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T.I. For Upscale Magazine


Rapper/actor turned CEO and Mogul T.I. is covering the October issue of Upscale magazine. On the front cover, Tip showed his bright smile in a black leather jacket. Inside, Tip talked about issues with his former publisher, being known as a daddy and father at this point in his career, and turning down deals. Below are some highlights:


T.I. had asked his music publisher, Warner Chapel, for $7 Million and they refused:

“They said, ‘Nah, no.’ And I said, ‘Ok, cool’ and we walked away amicably. And now the Robin Thicke record was the number one record in the world and I am the sole publisher because they didn’t want to cash me out. So thank you, Warner Chapel.”

On being known as a daddy and father at this point in his career:

“I guess a lot of things I’ve done in my career that I’ve gained attention for I wouldn’t have never really concluded that would’ve been a probable outcome… I guess [being known for being] a husband and a father is better than the guy with the machine guns and silencers.”

On turning down a couple million for a record deal: 

I get that from The Family Hustle and we’re not even talking managers cut, that’s just me—not Tameka—that’s just what I’m getting,” he stresses, making sure his point is felt. And it is. “I can get that on my own, I can get that on tour.”

On convincing Major to get mic’d up for the show:

“Sometimes he just doesn’t like to be fooled with, like, ‘I’m not into it today… I don’t force him to do nothing. I let [the production crew] handle that. For a while Gushers worked. He was like, ‘Ok, I’ll do one scene for a pack of Gushers and then the Gushers stopped working. One time they came and said, ‘If you come down we’ll give you five dollars’ and he said, ‘What?! I’ll give you five dollars.’”

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Photos Credit: Upscale magazine

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Looking Flawless: Megan Good Gets Sexy For The August 2012 Issue Of Upscale Hype

The talented and sexy married Megan Good looks flawless on the August 2012 issue of Upscale magazine. On the cover, she wore a black and white dress accessorized with a diamond necklace and bracelet. Below are some excerpts:

On being typecast: 

“There were a couple times where the director said ‘We really like you, but you’re a little bit too sexy.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, what do I need to do? Wear a turtleneck? You know, loose-fitting clothes?’ And they’re like “Nah, it’s just something that you give off.” I don’t know that I necessarily believe that. I believe that people, when they have a pre-conceived notion of who you are, and things you’ve done in the past, sometimes they forget that as an actor you’re able to shut off whatever you need to shut off, and you’re able to turn on whatever you need to turn on.”

On her love for her husband:
“To me there’s nothing sexier than a man that loves the Lord. I can’t imagine anything more attractive. And then, we just get each other, we don’t judge each other. He understands me. His love has brought a lot of healing to a lot of areas that have been really painful for me. ”

“Being with someone who is a preacher as well, people tend to try to sensationalize everything you do. So that’s definitely been a different experience for me…”

On what true power is: 
My definition of power is being able to move, and live, and do the things that you aspire to do and that you believe are part of your purpose to do, without letting other people’s opinions or judgements manipulate your direction, without getting discouraged when a door closes, and just kinda having a good sense of self, and knowing who you are, and being strong in your walk with God. All of that, to me, is what power is.

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Still Standing After All: Brandy Covers The May 2012 Issue Of Upscale Magazine, Talks Her New LP & Ray-J

Singer and actress Brandy is covering the May 2012 issue of Upscale magazine. On the front page, Brandy is looking flawless in a black dress. In the cover story, the platinum-selling singer and successful actress talks about her upcoming LP, entitled Two-Eleven, musical comeback, and the negative press directed towards her little brother Ray-J. Below is an excerpt where she talks about Ray-J.

“I know who he is. And I’m pissed off about some of the things I’ve been hearing. It really bothers me that [those are] the kind of things that people do for money. He’s misunderstood. This is a man who loves his mama and his sister and his niece.”

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