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Cassie For VIBE Vixen; Styles In Upscale Designers, Talks Diddy & Denies Signing With Drake


Bad Boy’s leading lady and Diddy’s longtime girlfriend Cassie covers the latest issue of VIBE Vixen magazine. Back in April, the model/singer released her multi-platinum mixtape Rocka Bye Baby, featuring the lead singles “Paradise” Ft. Wiz Khalifa and “Numb” Ft. Rick Ross. Because of her “around the way girl” urban attitude and style, it is hard for some people to believe that the 27-year-old Filipino and African-American down to earth chic was raised in the suburbs of New London, Connecticut. Cassie is also a product of private school education. For this shoot, Cassie was shot by Jared Ryder and styled by Kyle Blackmon. Inside, she denies signing to Drake’s OVO label, Diddy, modeling and her singing career. Below are some highlights:


Martin Margiela Silver Sunglasses, Michael Schmidt Silver Bib, Vintage Claude Montana Blue Fur Sleeves, Georges Chakra Suit, Alaia Heels

A lot of folks are saying that you signed with Drake’s OVO Sounds label. Is that true?
I honestly don’t know where that came from but I had heard about it. I went to the OVO Festival in Canada, which was really dope, but no, I’m currently signed to Bad Boy and Interscope. Drake and I talked at the festival about working together, so hopefully that comes into fruition.

There’s a saying, “You are the company that you keep” and you’ve been linked to super-talented musicians/businessmen. What’s the key to maintaining a relationship when both parties have established careers?
The key to maintaining any relationship—be it a romantic relationship or a friendship—is honesty and communication. I travel so much, host parties and I just signed a new deal with Skam Artist, who predominantly DJs in the same bookings that they do at different parties. It’s New York, Chicago, Vegas so I’m constantly going.

Has Diddy inspired you to run your own empire? Was there an important business lesson you learned from him?
Absolutely. Just being around him is a completely inspiring experience. Starting my own empire would be great. I’m trying to figure that out. I’m still working with Cassie Enterprises right now but I think that would be something I would love to do.

Being a model for more than half your life, describe the moment you realized your looks are a means to getting what you want, whether it was attention from a certain guy or landing the dream job.
It’s so funny for you to even say “attention from a guy” because I had my funny-looking stage. I think everyone had it as a kid. I remember every star, every birthday wish blowing out a candle, I would always wish boys would like me because I used to get made fun of a little bit.

Photos Credit:  Jared Ryder |VIBE Vixen 

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‘Love & Hip-Hop’s’ Rasheeda On Faking Storyline For TV, Kirk Cheating, Her Poiz Cosmetics Line & More


Love & Hip-Hop’s Rasheeda recently did an interview with Vibe Vixen. The independent rapper-turned-reality star used Mona Scott Young’s executive produced show as a platform to showcase her entrepreneurship skills by launching her own line of cosmetics called Poiz. In season one, everything seemed to be good between Rasheeda and her husband Kirk. She was recording music, and living the family life with her husband and their children. Things changed in season two when Rasheeda told Kirk that she was with child. He immediately requested her to abort their baby and she refused too. One thing led to another and Kirk decided to cheat on his wife while she’s pregnant with his child. In her interview with Vibe Vixen, Rasheeda talked about if their storyline was fake for TV, Kirk cheating on her, forgiving him, working things out, her cosmetics line and much more. Below are some excerpts:


It was rumored that you and Kirk’s storyline would be replaced for lack of drama. Following those rumors, your marital issues were heavily showcased during the second season, which caused viewers to believe the drama was just for TV. How do you feel about that?
Everybody has that mindset like these shows are off the chart…that they are all fake. Coming into the show initially it was something that Kirk didn’t even want to do. So he was in a place like, “I’m just here because of you.” We had a lot of issues in our marriage, but we didn’t put them on the table at the beginning because we were new to all this. We were green to the whole reality TV situation. And then we were both thinking about my artistry and the things I’m trying to do. We just tried to keep everything on the up-and-up for the most part.

