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Rick Ross & Pusha T Graces The Source Magazine November 2013 Issue


25-years later, The Source magazine is still going strong! The Hip-Hop publication releases two covers for their November 2013 issue. Cover 1-of-2 features Rick Ross who is styling in a sky blue mink coat and Hermes belt. He is also deck out in diamonds and sky blue sunglasses to match his fur coat. The Miami-native and multi-platinum Grammy Award nominated Hip-Hop superstar talks to music journalist Shaheem Reid about working with Raekwon of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, his forthcoming LP, Mastermind and much more. Below are some highlights:

On flipping Wu-Tang’s “Shame On A N***a & working with Raekwon on Mastermind:
“It’s just like being blessed by the Hip-Hop Gods. They only open the Bible but for so many. I remember when Wu-Tang sucked all the air out of Miami, I was still in high school and it was the f*ckin’ Wu-Tang; n****s from the dirtiest areas and streets of America.

On referencing the attempt on his life on his new album, Mastermind:
“Me being in that position that I was in, or that I’m in, it was like ‘maybe the homie was really trying to tell us something, but we just took it as a record. We took it as a song.’ I was like that’s why it was so powerful and meaningful to us as a culture. We’re all fighting for our own existence. Every day we perform, every day you got to go to work, we’re fighting the critics off you, your bosses, your managers, your coworkers of whatever it is. We all on some level relate to those record”

On the Mastermind recording process being the longest of his career:
“I took my time. I toured with the team. Last album, I toured with the team and went back into this album. The approach production wise, the overall agenda for the music and the album, I took my time.


Cover 2-of-2 features G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T showing his bright smile. He rocked a floral cap with the matching tee-shirt. This marks the Virginia-native and former blow dealer first major placement on a print cover as a solo artist. He Speaks on K. Dot’sControl” verse, a potential new Clipse album and much more. Below are some highlights:

On Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse:
“I’m glad Kendrick said what he said. That’s supposed to be the attitude of every rapper, so that verse didn’t really mean that much to me. It’s about raising the bar.”

On a potential new Clipse album:
“I can talk openly about this right now. Kanye’s down to do it. Pharrell’s down to do it. Kanye said that if Pharrell wants to do the whole thing, it’s cool, he just wants it to come out.”

On the flurry of releases in 2013:
“Nothing has really inspired me. Nothing’s really moved me. Magna Carta…but other than that, I can’t think of anything.”

Both issues hits newsstand nationwide on November 26th.

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Photos Credit: The Source 

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Big Sean On The Cover Of The Source’s ‘Power 30’ Issue


One day before Big Sean’s sophomore LP, Hall Of Fame arrives, The Source magazine releases their ‘Power 30‘ August/September 2013 issue and the G.O.O.D. Music rapper graces the first of two covers. This issue hits newsstand in New York City on Thursday, August 29th, and nationwide on Tuesday, September 3rd. Hall Of Fame drops at midnight! Below are some highlights:


On not caring how the public looks at him, what people say about him and trying to prove a point to himself more than anything:

“I don’t know, man. I don’t know how the public looks at me…But then I really don’t care anymore, too much, what people say because it’s kind of like I’m trying to prove a point to myself more than anything.”

On what it’s like to be among Hip-Hop heavyweights:

“Even though I got signed to Def Jam, they were like, ‘you got to give us a reason to put your album out.’ I had to give them incentive to put my album out over a Rick Ross album, or a Rihanna album. I had to show them that I could do something for ‘em.”

On his come-up from freestyling on the streets to be on a song with Jay-Z:

“I’m still young but, you know, it’s crazy going from the level I went from to the level I was at. Say you found somebody freestyling on the street right now. And they’re a kid. Then, in a matter of a few years, he’s on songs with Jay-Z. That’s a long way. It takes a lot of improving and getting better at making things happen.”


Photos Credit & Spotted: The Source

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DJ Khaled, Birdman & Ace Hood Covers The June/July 2013 Issue Of The Source Magazine


Super DJ-turned-producer and mogul DJ Khaled alongside rapper Ace Hood and music mogul Birdman covers the June/July issue of The Source magazine. On the cover, DJ Khaled styled in a white leather sweatsuit paired with Air Jordan sneakers, a shirtless Ace Hood rocked black leather pants paired with Air Jordan sneakers and Birdman wore a white tee-shirt and jeans paired with Nike Air Force One’s sneakers. This issue arrives on newsstands June 18th. In the meantime, an excerpt is below:

From a local record store in New Orleans to being one of the top music moguls, DJ Khaled has quite the success story. As he gears up for the release of his forthcoming album, Suffering From Success, the DJ/producer/mogul continues to deliver some of the hottest anthems, the latest being “No New Friends” featuring DrakeRick Ross and Lil Wayne.

