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Fall Magazine Cover: Drake For XXL’s 150th September 2013 Issue


To help celebrate XXL’s 150th issue and 16th anniversary, Vanessa gives Drake the September 2013 cover. This also marks Drizzy’s first solo XXL cover. Jay-Z and Master P were the first two rappers to split the cover of the publication’s debut issue. Inside, the Toronto-native talks about his new album, his image, the competition, his success, and much more. This issue hits newsstands on August 20. The YMCMB rapper will release his third album, Nothing Was The Same on September 17. Below are some quotes from Drizzy’s exclusive interview with XXL.


On the new album:

I remember coming into this year thinking, “How am I going to cut through all these people and shine?” I’ve never been part of a year when so many legends are dropping projects. How am I going to be seen? I’m going to be like the kid waving in the background in the photo with all of his tall relatives. And, I guess, those were my initial thoughts, and not to say that I haven’t enjoyed some of the stuff that has come out this year, but it didn’t pan out the way I thought it was going to. I think I am going for it, to really establish what are murmurs or things being said quietly, “Um, I think that Drake might actually…” On September 17th I want people to be like, “Oh, we were right.”

On his image:

Do I think that if I didn’t have, for lack of a better term, a unique look about me, if I was from somewhere in America and if I hadn’t been on a kids TV show [Degrassi: The Next Generation], would I be as famous? I don’t know, man. Honestly, I don’t think so. I was just some young kid on a TV show. And I haven’t become anything else while I’ve been in this position. It’s not like I got here and was like, “Oh, got to switch up my image.” I don’t wake up nervous. I feel like maybe a lot of these guys do. How old are you, really? What is your background, really? What have you really done in the drug game, in the thug game?

On the competition:

It’s tough for me. That’s a guy I can’t pretend not to like. He’s the guy to me, in a lot of ways. That’s Kanye West. But I’m also here to be the best. I’m here to surpass. I’m here to outdo. I’m ready for whatever with anybody.

On his success: 

I get Jewish people coming up to me proud like, “Mazel Tov, bro. Come to my house for Shabbat dinner.”

Photos Credit & Source: XXL

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Struggling R&B Singer Keri Hislon Talks Working With Kanye West, Timbaland & New Album


Struggling R&B singer Keri Hilson didn’t release a full studio album since 2010’s, No Boys Allowed. The Beyoncé hater is being blacklisted in the industry after her blatant disses towards Beyoncé. Hilson did a recent interview with XXL magazine and she’s hoping to make a leap back into music once again. In the interview, Hilson talks about putting her music career on hold, releasing her new single, working with Kanye West again, her current relationship with Timbaland, and more. Below are some highlights:

Have you put your music career on hold?
Musically, I did take a break. It seemed long to everyone, but it was a pretty brief hiatus. But I’m back in the studio, putting together my album. We are pretty close to choosing the single. We’ve thought we have chosen the single. We are almost there.

You feel this single will be big for you?
I think so. It’s my comeback. It has to be. I feel confident about it. I like it. That’s all I can control. How it feels to me. It feels like I am gearing up to be back. I’m really excited for my fans. They’ve held me down. I almost feel like I didn’t take a break because they held me down. They still cared about me. They stuck by me and supported me through it when they had no clue what I was doing or why I wasn’t releasing music. But I really do appreciate that.

Are you going to be working with Kanye again?
I already have throughout my break. I’ve actually worked with him. I can’t say much about it, but it was awesome. He’s a genius. I really, really enjoyed working with him.

Is your relationship with Timbaland intact?
Yeah, our relationship is still intact. At the moment, he’s really tied up with other projects, but he’s still my executive producer. We talk very often. He’s still very much a part of this project just as much as the others.

When do you think you’ll drop your single?
Definitely this year, but I can’t say. When you say something, people hold you to it. I never know what’s going to happen. I could go to the studio tonight—and I will—I could top it. I might feel more confident about a record than I do after it. Even if we think we chose a single, anything could happen. I just want to make sure. People have been waiting my re-arrival. I just want to make sure I give them my best. I don’t want to rush. I don’t want to release something that I don’t feel wholeheartedly about. I feel that I am there. I just want to be sure. I want to take my time and make sure this comeback is just that.

Do you feel like you have to re-introduce yourself when you make your return?
I feel like people are just going to know. The music is going to speak for itself. I don’t think I need to re-introduce myself to the world. I’ve been blessed to have fans all over the world. I know that they will hold me down and spread the word. My entrance into the industry was so organic. I love that. It was kind of word of mouth driven. Social networking driven to tell people. It’s driven all by the music. It’s not from my fashion. It’s not from anything but my lyrics. Just the songs. The music and the feeling people get from it. I’m most proud about that. I think this time around it will be the same way with a bigger impact.