So what changed in season two?
The crazy thing about it is relationships have problems all the time. And we were going through some things then that we didn’t even put all of the situation out there on television. But coming into the second season we were both like, “You know what? Let’s just let our realities be what they are…and make it do what it do.” What people have to understand is nobody’s relationship is perfect. But I’ve talked to people that have problems way worse than me and Kirk have been through [laughs]. I’m going to keep it real. Half these hoes have been through the same things we were going through, but they want to act like they are perfect. But with us it just played out on TV.

What was your reaction when you found out that Kirk was cheating on you? 
I was angry and disappointed because I felt as though my teammate let me down, you know? Although he confessed that nothing really happened, it’s just the fact that you felt you needed to go that far to get my attention. Especially at the time I was pregnant and going through a lot of things as your wife and as your friend. One thing I have realized about being on reality TV is people are going to talk about your ass no matter what. I could be out here being the best woman feeding the hungry and putting the homeless in houses…it wouldn’t make no difference. But the moment you have some ratchetness going on people are really going to talk about you. But I expected that.

The two of you were out in Vegas recently. Is it safe to say you are working on your marriage? Are you and Kirk in a better space now?
When you’ve been married for 13 years and have businesses and kids together you find a way to work it out. I haven’t had a problem with a husband that has been involved in constant infidelity. This is the first time we have gone through something on this level. It would be different if you saw this dude out here running around here on a regular [laughs]. People would be looking at me like, “This bitch is stupid.” But even when you go through things like that being friends as long as we have been we should be able to talk through certain situations. I don’t give a damn about anyone else’s opinion. It’s about what’s in my heart and what the Lord has instilled in me. We have a baby on the way…I have stepchildren. I’m not rushing into a divorce. Love don’t turn off like a light switch.

This year you released your own line of cosmetics called Poiz. How has that whole experience been for you? 
It’s been great. I just took my time with it. I didn’t want to be the face of someone else’s brand. I didn’t want to just get with a manufacturer that already had products and just throw my name on it and not have anything to do with developing colors. So I got with a company where I could develop my own colors and I have 40 different glosses and lipsticks. I have eye shadows and blushes and things that I have created. And it’s my own company. I have the neutral and working mom type of things that women like, but I also have the fun and funky stuff for the girls that like the bright colors and to be extremely popping and over-the-top with their makeup. It’s doing so well online that I have to thank God.

Read the full interview at Vibe Vixen.

Photos Credit: jusvenus |imagesbykennedy.com

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Evelyn Lozada Covers VIBE Vixen’s Feb/Mar 2013 Beauty Issue


Evelyn Lozada is becoming a lot more than that loud mouth chick on Basketball Wives. The business woman is covering the Feb/March 2013 issue of VIBE Vixen’s ‘Beauty Issue’. Aside from making headlines for her messy domestic run-in with her ex-husband, former NFL player Chad Johnson, the 37-year-old Latina have been building her empire. Outside of BBW, she released a book, The Wives Association, debuted her Vida Luxe clothing line during London Fashion Week, and inked an endorsement from youthH2o water. She is also expanding her E by Evelyn Cosmetics line. Last year, Evelyn also appeared on Iyanla: Fix My Life. Inside this issue, the Bronx native talked about her relationship with her daughter, what we can expect from her on this season of BBW, her relationship with Chaddating again and much more. Below are some highlights: 


You’ve never shied away from talking about your daughter, Shaniece. Do you feel you’ve given her the tools to feel beautiful?
I’ve never been one of those parents who tell their children, “Oh, you’re getting fat.” I tell her how beautiful she is every day. I’ve always been very open, talking to her about sex and things she needed to know.

Folks are anticipating a new Ev on this upcoming season.
I had people saying, “Stay the same. I need to see all that feistiness.” I’m still going to have my little quotes; this is just who Evelyn is. And at the same time, I need to learn to handle certain situations. But if somebody is coming at me, I’m going to protect myself. It’s not like I’m going to be super perfect because I was on Iyanla and now I’m Mother Mary, because that’s not what it is. But at the same time, instead of going from zero to 1,000, let’s really think before we speak and not get physical. I just have to remind myself of that. It’s a daily thing for me because sometimes you’re tested.

And people are watching so much more intently now. That said, do you see yourself ever wholeheartedly loving or caring for Chad again? In such a public way…
We don’t speak. This is best for the both of us right now. But I think that we’ve gotten some kind of closure. I will forever love Chad and care about him and wish him the best. I don’t have one bitter bone in my body about what happened. For me to be able to move on with my life and find love again, I can’t hold on to that baggage. I pray about it every day; I pray for him every day. I hope when he finds whoever he’s with next, he chooses to do things differently.