“What I do is the same thing your moguls do. Only I do it better. I make hits, and put hits out. I am We The Best music. I am the genius behind a lot of projects. A lot of No. 1 songs. I’m a f**king genius,” Khaled said.

Spotted: The Source

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He Came A Long Way From The Streets Of Philly! Meek Mill Covers The Source Magazine

I’m so proud of his success! Meek Mill came a long way from the streets of Philly. On August 28, the Maybach Music Group (MMG) recording artist is scheduled to drop his debut album, entitled Dreams & Nightmares. This Thursday (August 2), Meek kicks off his ‘Dream Chaser’ tour in Denver at the Fillmore Auditorium. Today Tuesday (July 30), it was announced that Meek Mill is covering the August/September 2012 issue of The Source magazine. On the cover, Meek sits on a dirt bike, wearing a red leather motorcycle jacket. This issue arrives on newsstand August 7 but read some excerpts below:

On the verge of his highly anticipated MMG/Warner Bros. debut Dreams and Nightmares, MEEK MILL gives THE SOURCE magazine an in-depth look into his rise to success, his personal life, and his music with his first major magazine cover story.

In “Ambitions Of A Rider,” on page 69 of the upcoming issue, Meek promises his album will speak to everyone. “It’s all about me thinking what type of first album am I gonna present to the people. [I got] something for the streets, the clubs, storytelling, soulful songs, deep songs.”  

Meek also addresses the recent bottle-throwing club incident that he has, until now, been quiet about. “I was there, and sh*t got real. I had nothing to do with it. I don’t have a problem with Drake….It was a lot of unknown guys throwing bottles.”

Via The Source

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Leaders Of The New Skool: Wiz Khalifa & His Taylor Gang Family Covers The Source Magazine

Platinum-selling rapper Wiz Khalifa and his Taylor Gang family (Lola Monroe, Juicy J, and Chevy Woods) are covering the latest issue of The Source magazine. On the front page, Khalifa is covered in an America flag, Lola Monroe is all glammed-up, while Juicy J and Chevy Woods are dressed causal. In the cover story, it talks about Taylor Gang culture, through the eyes of Wiz, Lola, Juicy J, Chevy Woods, Sledgren and Cardo. Wiz also about his upcoming album, O.N.I.F.C., his Taylor Gang mixtape and his relationship with fiance Amber Rose. Below is an excerpt of what he had to say about Amber:

“We’re like way better friends than we’ve ever been. We’re at the best point in our relationship….It does my business well when the home life is right.” –Wiz Khalifa. Available on newsstands May 8th.

Via The Source

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Coming Of Age: 2 Chainz, Tyga & Mac Miller Covers The Source Feb/March 2012 Issue

Rising music artists 2 Chainz, Tyga, and Mac Miller are covering the February/March 2012 issue of The Source magazine. For this groundbreaking cover, The Source is making a big statement, defining where Hip-Hop is going, in a “Coming Of Age”-type story. This issue will also feature an inside profile of Kendrick Lamar. The Source Feb/March issue hits newsstands on February 21st, 2012. Below is an excerpts:

In 2012, and we are fully entrenched in the internet age where artists of all looks, creeds, ages, and skill sets are breaking out. As people pass by the newsstands and see four relatively new and not as familiar faces grace the cover of the most illustrious hip-hop magazine in history. On one side, you have the incredibly popular Mac Miller out of Pittsburgh, PA. It wouldn’t surprise many to see the 19 year old perform at Superbowl Halftime shows one day with his mass appeal and lyrical ability. On another side, 2 Chainz has experienced one of the most intriguing career revivals in recent hip-hop history. After changing his name, and releasing two acclaimed mixtapes and demolishing feature after feature, Def Jam’s newest crown jewel is poised to be the South’s next champion artist. The young and flashy Tyga of the Young Money crew has experienced success as a part of one of rap’s most respected crews. Riding the success of hit singles “Deuces,” and most recently “Rack City,” 2012 looks to be the year the young man comes into his own. Last but not least is the vastly talented Compton MC Kendrick Lamar. As one of the most talented spitters to come along in some time, it’s safe to say that he might be your new favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. Four different walks of life, all coming together for this special moment before it is time for lift off. Despite their differences, they all agree that the best is yet to come.”

