Shyne is rapping the way he is, but he should change his flow asap.

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Shyne Covers XXL September Issue [With Picture]

Def Jam recording artist Shyne covers half of the September issue of XXL magazine. ATL rapper Young Jeezy covers the other half.


“I don’t know whether he was nervous, afraid,” Shyne says of Puffy. “When you’re afraid and you’re emotional, that’s a different survival tactic. Those are the people that do anything, regardless of character and integrity, to preserve and protect themselves, regardless of who they hurt. I guess maybe that was the situation. Never been in a situation like that, where he facing years, and he got hundreds of millions and all that shit at stake. But where I’m from, doesn’t matter. You lose everything for your comrade. Again, if you’re in battle, I’ll catch a bullet, too. It ain’t like, Yo, he’s dead. Don’t make no sense for me to die, too. Nah, I’ma die, too! So you hope or you take for granted that all men are the same. But I know all men are not.”


“I looked at bein’ in the pen for 10 joints as my opportunity to concentrate, to get things in perspective. And I never let it devastate me, although it was devastating, because I never thought I was gonna be in jail for 10 years. I thought I was gon’ make a bail. I thought I was gon’ get my shit reversed. I’m terribly optimistic.”


“I always knew it was a possibility I might be deported. I had lawyers, and I had people with serious relationships working to get me a fuckin’ opportunity to continue my life in the place that raised me and developed me and grew me, after payin’ my debt, ya dig?”

The September issue will be on news stands the end of the week or early next week.

Credit: XXL


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