Read the interview in its entirety at XXL.

Photo Credit: Keri Hilson’s Instagram |

Spotted: XXL

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Passion For Fashion: Chris Brown Sporting A $140 Aston Mozie The ‘Holy’ Crew Tee-Shirt For His XXL Cover Shoot

Singer Chris Brown is now back to doing press and interviews after taking a little over one year off. Hopefully, during that year off, Breezy developed some type of media training. He was spotted on the set of XXL’s January 2013 cover shoot. In the Ugo Mozie styled shoot, Breezy sported a $140 Aston Mozie ‘The Holy’ Crew Tee-Shirt. He accessorized his outfit with a $625 Versace Oversized Gold-Plated Crystal Ring. I’m dying to see what Breezy talked about in the cover story. This issue should hit newsstands sometime in December.

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Fashion Me Dope: Meek Mill Sporting A $565 Givenchy Rottweiler-Print Cotton Jersey Hoodie

Philly’s own Meek Mill recently stopped by XXL magazine’s Manhattan office on 25th and Broadway to chop it up with EIC Vanessa and Editor Adam. He was sporting a Givenchy Rottweiler-Print Cotton Jersey Hoodie which is available at Mr Porter for $565. “Under Riccardo Tisci’s stewardship Givenchy menswear has focused on luxurious construction with a hard-hitting streetwear edge. The label’s Rottweiler print was an instant success when it first appeared, and the brand has revisited the style for the new season with this black cotton-jersey hoodie.” The Maybach Music Group rapper (Meek Mill) debut album, entitled Dreams & Nightmares arrives October 30th! His music embodies the streets! The young talented rapper is a diamond in the rough and the true meaning of a Dreamchaser.

Pics via Meek Mill’s Twitter and Mr Porter

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Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Cover XXL’s October/November Issue

Wiz Khalifa and his fiancée Amber Rose are gracing XXL‘s October/November 2012 issue. Wiz Khalifa’s sophomore LP, O.N.I.F.C. arrives (December 4). In support of the album, Khalifa dropped the project’s second single “Remember You” FT. The Weeknd earlier in the week along with the official tracklisting. Check it out hereAmber Rose is pregnant with Wiz’s first baby. While walking the red carpet at the 2012 MTV VMA’s Amber Rose announced her pregnancy.

Below are some quotes from Wiz and Amber’s XXL interview:

Wiz On Getting Together With Amber:

“I love my baby. She’s gorgeous and it makes me look even cooler when I show how much I love her to other people… When I met Amber, she loved me for who I was. I had some money, but it was like to pay my bills and literally set myself up for a future. But I was wearing the same camo shorts and high-tops and Chucks. But she liked my swag and she liked me for who I was and I wasn’t afraid of that… She didn’t wanna date any entertainers or anybody in the business. She didn’t know who she wanted to be with, but she knew who she didn’t wanna be with.”

Wiz On Recording His New Album With Amber At Home:

“I just gotta do it. The most important thing is knowing that she is there and I have to tend to my babies. This is my first child ever in life. I gotta go hard at everything. As hard as I go in the studio, I gotta go just as hard taking care of my baby and making sure she’s alright, and I’m spending time with her and she doesn’t feel neglected.”

Amber On Giving Birth:

“I’m so ready. I’m going all-natural. I’ve decided that I’m going to have an all-natural water birth. No medicine. I want those bragging rights! The next time Wiz has a stomachache or anything, I’ll say, ‘I popped out a baby all-natural.’”

Amber On Wiz:

“[H]e’s just a genuine sweet guy. And that’s what made me fall in love with him. And I just said, “You know what, I don’t care if he’s a rapper.” I don’t care if people say, “Oh, you’re a gold-digger.” I don’t care if people say, “Oh, you went from one rapper to another,” or whatever. I love him. I don’t look at him as a rapper. I look at him as Cameron Thomaz, not even Wiz Khalifa. I just fell so deeply in love with him, I didn’t care what anyone says.”

Source: XXL

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Kendrick Lamar And Dr. Dre Cover XXL‘s 15th Anniversary Issue

Legendary music producer Dr. Dre and his protegé Kendrick Lamar are covering the 15th anniversary of XXL magazine. This issues arrives on newsstand on August 14th. More details to come.