Spotted: The Source
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Monami Entertainment: Do You Really Know Mona Scott-Young?

Entertainment mogul and Love & Hip-Hop‘s executive producer Mona Scott Young started her career almost 20 years ago. She linked up with Chris Lighty over at Violator Management when she was doing artist development.  Lighty asked Young to help him transition from Rush Management to Violator/Def Jam Records. She saw an opportunity with the artists that were formally signed to Rush needing management and formed Violator Management. The rest is music history. Young left Violator four years ago to focus more on entertainment and launch Monami Entertainment. Below are some excerpts from Young’s interview with The Source:

What made you initially want to enter the music industry?

It’s not really something I pursued but once the opportunity presented itself I jumped in head first with no parachute. I love this business. I don’t think any other profession offers the same freedom and limitless potential for entrepreneurship. It’s been a great ride and I can’t even imagine myself doing anything else. It was all about answering the call when Destiny came knocking.

Did you feel you would have to work twice as hard being a black female in a male dominated business?  Were any male counterparts threatened by your business savvy and smarts?

I think there is definitely a double standard for women in every industry. It’s just the way it is but I can’t truly say that I’ve ever subscribed to that thinking or allowed it to hinder my potential for success or what I’ve set out to accomplish. The men in this business have a tendency to stick together and look out for each other. Unfortunately you don’t find many situations where they provide those same avenues and opportunities for their female counterparts. Whether it’s because they are threatened or intimidated, I’m not sure, but hopefully I’ve managed to illicit the respect that my dedication and hard work deserves. I don’t look for handouts, I’m happy to work for mine but I expect that work to be acknowledged and properly compensated.

Source: The Source

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Front Page: Drake Covers The Source Annual Power 30 Issue

YMCMB recording artist Drake has a mouth full of gold on the November issue of The Source Magazine’s Power 30 14th  Issue. In the cover story, the platinum-selling rapper talks about Kanye West as one of his inspirations, his dope music and a lot more. The 8-page-long feature story was penned by The Source’s former EIC Kim Osorio. Below is an excerpt:

Just weeks before the release of his sophomore effort Take Care, Drizzy further acknowledges that the throne is for the taking.

“When I was a kid trying to figure out what I liked, it was [Kanye] who I related to the most. He was an artist, in every sense, from his cover art to his music. Now, I would say he was a really great competitor….”

The Source Magazine’s Power 30 14th  Issue will coincide with the release of Drake’s sophomore album Take Care on November 15th.

Credit: The Source

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Front Page: Jay-Z Covers The Source

Music mogul and rapper Jay-Z is covering the October issue of  The Source magazine. Below are some excerpts via The Source:

Ten years after release of The Blueprint album, arguably Jay-Z’s finest piece of recorded work, the face of our October Source issue features album art of its cover. With a “Blueprint Feature Package” written by Rap Radar’s head honcho, Elliott Wilson, and an exclusive interview with legendary photographer Jonathan Mannion, who shot Jay-Z for this album, this issue will remain a collector’s item for years to come.

“After his classic 1996 debut, Reasonable Doubt, ignited the streets, dazzled the critics, but didn’t move enough units, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter scrapped his bad marketing plan for a one-album discography and decided to drop new masterful work each and every year. He emerged center stage with a fervent desire to be #1 in the post “Pac-Biggie” era. No MC ever wanted the throne as much as Hov. If consistency kills, he was the Son of Sam, and by the time he got to his sixth album, his frustrated competitors were firing shots back.”

The October issue of The Source will be on newsstand nationwide on September 20.

Source: The Source

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Magazine Cover: Young Jeezy Gracing The August/September Issue Of The Source

Def Jam rapper Young Jeezy is gracing the August/September issue of The Source magazine. In the cover story, Jeezy talked about his hiatus, the plight of American street youth and whether or not he recognizes rap rivalry. On September 20, the Atlanta native will be dropping his forthcoming LP TM103: Hustlerz Ambition. Below is an excerpt:

Are you aware that your fans are demanding a classic album?
Young Jeezy: “I think they deserve a classic. They’ve waited long enough. I think that every record on this album is an anthem.”

The August/September issue of The Source Magazine will be on newsstands nationwide August 23rd.

Source: The Source

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