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West Coast Rap Crew Vs. East Coast Rap Crew: A$AP Rocky Speaks On Beef With Hodgy Beats, Tyler The Creator & Odd Future

As I previous reported, Harlem’s rapper A$AP Rocky aka “that pretty muthaf**ka” is covering the February/March issue of Complex with fashion designer Jeremy Scott. I came across some excerpts from his cover story. In this particular section, the 24-year-old emcee talked about his issues with West Coast rap crew Odd Future. Rocky found time to clear the air, after Hodgy Beats of Odd Future threw shots at him. Below are some excerpts:

We talked about the Hodgy Beats thing and you got interviewed a shitload about it. Yeah.

Have you spoken to them yet? No.

And has there been any reaching out from his side? No.

Is the question getting annoying for you? It’s really irrelevant. Fuck annoying, it’s irrelevant. Put that in there. Quote: “Fuck annoying, it’s irrelevant.”

What do you see as the biggest difference between your two crews? East Coast, West Coast. Lifestyle. Culture. Not culture, but just day-to-day, everyday shit. It’s really fucked up because I know that they don’t like us. A lot of my crew members don’t like them niggas, but I like them niggas. I’m being honest. I like them.

Why don’t you think they like you? Nah. I know they don’t like us.

How do you know that? Because Hodgy went out his way to show that he doesn’t like us. He doesn’t have to like us. That’s fine with me.

Do you think they feel threatened by you guys? I don’t know what it is. They shouldn’t because we’re not coming for their necks or nothing like that. Personally, like I said, I want to work with Tyler, The Creator.

How big do you think that could be? I mean, I don’t really want to speak on it because it’s going to be corny. Like, if we work together, we work together. If we don’t, we don’t.

Are you siding with the West (Tyler, the Creator & Odd Future) or the East (A$AP Rocky & A$AP Mob)?

Source: Complex

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The New Kids On The Block: Odd Future Announces New Album & Tour, Coming This Spring

One of Hip-Hop’s most controversial new group, Odd Future, are back in the studio working on a new album and tour to support the disc. Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean, Mike G., Syd the Kid, Left Brain, Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats will release their new disc, entitled The OF Tape Vol. 2 on March 20. This is the follow-up to the L.A.’s rap crew 2008’s The Odd Future Tape. In support of their new disc, the group will embark on a 10-city United States tour in March that will include a show and OF pop-up retail store in each city. Each concert will also open with an exclusive viewing of “Loiter Squad” prior to the liveaction series’ March 25 premiere on Adult Swim. Props to Tyler, the Creator. He is a dope kid!

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Odd Future Wolf Gang: Tyler, The Creator Talks Passion For Films, Visuals, Books & Starting A Punk Band

Taking pictures and shooting visuals are two hobbies of Tyler, the Creator. 2011 was a great year for the Odd Future leader. He won “Best New Artist” at the 2011 MTV Awards. Over the past year, I grew to like this Cali native. The Fader caught with Tyler, the Creator. In the interview, he talked  about his passion for films, visuals, books and starting a punk band. Below are some excerpts:

On why he like to film. I don’t even know. I just like taking pictures. It’s not a film or digital thing, I just like taking pictures as a whole. I just happen to use cameras I have to load film with. It’s not an either/or. I just happen to use those.

On if he like working with visuals more than music. I can’t choose anymore. When people ask whether I like making the video to a song or making a song to the video that’s in my head, I don’t know, I can’t choose between either one because they go hand-in-hand. They need each other.

On starting a punk band. I’m in a punk band. It’s called Odd Future. But I really wanna be in a [rock] band. Rock bands are way cooler than rappers, in general. When people make end of the year lists, I wanna be near Trash Talk and The Strokes or some shit instead of fucking rappers that’s up-and-coming. I hate that shit. That shit sucks.

On what kind of other books are you into? I have a collection of shit at my house. VICE . I have a lot of those. SkateboardThrasher. I have a lot of Thrashers. Other random magazines from Europe because I like the covers. I was into Goosebumps really heavy when I was younger.

Source: The Fader

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Dope Studio Session: Pharrell, Tyler & Lupe Fiasco In The Lab

No word on what project(s) these weirdos are cooking up but music producer Pharrell Williams, controversial rapper Tyler, the Creator and the talented Lupe Fiasco were photo’d in the lab together. I’m pretty sure that whatever they’re working on will become an instant hit. Pharrell is a dope producer, Lupe is very talented and Tyler is doing what he does. Props to Tyler, I like his music and style.

