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The Naked Truth: Kimbella Speaks On “Love & Hip-Hop,” Erica, Chrissy, Dating Fabolous & Much More

Tonight is the finale of season 2 of Love & Hip-Hop. Juelz Santana’s baby mother Kimbella became a problem the very first episode of the show. She had a fight with Chrissy and Erica Mena. Kimbella’s name is constantly thrown in the mug and a lot of negative things have been said about her in the past. Necole BITCHIE caught up with Kimbella last week. She talked about Love & Hip Hop, why she felt the need to tell Emily that she slept with Fabolous, Chrissy and her aspiring career as a pop singer. Below are some excerpts:

So this is your first season on L&HH, what are your thoughts thus far? 

Of course it wasn’t what I expected. I don’t think there was any way I really could’ve been prepared for it but I’m really happy. But I do wish I wasn’t as nice as I was. I wish I would’ve shown my more aggressive side.

Your more aggressive side? You’ve been involved in a few conflicts already…
Yes but that’s what I mean. People take my kindness for weakness. I don’t judge anybody. Basically people pre-judge me. And watching it, I realize I should’ve had my guard up with each individual. I’m not as nice as they made me seem. Anything that comes my way, I do not back down. I hold my own. I don’t care who you are I’m gonna fight for who I am take it or leave it. Some of the girls wanted to judge me and they didn’t know me and it’s pitiful.

Ok, let’s go back to your first episode. You came to a party thrown by Emily and sort of dropped a bomb that you’d previously been involved with Fabolous. Whose idea was it to tell her?
I came in there wanting to tell her, this was my second time seeing Emily. I knew she knew, I’d heard that she knew. So I wanted to tell her and just get it out in the open before someone else brought it up. I wanted her to hear it from me. And the thing is, what they don’t show you is Emily came to me later and said, ‘Thank you for telling me cause I‘d seen your name in his phone and I was gonna ask you about it.’

Source: Necole BITCHIE/JasFly

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