Since you’ve been able to put that behind you, are you anxious to date again?
I’m starting to get in that space where I’m open to it. I want to get married and have my twin babies. [Laughs]

I hear you’re expanding E by Evelyn Cosmetics.
Yeah. We’re going to add new palettes, more lip gloss, nail polish. Right now, there are pigments, eye shadows, brushes and a skin-care line. I really love nail polish and having designs on my nails, so we’re going to add those products on the line as well.


Read Evelyn’s interview in its entirety over at Vibe Vixen.

Source: Vibe Vixen

Photography By Ryan Spencer

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Brandy Covers VIBE Vixen’s Oct/Nov Issue; Talks ‘Two Eleven’, Whitney Houston’s Influences & More

Singer Brandy is covering the October/November issue of Vibe Vixen. On the cover, Brandy styled in gold and black jacket, bra-top and black booty shorts. She completed her outfit with a black belt around her waist. Inside, Brandy talks about her return to the music industry, the early stages of her career, her new album, Two Eleven, Whitney Houston’s influences and much more. Below are some highlights.

How does it feel this time around? What makes this return to music different from times before?
I had a little bit more guidance that I trusted with this album. It just felt like the beginning of mycareer; how I felt with Atlantic Records. Having my first A&R on board [Breyon Prescott], I just really trusted them and what my album should be—helping bring back the genre of R&B music.

What was the realization that you were ready to make a strict R&B album?
That’s what my fans wanted from me. I felt like that was my way to reintroduce myself to them and introduce myself to people that don’t even know me. They’re supporting me and it feels good. I took my daughter to the Mindless Behavior concert and 10- to 16-year-olds are screaming to the top of their lungs when I’m walking in. I started doing music before they were born! I just remember asking some little girl, ‘How do you know me?’

Early on in your career did you think you’d be at this age and still reaching young girls through your music?
I didn’t see it, but I definitely wanted longevity. I can’t believe sometimes that I’m still standing after everything I’ve been through, but I’m here. With the success of “Put It Down” and moving forward with “Wildest Dreams,” it feels like a brand new time but it also feels familiar to me.

It’s widely known that Two Eleven means a lot to you. It’s your birth date but also the date of Whitney Houston’s passing. What runs through your mind when you recall that day?
February 11th will never be the same. I think about her everyday but that day in particular, it’s different. I didn’t understand. I had just seen her the day before; I just spoke to her a couple days before she passed. It just didn’t seem right the way she passed. I was angry, I was confused, but as I started to process it all, I just started to feel like there was a responsibility that she passed on to me to stay true to [the music]. She gave me the dream and possibility, and I have to do that same thing for other people. This music thing is not just about me anymore. It’s about the people that I’m relating to. People need music.

Do you think that you’ll do a song for Whitney?
I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. It’s really about the overall purpose, which is music. I remember her telling me, ‘Nobody can be you so don’t try to be something other than you. Be yourself and stay true to that.’  That was the last thing she said to me. That was the last time I heard her voice. It’s all a spiritual thing to me. The day, the passing, it’s all…

Read the interview in its entirety over at Vibe Vixen.

Source: Vibe Vixen

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Teyana Taylor Covers VIBE Vixen’s Premiere Fashion Issue; Speaks On G.O.O.D. Music & Lesbian Rumors

G.O.O.D. Music’s artist and fashionista Teyana Taylor is covering VIBE Vixen‘s Premiere Fashion issue. Inside, she speaks on her relationship with G.O.O.D. Music, fashion and lesbian rumors. Below is an excerpt and some quotes:

G.O.O.D. Music’s one and only femme Teyana Taylor graces VIBE Vixen‘s Premier Fashion Issue. Kanye’s newest protégé has championed a style that’s influenced several young women in a rising generation of style. Bridging male-dominated urban looks with ultra-feminine, sexy sensibility, this fashion-forward chick deserves mad credit for reviving and revamping the trend! Before passing judgement, take a closer look at our cover story to see why this Harlem World native gets a Vixen stamp of approval on the style front.