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Tyler, The Creator Speaks On Odd Future Being Compared To Wu Tang Clan, “No we’re not! I don’t even fucking listen to Wu-Tang.”

Last monthSpin magazine caught up with Controversial rapper Tyler, the Creator for an over the phone interview, while he was touring across the Pacific Northwest with his group-mates Odd Future. As always, this 20-year-old kid interview turned into jokes, dirty language, and copious clowning on everyone on the bus. During his interview, Tyler, the Creator talked about journalists writing positive and negative stories on him, staying grounded and Odd Future being compared to 90’s Hip-Hop group Wu Tang Clan and more. Below are a few excerpts:

A lot of people writing both good and bad things about you are, like, thirtysomething white men.
Sometimes it could be weird, ’cause they’re journalists, but I don’t know. I read an article on the Pitchfork Fest my manager showed me where he was just talking down on me. I had a cast on, the writer was like, “It’s just like any other wack show. Let’s be honest. They just jump in the crowd and kids go crazy, it’s nothing that you guys are missing.”

But it’s age that makes a big difference. Like fresh out of high school. Those kids relate to me because I’m just like them. He doesn’t relate to me because he’s not like us. So it’s a whole different mindset. He doesn’t have the audacity to call anything stupid because I mean something to someone. Like the kid that got OF tatted on him, from the SF show. Some people might call him stupid as fuck, but to him, that shit actually means something to him. You never know, he might have listened to my music and his fucking mom died and shit, and he got that just to remind him that my music got him fucking through. So it weirds me out when there’s people like that, who can’t relate under any circumstances, writing. But then again, some [writers] just like it, so I’m kinda 50/50 on shit like that.

How do you feel like you stay grounded?
I bring Lucas, we hang out at home, we skate around and shit. I watch TV, play Xbox, do shit that I did already. Fuck with people, I like fucking with people so much. I’m running a business. I’m on tour, I got a family I got to look out for. I got a fucking book coming out, I gotta work on my next album, still touring off my last album, I still have to design the next batch of merch. I just have so much and I’m 20 years old, when most people have to worry about their next term paper. It’s a lot to fuckin’ handle. I wrote “Tron Cat” on my birthday when I turned 19 last March. And it’s just weird to know that now I can stop the end of a verse and hear the whole crowd singing it? As much as I hate performing “Yonkers,” when there’s kids there and I hear the whole crowd go crazy? I look at Clancy and see the smile on his face and it’s the greatest feeling. ‘Cause I made that beat as a joke, like shitty New York ’90s something. I don’t really listen to rap, I just like to rap. So people were saying OF is like the new Wu-Tang. No we’re not! I don’t even fucking listen to Wu-Tang. I want be compared to shit I listen to. So fuck, I’ll just make a New York beat to show them. Come to find out that was the hit song so far.

Source: Spin

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The Changing Face Of Hip-Hop: Odd Future Covers Spin Magazine

Tyler, the Creator and his Odd Future crew are covering the December issue of Spin magazine. Below are some excerpts and pictures:

Why should I care about this music or its ‘brilliance’ when the message is so repulsive and irresponsible?” Tyler’s response, via Twitter: “If Tegan and Sara need some hard d**k, hit me up!”

“That was the first thing that came to my head,” Tyler explains later, sitting on a Seattle hotel bed, after the show following the Vancouver date. “When I said that shit, I thought it’d be funny. But then I was like, I don’t even care anymore….I mean, I guess my dark side comes out in my music, but it’s just weird that so many people think I’m such a fucking evil person. I don’t fucking hate gay people. I’m probably one of the least homophobic rappers in the world. I don’t discriminate, because that’s what the fucking whites did to the blacks back then, and that’s what kids did to me at school, because I listened to different music and shit. So I don’t fucking discriminate.”

He continues: “If you listen to ‘Yonkers’ and ‘Sandwitches’ [from Goblin] and that’s it, you would think I’m an evil asshole. People might not expect me, goofy as fuck, pulling my balls out and wearing tie-dye and shit.”

Source: Spin

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Magazine Cover: Nas Celebrates 20 Years In Hip-Hop, Interviewed by Tyler, The Creator For XXL November Issue

Celebrating 20 years in the music industry, Queens rapper Nas is gracing the November issue of XXL magazine. The publication recruited Odd Future’s leader Tyler, the Creator, who’s a longtime Nas fan, to interview the platinum-selling rapper. Nasty Nas is gearing up for the release of his 10th solo album, entitled Life Is Good. 2 Chainz, Yelawolf and Styles P are also featured in the November issue. XXL’s November issue, hitting newsstands nationwide on October 25. Below are some excerpts:

God’s Son is my favorite album by you,” Tyler said. “And my second is probably Street’s Disciple,” he continued.

