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Brandy Covers VIBE Vixen’s Oct/Nov Issue; Talks ‘Two Eleven’, Whitney Houston’s Influences & More

Singer Brandy is covering the October/November issue of Vibe Vixen. On the cover, Brandy styled in gold and black jacket, bra-top and black booty shorts. She completed her outfit with a black belt around her waist. Inside, Brandy talks about her return to the music industry, the early stages of her career, her new album, Two Eleven, Whitney Houston’s influences and much more. Below are some highlights.

How does it feel this time around? What makes this return to music different from times before?
I had a little bit more guidance that I trusted with this album. It just felt like the beginning of mycareer; how I felt with Atlantic Records. Having my first A&R on board [Breyon Prescott], I just really trusted them and what my album should be—helping bring back the genre of R&B music.

What was the realization that you were ready to make a strict R&B album?
That’s what my fans wanted from me. I felt like that was my way to reintroduce myself to them and introduce myself to people that don’t even know me. They’re supporting me and it feels good. I took my daughter to the Mindless Behavior concert and 10- to 16-year-olds are screaming to the top of their lungs when I’m walking in. I started doing music before they were born! I just remember asking some little girl, ‘How do you know me?’

Early on in your career did you think you’d be at this age and still reaching young girls through your music?
I didn’t see it, but I definitely wanted longevity. I can’t believe sometimes that I’m still standing after everything I’ve been through, but I’m here. With the success of “Put It Down” and moving forward with “Wildest Dreams,” it feels like a brand new time but it also feels familiar to me.

It’s widely known that Two Eleven means a lot to you. It’s your birth date but also the date of Whitney Houston’s passing. What runs through your mind when you recall that day?
February 11th will never be the same. I think about her everyday but that day in particular, it’s different. I didn’t understand. I had just seen her the day before; I just spoke to her a couple days before she passed. It just didn’t seem right the way she passed. I was angry, I was confused, but as I started to process it all, I just started to feel like there was a responsibility that she passed on to me to stay true to [the music]. She gave me the dream and possibility, and I have to do that same thing for other people. This music thing is not just about me anymore. It’s about the people that I’m relating to. People need music.

Do you think that you’ll do a song for Whitney?
I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. It’s really about the overall purpose, which is music. I remember her telling me, ‘Nobody can be you so don’t try to be something other than you. Be yourself and stay true to that.’  That was the last thing she said to me. That was the last time I heard her voice. It’s all a spiritual thing to me. The day, the passing, it’s all…

Read the interview in its entirety over at Vibe Vixen.

Source: Vibe Vixen

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R&B Singer Brandy Reveals ‘Two Eleven’ Tracklist

On October 16 R&B singer Brandy will release her forthcoming LP, Two Eleven via RCA/Chameleon. The standard version includes 14 tracks and the deluxe edition has four additional tracks. The star-studded disc features productions by Rico Love, Bangladesh, Mario Winans, Tha Bizness, Jim Jonsin and Sean Garrett. Chris Brown is the only artist/collaboration on the album. Frank Ocean wrote the album’s 11 track “Scared Of Beautiful”. Are you excited about Brandy’s new album? Pre-order the album on iTunes.

Two Eleven Tracklisting

1. “Interlude 1”
2. “Wildest Dreams”
3. “So Sick”
4. “Slower”
5. “No Such Thing As Too Late”
6. “Let Me Go”
7. “Without You”
8. “Put It Down” feat. Chris Brown
9. “Hardly Breathing”
10. “Do You Know What You Have?”
11. “Scared of Beautiful”
12. “Wish Your Love Away”
13. “Paint This House”
14. “Interlude 2”

Deluxe Edition
15. “Can You Hear Me Now?”
16. “Music”
17. “What You Need”
18. “Nodding Off”

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Brandy Reveals ‘Two Eleven’ Cover

Singer Brandy is scheduled to release her new album, Two Eleven on October 16. Today, the album’s artwork was revealed. On the cover, Brandy stands tall over a glass floor and in between two walls. Earlier in the month, Brandy premiered the visual to “Put It Down” Ft. Chris Brown and a few days ago, she released her new single “Wildest Dreams”. Are we feeling the cover?

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ARE WE FEELING IT? New Music: Brandy “Wildest Dreams”

After premiering the visual to her single “Put It Down” Ft. Chris Brown, Brandy is back with another track. This time around she sings her heart out on “Wildest Dreams”. The track serves as the second single off her upcoming album, Two Eleven which arrives October 16. The track was written by Sean Garrett and produced by Tha Bizness. If Brandy wants to sit next to or even near Beyoncé or Rihanna, she needs to come harder. I’m not impressed with this track at all. Do you think this track will help revamp Brandy’s career?

According to Rolling Stone, “It’s Brandy at her most realized: romantically shaky, vocally sharp and musically sound, thanks to an honors corral of producers and songwriters spanning Sean Garrett, Bangladesh, Frank Ocean, Mario Winans, Hit-Boy, Ester Dean, Harmony and more.

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