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Vado Freestyles Live On The Radio, Slime Flu In Stores Now

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Harlem is back, who in the world have a problem with that? My slime Vado debut mixtape Slime Flu is now in stores and online via E1 (formerly Koch Records). I’m so proud of Vado and all of his success. In my opinion, Vado is the hottest rapper to come out of Harlem since Big L (God Bless the dead). Vado’s flow, lyrics, and songs are insane. He has the swag, style, talent and everything that it takes to be a successful rapper.

Vado is the only new  rapper from Harlem, USA to put out an album since Juelz Santana came on the scene with Cam’ron and the Dipset back in 2004. Vado has the ability to become the next rapper from New York to achieve platinum status and make a great impact.

Not making money is like me tying my construct, I doubt if it will ever happen, laces is forever dragging“-Vado

Slime Flu in stores and online now


I heard the mixtape  in its entirety and it’s dope. This mixtape has been getting a lot of great reviews. I think Vado’s mixtape is one of the most anticipated mixtapes of the year.

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Vado’s Slime Flu Mixtape Cover & Tracklisting

1. Council Music
2. Polo
3. The Greatest
4. Beat Knockin’
5. Celebration
6. Wake Up
7. Rugby Down
8. The U.N.
9. Bullets And Gun Smoke (feat. Meek Mill)
10. Crimesquare (feat. Griff)
11. Snapped
12. Filthy Game (feat. Jae Millz)
13. Shoot ‘Em (feat. Cam’ron)
14. Speaking In Tungs (feat. Cam’ron)

After months of waiting, Cam’ron protegé Vado will be dropping his debut mixtape  Slime Flu. The artwork for the mixtape and the tracklisting  has been released. Cam’ron, Jae Millz, Meek Millz and Griff will all be appearing on the mixtape.  Slime Flu will be in stores and online October 12th via E1 Records (formerly Koch).

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