“Get the fuck outta here,” Nas responded.

Awkward and quirky exchanges aside, the discussion quickly picked up with the 20-year-old Tyler asking Nas for advice.

“You, Em, Jay, Snoop, like, you guys all started when you was exactly my age,” Tyler said. “The fact that you guys are still here makes me just always think, like, Fuck, could I?”

“Oh, you definitely can,” Nas replied. “Someone like you is, you’re interesting, for a lot of reasons. So someone like you, you can’t wait to see what’s next.”

And the topics continued to get deeper as the conversation went on.

“Are you, like—this question might catch you off guard, but I ask myself this—like, when you wake up, like, are you happy,” Tyler asked. “Like, are you satisfied how everything turned out?”

“Dawg, I was naming my album Life Is Good because of how happy I am about how happy things have turned out,” Nas answered. “Sometimes I may wake up and wish my kids were living with me. That’s the only thing, you know what I mean? Our loved ones that are not around no more, like my mom. That’s the only thing. But other than that, everything is great, even when I’m alone. Even when there’s no one around.”

Source: XXL

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Jocking My Fresh: Tyler The Creator Covers A Bathing Ape Winter 2011 Collection Mook

Last week, A Bathing Ape released their new Winter 2011 Collection Mook. Rapper and MTV’s VMA “Best New Artist” winner Tyler, the Creator is gracing the cover. Inside the new issue, Tyler, the Creator and Odd Future has a fashion spread, modeling in items from the A Bathing Ape 2011 winter collection which is available in all A Bathing Ape stores and official online stores now. Peep the pictures below:

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Performing Live In NYC: Pusha T’s ‘Fear of God II: Let Us Pray’ Album Release Show

This past Wednesday (September 7), G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam rapper Pusha T held a private album release show for his Fear Of God II: Let Us Pray EP (due September 27) at the Bowery Hotel in New York City. The Def Jam new signee brought out a few special guests such as Tyler, The Creator, Lloyd Banks, Kevin Cossom and Chad Hugo, who was on the 1’s & 2’s. Pusha performed some of his biggest hits including “Grinding,” “Runaway,” “So Appalled,” “I Still Wanna,” “Trouble On My Mind,” “Blow,” and “Cook It Down.” Peep the pictures below:

Pictures via: KirillWasHere

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Nice Cover Story: Waka Flocka Interviews Tyler, The Creator For Interview Magazine

Odd Future’s front man, Tyler the Creator recently did an over the phone interview with Waka Flocka Flame and Dimitri Ehrlich for Interview magazine. Tyler, the Creator talked about what is so odd about the future, if  Odd Future a hip-hop heavy-metal group or a punk-rock rap group and how did the group get the name OFWFKTA. Tyler also talked about doing the things that he and his band mates rap about in their lyrics. Below are some excerpts:

FLAME: Well, I’m gonna ask you a couple questions.

TYLER: Sick. I’m ready. I just wanna state, though, that “Keep It Real” is, like, my favorite fuckin’ song by you. That’s, like, in my top 10 songs ever. That’s my shit. You throwin’ it out there. Okay, so now you could start the whatever.

FLAME: All right. So firstly, what do y’all think is so odd about the future?

TYLER: What’s odd about the future? I think we’re all gonna die pretty soon, and the animals are gonna take over—like ostriches and shit. I think they’re gonna take over the world and we’re gonna be their slaves.

FLAME: So would you describe Odd Future as a hip-hop heavy-metal group? Or a punk-rock rap group?  How do you describe what you and your crew do?

TYLER: I don’t like either description. I don’t like being put in a box. I just make music, you know? When you’re put in a box, people have a set mind-state of what your music could sound like before they even look into it. Like, if no one ever heard of me, but I’m hip-hop-metal-rock, then they’re already gonna have an expectation of what the music will sound like. Then, when they go in and finally listen to it, it might be different from what they thought, and they could automatically hate it because they already had expectations.

FLAME: Do y’all actually do any of the stuff y’all talk about in your lyrics?

TYLER: Well, I don’t rape chicks . . . I have punched a girl in the eye . . . Um . . . What else? I say a lot of shit and it just depends . . . Sometimes it’s just ’cause shit is funny.

Read the entire interview online over at Interview magazine.

Source: Interview magazine

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