Teyana on what she’s learned from 2 Chainz:

He’s the closest to my situation. Being signed to another great person before coming to Def Jam, the situation is not really working in your favor and now look. He’s showing me that everything is about timing, so don’t ever think that your time is not going to come. My season is coming up soon.

Teyana on her relationship with the fellas from G.O.O.D. Music:

All of them play all day, and I love that. With work ,everyone is down to business. It’s good that everyone has a serious side but also a sense of humor. It definitely makes work fun. That’s the good thing about working with the boys. They spoil you. I’m a spoiled brat [laughs].

Teyana on being a role model:

I do think the way I dress and the way I brand myself–I’m very proud of myself that I can inspire young girls. If you have a body, embrace it. You ain’t always got to be sexy. Sometimes less is more. Like less make up is more. If I want to be in Jordans, a half top and shorts then that’s what I’m going to wear. Call me gay, call me what you want to…And now everybody is doing it.

Teyana on being judged by her fashions:

I feel like I’m at a point where I don’t have to do that anymore. Once I got older and matured more, it was still a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. When I was dressed in my streetwear, I was gay. Then, I do one shoot, show some skin and now I’m not a virgin. I can’t win for losing.

Source: Vibe Vixen & The YBF

Photographer: Karl Ferguson
Stylists: Tiffany Hasbourne, Teyana Taylor
Makeup: Kharizma P
Hair: Latoya Mason

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Style Story: Dawn Richard Brings Her Fashion To Vibe Vixen

R&B singer Dawn Richard, formerly of Diddy’s ‘Making The Band’ and ‘Dirty Money’ still manages to stay relevant without a major push. Dressed in designers brands such as Marc Jacob, Alexander McQueen, Forever 21, Sammy B Leggings and Bebe; Dawn did a photo shoot for Vibe Vixen. Styled by Tiffany Hasbourne and photographed by Karl Ferguson. During her brief interview; Dawn talks about fashion, being compared to Rihanna, what people can expect from her and pays homage to Brandy.

On fashion:

“Check the track record. [Danity Kane and Diddy-Dirty Money] were always ahead of fashion trends,” she says. “We were pushing the limits in everything. Danity Kane had five lead singers, which was unheard of, wearing Heatherette; we were doing 10-part harmonies. And Dirty Money had a mogul as a leader. It’s never been your typical aesthetic.”

On wanting to be reminiscent of Brandy:

I want to be reminiscent of Brandy. She will always be the vocal Bible to me; I’ll be the misfit of music, the rebel of music.”

Source: Vibe Vixen

Images: Karl Ferguson/@RageOnMedia

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She Is More Than Just Hollywood: Actress Meagan Good Covers The “Valentine’s” Issue of Vibe Vixen

Successful and talented Hollywood actress Meagan Good is covering the “Valentine’s” issue of Vibe Vixen and the 30-year-old Los Angeles native opens up about love, her career, being a spiritual person, secret to her maintaining a younger look. Good also talked about her female band H.E.L.L.O Girls and playing Whitney Houston’s in a biopic about her life. Below are some excerpts:

Now, last year word was buzzing about the girl group H.E.L.L.O Girls. Fast forward and tell me how the music coming along now.
I always said that I didn’t want to sing because I wanted to be considered a very serious actress, not an entertainer, but singing is a passion of mine, rapping is a passion of mine, and in the way that we decided to do it, it’s very fun. We’re not taking ourselves too seriously, and our vibe is kind of like Beastie Boys mixed with Gwen Stefani. We kind of just do what we want to do; that’s what I love about it. The music is fun, and I think that the audience that we’re trying to reach will definitely be receptive to it. It’s not negative; it’s not saying ‘Boy, you want me’ and all this other crazy stuff. It’s about girls having fun and respecting themselves and being fly, doing their thing.

Your character on Showtime’s Californication is a singer as well. Did you identify with this role more because of that?
Well, she’s a very different girl in a different place than I am at. This young woman, Kali, she basically wants to pursue her dreams and her goals, but she’s had a rough time and now she’s determined to make it. I didn’t focus so much on the singing as much as I focused on trying to bring the truth of who this character is and not trying to judge her.

How was it starring in eight episodes alongside David Duchovny?
Awesome. Our birthdays are actually two days apart, and we get along famously. I mean, just good chemistry. He’s a really good guy, really funny and quirky. He just made it very easy and made me very comfortable.

