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Top 5 Rappers Who Love To Flaunt Their Sunglasses

It is no secret that vintage sunglasses are generally preferred by rappers. These in-demand sunglasses are worn in photo shoots, music videos, and whether they are performing or outside or walking on the red carpet. Everywhere you turn rappers like Jay-Z and Kanye West are wearing their dark shaded glasses. Most of their eye wear brands include high-end ones which include: Louis Vuitton and Mosley Tribes; for vintage frames they prefer brands like Cazal and Alpina. For more styles visit Glassesonweb.

Here are a few rappers that love to flaunt their sunglasses:

1 .Jay-Z. We start off  with Jay –Z at the top of the rapper list who is obsessed with his designer sunglasses. Besides his impeccable style, impressive rap, and keen business sense  what makes Jay-Z respected is his trademark fashion. Jay-Z is rarely leaves his house without his sunglasses. His black-framed aviator sunglasses look cool and saves him from Paparazzi‘s bright camera flash.


2. Kanye West. As for his friend Jay-Z, West prefers his classic visor style frame. His frames have been an iconic piece among hip hop lovers. We prefer him wearing black frames rather than experimenting with colored ones. Click here for more sunglass styles.

3. 50 Cent. He may have slipped off the celebrity radar for time being, but you can count 50 Cent and his wicked fashion sense. Like Jay –Z he opts for dark glasses but with a tint of glitz on them accessorized with his fur collar and heavy gold jewelry.

4. Will. I. Am. He too opts for some funky shades, switching between pop and hip hop. His fashion is becoming renowned and he is rated as one of the hottest stars today. A vintage Cazal eyeglass compliments his face and looks really cool. On the red carpet he didn’t miss a chance to show his Porsche style. This style only works for stars like Will. I .Am!


5.Lil’ Wayne. The Bretta brand is what Lil Wayne prefers. This aviator-style looks great on both men and women, and if Lil Wayne can look good wearing this shade, I must then tell you it’s a winner. Anyone and everyone will look the best with this stunning pair.

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