Source: XXL

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Front Page Him: Rick Ross Cover XXL’s July/August 2012 Issue

Once again, The Bawse (Rick Ross) is covering XXL magazine. For the July/August 2012 issue, Ross is looking all dapper in a custom black and purple suite jacket and shirt. He accessorized his outfit with purple sunglasses and tons of diamonds. This issue hits newsstands July 14. Below are some excerpts via XXL:

“In the story, Rozay speaks about his new albumGod Forgives, I Don’t (in stores July 31), his health scares, being a label head and a solo artist while managing relationships with Def Jam and Warner Bros. Records, and cementing his status as rap super star.”

“Also in this month’s issue 2 Chainz writes his own story and XXL catches up with a new rap collective gaining heat, Los Angeles’ Black Hippy, which includes members Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock and Ab-Soul.”

Source: XXL

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Fear Is Victory’s Evolution: Game Releasing New Mixtape & Album

Compton rapper Game is still shooting visuals for tracks off his last disc, The R.E.D. Album. He is preparing to drop the official visual for his single “The City” Ft. Kendrick Lamar. That is not the only thing Game is working on. He is also gearing up to release a new mixtape and album, entitled F.I.V.E.: Fear Is Victory’s Evolution.

“The meaning behind that is like—me as a rapper, you as a journalist, Kobe as a basketball player—you gotta be afraid to do something, or have those butterflies in your stomach,” he explained about the title to XXLMag.com. “We all get that feeling. Before you did your first interview, you probably was like, ‘Damn, I don’t want to ask the wrong questions. I want to do this right.’ Me, before I wrote my first rap, or the first time I was in the booth. Fear. But then fear is victory’s evolution. After a while, you become a dope journalist, I become a dope rapper, Kobe is Kobe. You achieve and you pass over that fear. Now it ain’t fear; it’s just victory. It’s victory of all.”

I’m gonna always come with a dope concept,” Game added. “That’s word to my n***a Nas. I’m a huge fan of Nas, now he’s like my brother in this shit. I’ma always try to keep my albums consistently tied into some kind of concept.”

This album, will be Game’s fifth and final album for Jimmy Iovine/Interscope Records. As such, he will fulfill his contractual obligations to Interscope.

Jimmy Iovine is, shit, probably weeks out from opening the budget for my fifth album,” the platinum-selling rapper said. “And then once I do this F.I.V.E. album, it might be a wrap. We’ll see. I know somebody going to give me some millions before I do anything. I see myself getting a lot of money to carry out the remaining time in my career. It don’t really matter where it’s at—it’s just the imprint on the back of the album.”

Game is also scheduled to drop a new mixtape later this month. An official title and release date has yet to be announced. It was also rumored that Game is headed to Cash Money Records.

Source: XXL

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We Will Always Love Big Poppa: Notorious B.I.G. Covers XXL March 2012 Issue

In my opinion, the late great Notorious B.I.G. aka Frank White was the greatest rapper in music history. He sold platinum albums, toured around the world and most importantly influenced a lot of the rappers to come in the last decade. March 9, 2012, marks the 15-year anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G.’s death and XXL is paying tribute to the Brooklyn emcee with a special issue dedicated to his legacy.

The XXL team spoke to some of those closest to Big for an in-depth look into his life and death. From his kids T’Yanna and Christopher “CJ” Wallace and their mamas, Jan Jackson and Faith Evans, to his closest friends like members of Junior M.A.F.I.A. and others, many got their chance to share stories and more to pay homage to the beloved MC. Most even disclosed rare, never-before-published photos of Biggie from their personal collections, which are featured in this month’s issue. Since Big was one of the most swagger-jacked rappers of all time, there’s a list of the 100 best Biggie bites, a look a what The Notorious One might have looked like at 40-plus, and much more.”

The March 2012 issue hits newsstands on February 7

Source: XXL 

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T.I. Covers The July/August Issue Of XXL Magazine

ATL rapper T.I. is on the cover of the July/August issue of XXL magazine, on newsstands July 6th. I been waiting for two month to tell you guys that Tip will be gracing the cover but I wasn’t able to because everything at XXL is confidential, plus I have to be respectful and loyal to the company. I used to intern over at XXL for almost a year. 

Below is an excerpt from Tip’s interview.

“What people don’t take into consideration is the reason that I was eligible for certain agreements that they weren’t eligible for was because I made myself a useful member of society. Most muthaf**as catch cases and get time. My n***a, you wasn’t doing s**t when you was out here, so wasn’t no reason for them to keep you out here. Please understand the G code that I learned from, if you speak out your mouth that a muthaf**a is telling on somebody and you can’t come with indisputable, irrefutable facts to support that statement, that makes you the sucker,” T.I. said. “You are now in violation of the G code. And there ain’t nobody, nowhere in naan jail sayin’ I was on they paperwork.” (XXL)

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