Jumping into a bit of Oscar talk, what role would you want to play in the future to gain Oscar-worthy attention?
I want to do Whitney Houston’s life story. I think that would be an incredible story to do. I talked to Whitney a little bit about it, and she’s open to it, so I want to see what happens with that. Hopefully, in the very, very near future. She has Sparkle coming out, and I’ve heard good things about it already. I heard she looks beautiful, she sounds beautiful, she looks healthy and she’s the Whitney that we know and love. And so I think that would be a great place for her story to end and really just be beginning, if they were to do her life story right now.

Source: Vibe Vixen

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Front Page: Tika Sumpter Covers Vibe’s Vixen

From Hollis, Queens to the cover of Vibe’s Vixen. Actress Tika Sumpter graced the cover of the October issue of Vibe Vixen. Sumpter is known for her roles in BET’s sitcom The Game and Stomp The Yard 2. Sumpter is also gaining some recognition for her role in What’s Your Number? In the cover story, Sumpter talked about her love for acting, growing up in a single parent household, getting her big break in the industry and much more. Below are some excerpts:

What sparked your love for acting and the arts?
I was born in Hollis, Queens. My mom was married to my dad for 13 years, and I grew up in a single-parent house after my mom and dad divorced. After school, I would watch Rudy Huxtable [Keshia Knight Pulliam] from The Cosby Show. I remember looking at her and saying as a little girl, ‘I wanna do what she does,’ [but] my mom was working so hard that the thought of being an actor was so far from my thoughts. My claim to fame was Run DMC living down the block, LL Cool J living down the block [and] my sister dancing for MC Lyte. When I moved to Long Island and my mom remarried, I was more aware of figuring out what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Growing up in a single-parent home, were there any struggles that molded you?
Not growing up with a dad was really hard, but my mom was so on point. She was a lover, and the authority that basically gave us whoopings. If you missed that bus to school, you were walking. I saw my mom struggle a lot which made me not want to do the things normal teenagers do. I was super prude in junior high and high school; the prudest person in the pack. I was so active in school that I wasn’t even thinking about sex. Even my girlfriend and I, who are best friends since junior high, we were talking and she was like, ‘Tika, nobody knows what they’re doing in junior high, middle school or high school with sex, so why is everybody in a rush?’

Okay, so fast forward. What was your first break into the industry, through acting or singing?
Before I started acting, I got my first record deal at Universal. I was a teenager, and I was not ready for a record deal. I was in a group really young and had no clue. I was just freaked out. I knew I wanted to sing, but when you have no control, and you don’t really understand how everything works; it’s a little confusing. Acting wise, when I got my first national commercial, I was so excited. One Life To Live definitely opened the door to other things. I was definitely working before One Life To Live, but it was my first big contract and very cool. Read the full interview over at Vibe’s Vixen.

Source: Vibe Vixen

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Cover Reveal: La La Vazquez-Anthony Covers Vibe Vixen

Vibe Vixen is back and this time around they’re going digital. Media personality and actress La La Vazquez-Anthony is covering the digital premiere issue of Vibe Vixen. In the cover story, La La talked about her highly rated reality show La La’s Full Court Life, Meagan Good and what people don’t know about her. Below are some excerpts:

On her feelings about La La’s Full Court Life:
I think people seem to be excited about it which makes me excited. People are going to find the show very interesting. It documents when Melo was traded to New York which was the biggest thing ever and [shows] just exactly how a trade goes down.  And you get to see me and my friends. Whether it’s Kelly Rowland, Serena Williams, Kim Kardashian, we’re all supporting each other and being there for each other. It’s a good balance on television to see successful women supporting each other, having a really strong bond and great friendship. I think it’s necessary for people to see that too on television.

On what she learned from Megan Good during Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man:
What I’ve learned just from watching Megan Good is that acting should be effortless. I watch her and she makes it seem so effortless and so easy that it makes my job easier because I’m feeding off of her energy.

One thing you may not know about her:
I love chocolate. I am insanely addicted to Nestle Crunch… and I’m working on it. [Laughs]

Vibe Vixen’s digital premiere issue drops September 1.

Source: Vibe Vixen

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